Exciting Openings in Porto Montenegro's Strada Navale

Porto Montenegro Village is thrilled to announce the addition of several remarkable brands to its vibrant retail landscape, located in the picturesque Strada Navale. This summer, residents and visitors will be treated to a diverse array of shopping, dining, and wellness options that promise to elevate the village’s unique charm.

Here are the latest additions that have just opened their doors:

  • Nama – Sushi & Coffee Bar: Indulge in the art of sushi at Nama, where culinary expertise meets fresh ingredients, offering a delectable experience for sushi enthusiasts.
  • Il Pescatore – Fish Bar: Seafood lovers can delight in the exquisite offerings of Il Pescatore, a destination for those seeking the finest fish dishes and specialties.
  • Mother Tree – Olive Oil Products and Cosmetic: Discover the natural beauty and health benefits of olive oil through Mother Tree’s range of premium olive oil products and cosmetic.
  • Lotta – Wellness in a bowl: Lotta is your go-to destination for wholesome vegan fare, providing a guilt-free and delicious dining experience.
  • Settimana – Italian urban food: Settimana brings the authentic flavours of Italy to Strada Navale with its delectable pizza creations that capture the essence of traditional Italian cuisine.
  • Kafeterija Micro Lot – Coffee Bar and Bites: For coffee aficionados, Kafeterija Micro Lot offers a curated selection of premium coffee blends, accompanied by delectable bites.
  • Technogym – Gym and Exercise Equipment: Stay in shape with Technogym’s state-of-the-art gym and exercise equipment, ensuring residents have access to top-tier fitness facilities.
  • Fidelio Optic – Branded Sunglasses: Elevate your style with a stunning range of branded sunglasses from Fidelio Optic, where fashion meets eye protection.
  • Gant – Mono-Brand Store: Gant’s mon-brand store offers a premium shopping experience, showcasing their timeless collection of fashion-forward attire.
  • Duro – Niche Perfumery: Duro is a haven for perfume enthusiasts, featuring a carefully curated selection of niche fragrances that captivate the senses.

These new additions enrich the already diverse retail landscape of Porto Montenegro village, creating an inviting atmosphere where residents and visitors can explore an array of culinary delights, fashion trends, wellness offerings, and more. The Strada Navale continues to evolve as a destination that reflects the essence of luxury living.

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