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Журнал "Porto" Лето 2014


Uplifting the community

As part of Porto Montenegro’s Community Team Works initiative, launched earlier this year, 20 employees contribute a day of their time to participate in one of our many community outreach projects.

On 12th March a group of employees from across our company joined forces with Tivat Municipality’s Green Team to renovate one of the city’s public parks on international ‘Plant a Flower Day’. A colourful selection of plants, flowers and ornamental shrubs were planted, whilst worn-out park furniture and playground equipment was carefully restored and repainted. A donation of €5000 covered the cost of renovations whilst all participating staff enjoyed a paid day’s work in the great outdoors.

“We thought these renovations would be a great way to kick start our 2014 Community Team Works, something creative and visual to mark the start of what is planned to be a long-term initiative. The park has now been enriched with new seedlings from plants that have never existed in Tivat before, including Strelitzia, Tamarisk, and Portuguese Laurel Cherry”, explains Oonagh Leonard, Community Team Works Manager at Porto Montenegro.

In April more than 20 employees from Porto Montenegro and ONE restaurant were given the day off to help renovate the central town park, just behind the marina. Graffiti was removed from the walls of the neighbouring Arsenal football ground and it was then repainted in a forest green colour for a subtle camouflage effect.

In late May the small football field in Tivat’s city park underwent a much-needed transformation thanks to the hard work and dedication of 15 members of our staff. Sponsored by Kotor based company Sloen, the group helped repair and paint the surrounding fence, soccer goals and peripheral grassy area. New benches for spectators were also installed. A contribution of €5000 helped fund all of these vital improvements.

On 16th June, employees donated blood to mark World Blood Donor Day. This event took place with the assistance of the Red Cross and the Department of Tivat’s Institute for Blood Transfusion. Its aim was to raise public awareness of the life-saving impact of regular blood donations.

Dr. Snezana Filipovic, Head of Montenegro’s Institute for Blood Transfusion, commented; “Our objective is to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation. Only 2.47 percent of citizens in Montenegro contribute at present, and it is vital we increase this to 4 percent in order for our country to have a sufficient blood supply. Adriatic Marinas has helped us with this objective”.

Porto Montenegro will oversee various other activities in the second half of the year including the renovation of the central town park’s popular basketball field. Watch this space for more news on that very soon.

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