Porto Montenegro Yacht Club becomes part of the International Associate Clubs (IAC)

Porto Montenegro Yacht Club Members and Homeowners can now benefit from visitor privileges to almost 200 Clubs worldwide!

Our club is a member of the IAC network, and you can make use of the full network and partner benefits.

The IAC network has member clubs in more than 40 countries with a wide range of facilities, including some 40 golf courses, over 100 clubs with athletic and/or sports facilities and, for that business trip, prestigious venues suitable for conferences or entertainment in most key cities.

All Clubs are carefully chosen to exacting standards to ensure that they meet the expectations and needs of a high-quality global membership. Rest assured, when you are travelling, you will be made welcome in some of the most prestigious clubs around.

IAC’s website provides all the relevant information you need for your prospective visits of IAC clubs, including the location of the club, amenities available, opening times and much more. Their booking system will also allow you to make your own bookings with a few simple clicks. Whether it’s reserving a table in a club restaurant to booking a round of golf, it’s very easy.

IAC will also update you with all new Clubs and partners that have joined the network so that you will always be kept up to date. How to access these clubs? Please email info@iacworldwide.com to complete your enrolment.

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