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ABOUT SS23 collection

An updated take on GANT’s nautical Heritage being born close to the Atlantic.

The fascination with yacht races exploded in this era, which came to influence the general interest in sailing and the overall nautical lifestyle. The 80s and the 90s archival, GANT Rough Weather story is reintroduced but done in a premium and less sporty way, as a natural part of the rest of the collection. We look at the classical nautical expression, with naval utility and collegiate references but combine it with 80s elements of bold silhouettes, colorful combinations and soft colorful prints and stripes.

We continue with the 80s and 90s nautical inspiration of the season but we move on to resort wear. Picking up on the active lifestyle of the Kennedys; sailing and hanging out by the ocean. Comfortable yet luxurious garments is key and the look is casually elegant yet modern and sensual. With bold styles, colours and silhouettes and a premium and fun resort wardrobe oozing glamour in that perfect leisure way.