Festivals in Montenegro in 2024 that will amaze you

Montenegro might be known as the smallest of the Slavic countries, but despite that, it has more than enough space for all kinds of festivals. In fact, some of the most famous festivals in Europe are held precisely here, in one of the most stunning tourist countries in Europe. 

Our country hosts an array of different festivals, so if you’re already planning on visiting, you should consider scheduling your visit during some of the festivals. Festive vibes make everyone feel radiant, therefore, we have prepared a list of Montenegro festivals you should consider when deciding where this spring-summer season will take you. Now, let’s see what kind of Montenegro festivals 2024 has prepared for us!

#1 Porto Montenegro Festivals 2024 - Tivat “on fire”

Porto Montenegro sets the stage for an array of unforgettable events in 2024. From music and art to food and yacht displays, Porto Montenegro is ready to dazzle visitors with an eclectic mix of festivities. Here’s a sneak peek into what awaits you in Tivat this year.

Porto Montenegro Music Festivals 2024

Rubix Festival 2024

From August 8th to 10th, dive into the Rubix Festival, a spectacular blend of music, art, theatre, and technology. In the last year Rubix has become one of the favourite music festivals in the region.

With performances by Isabella Rossellini and Nouvelle Vague, this festival is a vibrant canvas of creativity and a must-attend event in the region. It promises an eclectic mix of classical, orchestral, electronic, and experimental music, ensuring a captivating experience for all attendees. 

Rubix Festival boasts creative workshops, gourmet cuisine, elevated cinema with panoramic views, immersive art installations, and VR explorations. This festival not only highlights musical diversity but also fosters creativity and innovation through its diverse lineup and interactive activities, making it a unique cultural and artistic gathering.

Opera Tales: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

On June 18th, the Dom Vojske Park came alive with the enchanting melodies of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. This delightful performance was part of the Tivat Music Festival, a collaboration with the Vasa Pavic Art School for Music and Ballet. Free entry ensured everyone could enjoy this classic tale brought to life through opera.

Made in New York Jazz Festival

June 21st was marked by the much-anticipated Made in New York Jazz Festival at Synchro. Featuring Grammy-winning musicians like Jeff Tain Watts and Nathan East, this festival transported attendees straight to a New York jazz bar, creating a night of rhythmic bliss.

Luxurious Yacht Events

Sanlorenzo Luxury Yacht Event

On June 15th, the esteemed Italian yacht brand Sanlorenzo unveiled its latest masterpiece, the Sanlorenzo SD96, at Jetty 2. Known for their high-quality craftsmanship since 1958, Sanlorenzo yachts are the epitome of luxury and excellence. The Sanlorenzo Luxury Yacht Event, an exclusive, invitation-only event, was a highlight for yacht enthusiasts.

Prestige Yachts Open Day

On a date yet to be confirmed, Rockstar Yachts will host an exclusive Open Day showcasing Prestige Yachts. From 17:00, guests can step aboard luxurious motor yachts and experience the sophisticated Art de Vivre concept firsthand. The event includes live tours, sea trials, and refreshing cocktails, providing a perfect blend of elegance and expertise. This invitation-only event promises a deep dive into the world of opulent yacht living.

Artistic Events

35th Anniversary Exhibition at Gayo Art Gallery

Montenegro’s artistic heritage was celebrated on June 16th at the Gayo Art Gallery’s 35th Anniversary Exhibition. Attendees enjoyed handcrafted cocktails and a curated DJ set as they explored the gallery’s rich history and artistic contributions.

Sky Port Exhibition

On June 27th, guests immersed themselves in the innovative artwork of Andrey Vereshchagin at the Sky Port Exhibition. Hosted at A&A Interior, this event promised a captivating evening of art, music, and cocktails, with free entry for all attendees.

International Fashion Festival

Mark your calendars for July 19th and 20th, when the International Fashion Festival takes over Synchro. This is one of the festivals Montenegro hosts that no other can compete with. 

It’s a fashion festival taking place in Porto’s centre stage in the Synchro building, welcoming some of the world’s most prestigious fashion designers. This festival hosts spectacular fashion shows and vignettes, followed by a series of events such as cocktail nights, exclusive parties, and much more.

This year’s fashion spectacle will feature stunning collections from top designers such as Ezra Couture, Genny, Faith Connexion, Tiziano Guardini and our very own Boris Calic.

