View of luxury pink living room

The refined features of luxury interior design

Find out what the term ‘luxury interior design’ stands for, and discover all the important features of this design.

View of the Boka Bay

What to do for a weekend in Montenegro

Wondering how to spend a lovely weekend in Montenegro? Here are great ideas that can help you to have a blast in our country.

Girl hat seaside

Benefits of luxury apartment vacation renting

Why should you choose luxury apartment vacation renting? Find out everything about the benefits and comfort you’ll have as a guest.

Yachts in Tivat

The best beaches in Montenegro

Let us show you some of the most beautiful places at the Adriatic coast. Discover the best beaches in Montenegro, you should definitely visit.

Rudder on the boat

Yacht history – From boat to yacht

Discover the interesting story about yacht history, and how one plain boat become the luxurious yacht we all admire today. Let’s find out!

Yacht details at sea

Yacht etiquette – Sailing standards in the world of yachting

The term ‘yacht etiquette’ stands for discovering all about sailing standards in the world of yachting, that every boat owner needs to know.

Models wearing high fashion garments

The World’s Most Luxury Fashion Brands You Should Know About

Let us introduce you to the world of high fashion brands! Take a look at the most luxurious, breathtaking and worldwide known labels.

Bay with two islands

Legendary Boka Bay and its magnificent history

Rarely do you come across the beauty that leaves you struggling for superlatives, so breathtaking you’ve few words to describe it, the beauty that stays unique no matter the time of the year or a point of view from which it is observed.

Montenegro mountains

Experience Montenegrin nature

Get to know the dazzling nature of Montenegro. Let us show you the best places you should visit in our country, where the true magic happens.

Model coast real estate

Benefits of purchasing coastal real estate

Why should you purchase coastal real estate? Learn all about the benefits and perks of this kind of investment.

Sunset behind the mountains

Tips for sailing the Mediterranean

Here are tips for sailing the Mediterranean like a pro, and to experience all the hidden beauty of our country in the most exciting way.

Sailboat deep blue sea

How to organise your next sailing routes

Here are useful tips for your next sailing organization. Learn where to go, what to see, and much more important information.

Catamaran yacht sunset

Luxury sailing tips with catamaran yachts

Learn about sailing with catamaran yachts in Montenegro, and enjoy the Adriatic sea. Discover our luxury sailing tips and enjoy your vacation

Luxury waterfront real estate

The ultimate goals of every real estate lifestyle enthusiast

Discover what are the ultimate goals of every real estate lifestyle enthusiast and what should look for when choosing real estate.