Porto Montenegro Life

A vibrant community

This is a place where the heart might find the full expression of its desire, life its most profound meaning. An escape from the stresses and trials of the everyday. It shows on the faces of those fortunate enough to call it home. And it is carried on the air, like the subtle tang of sea salt, in gentle peels of laughter borne on the soft coastal breeze.

The Portonians

They are the creatives, the nomads, the visionaries. The entrepreneurs, the inventors, the innovators, the artists and their muses. Truth seekers and lifelong learners, drawn to Porto Montenegro from more than 40 nations, united by a collective curiosity and the desire to live beyond boundaries.


An internationally-recognised centre of sporting and social excellence, Porto Montenegro Yacht Club’s members enjoy competitive and informal sailing and a rich mixture of entertainment, both on the water and onshore, with Buddha-Beach restaurant and lounge keeping guests moving into the small hours by the iconic PMYC pool. 

Knightsbridge School International

KSI Montenegro is at the root of the Porto Montenegro community’s devotion to the accumulation of knowledge and lived experience. It is a cherished local asset, one which strives to help our children to be their best, to develop their talents and to pursue their passions.

Community News

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