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Superyacht services

Superyacht refit and repair with Adriatic 42

A joint venture between Porto Montenegro and DryDocks World, Adriatic 42 is a premium superyacht refit, repair and maintenance yard in the Bay of Kotor.. Equipped with the latest technology and skilled professionals, Adriatic 42 aims to set a new benchmark in superyacht maintenance and repair services. For those seeking reliable and high-quality superyacht maintenance, the facility will offer specialized solutions tailored to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your vessel.

Yacht maintenance - features and facilities

Porto Montenegro is a go-to destination for superyacht services, offering a wide array of yacht facilities geared towards superyacht maintenance, refit, and repair. The marina features a 180×34 meter floating dock and a 720-tonne travel hoist, with a 5,000-tonne Syncrolift. The facility also includes an 8,000m2 warehouse and workshop space as well as a 100,000m2 hard standing area. These features collectively create a comprehensive solution for superyacht owners seeking top-quality superyacht maintenance and repair services.

  • 180x34 metre floating dock
  • 720 tonne travel hoist
  • 5,000 tonne Syncrolift (2023)
  • 8,000m2 warehouse and workshops
  • 100,000m2 hard standing

Yacht maintenance services

Adriatic 42’s expert international team bring decades of experience to the task of maintaining, repairing and refitting superyachts. Spread over 200 hectares, including 3,700m of berthing and four dry docks, the shipyard’s scale enables it to accommodate even the world’s largest private vessels. As a leading superyacht refit, repair and maintenance yard in the Bay of Kotor, Adriatic 42 offer a wide range of services, from hull and deck repairs to mechanical and electrical work, as well as interior refits.

  • Eco-friendly surface treatment
  • Paint & filler work
  • Teak decks
  • Shaft stabiliser & rudder maintenance
  • Major refits

Yacht services in partnership with DryDock World

DryDock World is a leading provider of marine and offshore services, completing an average of more than 300 repair projects annually. Specializing in a broad range of solutions, from routine superyacht maintenance to complex refits, the company offers quality and efficiency. With advanced facilities equipped to handle a variety of vessel types, DryDock World serves as a one-stop shop for maritime repair and maintenance needs, providing reliable and high-quality service to vessel owners and operators.

The best yacht services in the Adriatic

Adriatic 42’s prime location in the Bay of Kotor means that when you leave your yacht for refit or repair, you and your crew can enjoy the many advantages of nearby Porto Montenegro.

  • 450 berths
  • Crew Club and facilities
  • Five-star Regent Porto Montenegro
  • Helipad
  • Buddha-Bar Beach restaurant & lounge

Contact Adriatic 42 - Arrange Your Next Yacht service

We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals and a state-of-the-art facility, so you can be confident that your yacht is in the safest of  hands.For more information, or to arrange yacht refit, repair or maintenance, please contact Adriatic 42.

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