If you’re into fashion and the latest trends, this Montenegro festival is a must-see because you’ll see and meet many global fashion icons, models, and celebrities from the region.

Events and Festivals for Food and Drink Lovers

Rosé Days

On August 3rd, the BlueRoom invites you to a midsummer soirée dedicated to the delightful charm of rosé wines at Rosé Days. This poolside event blends the refreshing ambiance of a garden retreat with exquisite rosé selections.

Gastro Weekend

From August 16th to 18th, indulge in a culinary journey at Synchro during Gastro Weekend. Featuring master chefs, refreshing beverages, and live music, this event is a celebration of gastronomy and family-friendly fun. This is one of the most popular festivals Montenegro hosts for food enthusiasts. 

Porto Montenegro in 2024 is set to be a hub of excitement, creativity, and luxury. Whether you are a music lover, art enthusiast, or culinary connoisseur, there is something for everyone. Don’t miss out on these spectacular Montenegro festivals, making Tivat truly “on fire” this year.

#2 Fasinada festival in Perast - the longest-running Montenegro festival

Date of event: Annually on July 22nd.

Location: Perast, Montenegro, particularly around the island of Our Lady of the Rocks.

Type of event: A traditional festival deeply rooted in maritime heritage and local customs.

Speaking of festivals, our list begins with a traditional one, and not just any traditional festival, but the longest-running in the whole country. This Montenegro festival is known as Fasinada, and it has been going on for over 500 years in the town of Perast. The festival is celebrating the founding of the artificial islet and the monastery of the same name – Our Lady of the Rocks

During this event, our own PMYC will participate in the premier international regatta following the annual tradition of the Fasinada festival.

The festival at sea involves local convoys marching together towards the islet, with men from every family rowing their boat to the island, while women cheer them on from the shore. They are accompanied by the voices of a capella singers, but the unique trait of this festival is that the whole town gets to participate. 

The tradition of the festival involves throwing a rock into the sea, just as once many rocks were thrown to build the islet to be built and the church to be constructed on top of it.

#3 Mimosa festival in Montenegro

In essence, the Mimosa Festival is one of the mos beautiful Montenegro festivals. It is a celebration of local culture, cuisine, and the coming of spring, marked by community participation, vibrant displays of mimosa flowers, and an array of musical and culinary delights.

The Mimosa Festival takes place on the first weekend of February each year, primarily in Herceg Novi, along with activities in nearby areas like Igalo and Baosici. It has been a tradition in Herceg Novi for over 50 years, having started in 1969.

This Montenegro festival celebrates the coming of vibrant and lively spring after a long and harsh winter. This is a highly cheerful festival, a real sight for the sore eyes with the yellow mimosa flowers literally invoking sunshine.

The festival starts with majorettes, followed by a band playing brass. Apart from the parade, the festival also has a quirky side that another parade brings out. This time it’s about creative costumes, something like a costume ball on the street. 

The essence of the festival is the celebration of a life reborn, with all of its positive and healthy aspects such as hope, happiness, and laughter.

#4 Montenegro Film Festival in Herceg Novi

The Montenegro Film Festival has been held for about 30 years now. Managing to keep its authenticity, it presents the best feature and documentary films from all over the world. It’s celebrated every August in Herceg Novi, with the town fully absorbing the atmosphere, transforming and reviving it. 

There are more than a few theatres for this event, but the main theatre, and by far the most distinct, is located in the historic fortress also known as the Bloody Tower. However, if you don’t want to be limited, there are plenty of other theatres in town, specially raised during the festival.

#5 Lake Fest Montenegro - a festival for all rock music lovers

Lake Fest is a three-day rock music rhapsody taking place at Lake Krupac close to Nikšić. If you happen to be a die-hard rock music fan, this is one of those festivals that should not be missed out. Lake Fest attracts over 20 thousand people every year, eager to hear both international and local musicians. What makes this festival the most memorable is the nearby forest camping. 

This festival attracts around 20,000 people over three nights. It’s particularly popular for performances by famous bands from the former Yugoslavia and the region, drawing a majority of the visitors on the first night​.

Lake Fest features a unique camping area in the same woods as the stage. The camping is free, with only a small residence tax for foreign visitors. The campsite includes bars and offers food and drinks at lower prices than other festival spots.

