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Synchro360: Where Creativity Thrives

Synchro360: Where Creativity Thrives

Welcome to Synchro360, where the world of creativity knows no boundaries. We’re your partners in capturing, recording, and broadcasting your artistic vision. Explore our three distinct realms of excellence:

Production: Beyond Filmmaking

Our BOLT™ JR+ is a compact impressive and sophisticated high-speed camera robot. We use turntables for more flexibility and rapid acceleration on a 3-meter track and portable to any location. The Hydra-Arm Mini in our Studio captures dynamic vehicle shots in motion with precision. Montenegro’s breathtaking landscapes serve as our canvas. With our high-resolution, high-speed 5K Slow-Motion camera (1000 frames) we continuous high-speed recording and is small enough to mount as a drone payload. Trust our vast experience with demanding film productions and organizations, covering advertising, image, product, social media, and 360° content.

Soundlab: Where Sound Comes Alive

Step into Synchro360 Soundlab—a creative lab equipped with world-class audio gear. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, our masterclasses, production support, and recording facilities are here to unlock your talent. Let your creativity flourish in our dynamic environment.

Radio PM: Connecting through Waves

Tune in to Radio PM, our global radio station on Web and App. It’s your unique platform to connect with your audience and share your passion with the world. Our team is here to produce and schedule your advertisements to worldwide audience and enhance your storytelling.

Ready to create?

At Synchro360, we’re dedicated to elevating your creative vision. Whether it’s in the realm of production, sound, or radio, we’re here to help you shine.

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