Shrimp buzara dish

Experience buzara – versatile coastal seafood specialty

Learn all about buzara – a coastal seafood speciality that can be prepared in more than one way, each tastier than the other.


Lakes in Montenegro – natural retreats you must visit

So many times by now we’ve described Montenegro as a stunning, dazzling Mediterranean jewel, unique and renowned as much for its natural beauty, as well as rich history and past that leaves nobody indifferent.

Ancient city of Budva by the water

Ancient Montenegro Cities and Fortresses You Must Visit

Discover ancient Montenegrin cities and fortresses you must visit, and learn about our rich history, interesting stories, and hidden gems of our country.

Omega watch model

Legendary Omega Watches History – Learn About the Favorite Watch Brand

The legendary brand Omega is a synonym for success and luxury accessories. Discover an interesting story about a prestigious watch brand.

Ham, cheese and wine spread

Njegusi Prosciutto – authentic Montenegrin specialty you must try

Discover all the splendour of Njegusi Prosciutto – how it’s made, what is so special about it, and why should you try it in Montenegro!

montenegro natural landscape

Montenegro adventures you must experience

Let us take you on an adventure! Read all about the exciting places you can visit in Montenegro, and experience this country in a new way.

Rolex logo above the store

How did Rolex watches become an essential part of your lifestyle

Learn all about the interesting story of Rolex watches, which has been epitomizing that very own luxury from the first moment it was crafted.

Island monastery

History of Montenegro – the origins of your second home

The history of Montenegro is very colorful, but as with so many things in the Balkans, not as straightforward. The events that occurred in this part of the world centuries ago, impacted the frequent changing of civilizations and different cultures in this area, and every one of them left their mark on today’s wealthy history of Montenegro.

montenegro architecture nature

Mediterranean architecture and its presence in Montenegro

Learn all about Mediterranean architecture and its examples in Montenegro. Discover its history and recognizable style.

Luxury services – redefining luxury hospitality abroad

What the term ‘ luxury services’ stand for, and what should you expect when visiting a luxury resort? Here are the answers!

Palm, resort and night

Montenegro Nightlife – Meet Podgorica, Tivat, Kotor, Budva at night

The case with many Mediterranean destinations is that they tend to get the most alive during the long summer seasons. Montenegro is no exception. In fact, you could say that nightlife in Montenegro is fully concentrated in the coastal towns, that are able to welcome a great number of tourists every season.


Montenegro capital city – Everything You Need to Know About Podgorica

There were so many words about natureattractions and wonders of Montenegro, its coastal towns, its mountains, national parks, but we haven’t really taken the time and dedicated worthy attention to the capital of Montenegro – Podgorica.

Blonde girl on the shore

Montengero country – tempting off the beaten path paradise

Do you like to discover new paths, places and well-hidden nature? If you do, let us introduce you to the beaten-path paradise.

Sunset in the background

Montenegro weather – year round guide

In order to spend an unforgettable time in Montenegro, you should know what to expect when it comes to weather.


Montenegro monasteries – prominent monasteries you should visit

Whether you deem yourself religious or not, monasteries and their churches usually represent a striking appearance you are not immune to, regardless of your religious beliefs. monasteries in Montenegro belong to the Eastern Orthodox church, a second largest Christian church in the world.

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