You can choose to camp the whole time by the lakeside during the festival, or you can go to the campsite and have a drink, either way it will be an experience to remember. Apart from camping, you can also check out the eco workshop, if that’s something that might interest you.

#6 Bokeljska Noć Festival - Kotor festival tradition

Bokeljska Noć is one of those must-see events, a traditional Kotor festival featuring dozens of beautifully decorated boats and floats. This event lets many enjoy decorating and parading their boats to the fascinated masses. All of these exquisitely decorated sea vehicles compete against each other for a valuable prize. 

Apart from cheering for their favourite colourful boat, people are also attracted to this festival for the unique vibe it commands. Everyone tends to be cheerful and full of enthusiasm, marking a true celebration of life far more important than any competition.

A similar event was held recently in Porto Montenegro’s superyacht marina recently, in April, featuring a supreme regatta of design boats where visitors and admirers could witness the latest luxury designs, an event that brings together business and passion for sailing.

#7 Budva Carnivall - A Unique Experience

The carnival is held annually from May 1st to May 3rd. Everyone in Montenegro during this period is invited to participate in the festivities on the streets of Budva.

Budva Carnival is a three-day festival filled with unique costume parties, radiant parades, and open-air theatre shows – all of which make this festival a unique experience. As we mentioned, it takes place annually in May, with the carnival consisting of several parts – parade, theatre, and participants. 

This is particularly interesting for children, with special puppet shows, masked balls, and many other activities and competitions aimed at the youngest contestants.

The Budva Carnival is a dynamic and inclusive event that combines traditional Montenegrin culture with contemporary entertainment, making it a must-visit for those interested in experiencing the unique vibrancy of Montenegro’s festivals.

#8 Jazz festival Petrovac

The Petrovac Jazz Fest, set in the picturesque city of Petrovac in Montenegro, is an annual celebration of jazz music, renowned for its unique ambience and stunning coastal setting. 

The jazz festival is a must-attend event for jazz enthusiasts, featuring a mix of well-known musicians and emerging talent. The festival is known for its vibrant atmosphere and a wide array of excellent musicians.

Over the years, the festival has hosted incredible jazz musicians like Uros Peric, Zdenka Kovacicek, Daphna Levy, and the Budapest Jazz Orchestra. It’s celebrated for presenting a variety of musical genres, including blues, fusion, and classic jazz. Each performance is distinct, with musicians focusing on technical skill or emotional expression, enhancing the festival’s prestige and drawing jazz fans globally​​.

The Petrovac Jazz Fest is not just about music,  it’s an environmentally friendly and family-oriented event. It offers a range of activities beyond the musical performances. Adults can enjoy wine tasting, while children can engage in workshops and playground activities. 

The festival also promotes sustainability with eco-friendly practices like using biodegradable cups and organising beach clean-ups. Additionally, visitors can enjoy regional cuisine at the food market and purchase handmade goods at the craft market.

#10 Kotor Art festival

The Kotor Art Festival is a prestigious cultural event held annually in Kotor, Montenegro, during July and August. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, this festival has become a vital expression of Montenegrin cultural identity. It brings together a diverse range of artists and musicians from over 100 countries.

This festival spans various genres and forms of artistic expression, including classical music, theatre, and visual arts, set against the stunning backdrop of Kotor’s medieval architecture and breathtaking natural scenery. The Kotor Art Festival not only showcases international and local talent but also fosters cultural exchange and understanding, making it a significant event in the cultural calendar of Montenegro and the wider region.

With its eclectic mix of performances and exhibitions, the Kotor Art Festival offers something for every art enthusiast and provides a platform for emerging artists to display their work alongside established names. This event not only enriches the cultural life of Kotor but also attracts visitors and art lovers from around the globe, contributing to the cultural tourism of Montenegro.

This was our list of festivals in Montenegro we truly believe you should check out once you are in Montenegro, even if just for a weekend in Montenegro. The good news is that if you’re staying at our Porto Montenegro holiday apartments, most of the festival spots are just a short drive or yacht charter away!

After all, Boka Kotorska is the epicentre of the dynamic spirit of Montenegro, especially in spring and summer, so be sure to schedule your trip and experience our sunny Mediterranean vibes on the Adriatic coast!

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