Citizenship by Investment

Your Path to Montenegrin Citizenship

The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program (CBI) enables qualifying investors and their families to obtain Montenegrin passports in exchange for a defined investment in a government approved real estate project, such as SIRO by Kerzner residences.


If you wish to be considered for Montenegrin citizenship via the CBI program, you are required to invest at least €450,000 in real estate within one of the Government approved developments, and make a €200,000 contribution to the Montenegrin government’s development and innovation funds.

qualifying property investment


towards development & innovation

Visa-free Travel

The Montenegrin passport, which ranks highly on the influential Henley Global Passport Index, allows visa-free travel to 124 countries and territories, including the Schengen Area. With Montenegro’s planned accession to the EU in 2025, the passport’s value is set to increase greatly.

Taxation Benefits

Montenegro’s taxation regime is among the most generous in Europe, levying low personal and corporate tax rates of just 9–15% (progressive). The country – which adopted the Euro as its currency in 2002 – imposes no foreign exchange controls, and is a signatory to taxation treaties with more than 40 countries.

Easy Access

The Montenegrin CBI program provides perhaps the smoothest and most affordable path to citizenship of a country in Europe available to you and your family. There is no residency requirement, and no need to renounce your existing citizenship. No interview or language test is needed, and there are no educational or professional criteria to be met.