Colourful Montenergo festivals you should enjoy this summer

Montenegro might be known as the smallest of Slavic countries, but in spite of that, it is in disposal of more than enough space for all kinds of festivals. In fact, some of the most famous festivals in Europe are held precisely here, in one of the most stunning tourist countries in Europe. 

Our country hosts an array of different festivals, so if you’re already planned on visiting, you should definitely consider scheduling your visit during some of the festivals. Festive vibes make everyone feel radiant, therefore, we prepared a list of Montenegro festivals you should ponder on when deciding where this spring-summer season will take you.

The longest running Montenegro festival - Fasinada

Speaking of festivals, our list begins with a traditional one, and not just any traditional festival, but the longest running in the whole country. This Montenegro festival is known as Fasinada, and it has been going on for over 500 years in the town of Perast. The festival is celebrating the founding of the artificial islet and the monastery of the same name – Our Lady of the Rocks

The festival at sea is conceived of local convoys marching together towards the islet, with men from every family rowing their boat to the island, while women cheer them on from the shore. They are accompanied by the voices of acapella singers, but the unique trait of this festival is that the whole town gets to participate. 

The tradition of the festival states to throw a rock into the sea, just as once many rocks were thrown in order for the islet to be built and the church to be constructed on top of it.

Sea Dance Festival - Budva music festival

When it comes to Sea Dance Festival Montenegro got a fraction of the well known EXIT festival held in Novi Sad each year. This is a top Montenegro music festival, the one that attracts over 80 thousand people from Europe and all over the world. It takes place in July every year delivering three days of pure musical euphoria.

The festival features some of the greatest artists and DJs on the planet, combined with local and up and coming musicians, all transmitting a unique dance vibe. It is celebrated on the Jaz Beach in Budva, making it even more memorable when you want to dance the day and night away.

Another traditional Montenegro festival - Mimosa

This unique celebration of spring takes place every march in the marina town of Baošići. This Montenegro festival celebrates the coming of vibrant and lively spring after a long and harsh winter. This is a highly cheerful festival, a real sight for the sore eyes with the yellow mimosa flowers literally invoking sunshine.

The festival starts with a parade of marching girls, followed by a band playing brass. Apart from the parade, the festival also has a quirky side that another parade brings out. This time it’s about creative costumes, something like a costume ball on the street. 

The gist of the festival is the celebration of a life reborn, with all of it’s positive and healthy aspects such as hope, happiness, laughter.

Montenegro Film Festival in Herceg Novi

Montenegro Film Festival has been held for some 30 years now, stemming from Yugoslavia. Managing to keep its authenticity, it presents the best feature as well as documentary films from all over the world. It’s celebrated every August in Herceg Novi, with the town fully absorbing the atmosphere, transforming and reviving it. 

There are more than a few theaters for this matter, but the main theater, and by far the most distinct, is located in the historic fortress also known as the Bloody Tower. Still, if you don’t want to be limited, there are plenty of other theaters in town, specially raised during the festival.

Lake Fest - A Montenegro festival for all rock music lovers

Lake Fest is a three day rock music rhapsody taking place at Lake Krupac close to Nikšić.If you happen to be a die hard rock music fan, this is one of those festivals that should not be missed out. Lake Fest attracts over 20 thousand people every year, waiting to hear both international and local musicians, but what makes this festival the most memorable is the nearby forest camping. 

You can choose to camp the whole time on the lakeside during the festival, or you can go to the campsite and have a drink, either way it will be an experience to remember. Apart from camping, you can also check out the eco workshops, if that’s something that might interest you.

Bokeljska noć - Kotor festival tradition

Bokeljska noć is one of those must-see occurrences, a traditional Kotor festival featuring dozens of beautifully decorated boats and floats. Don’t get us wrong, this festival is not a parade, in fact, it’s a competition. All of these exquisitely decorated furnished sea vehicles compete against each other for a valuable prize. 

Apart from cheering for their favorite colourful boat, people are also attracted to this festival for the unique vibe it commands. Everyone tends to be cheerful, full of enthusiasm, marking a true celebration of life, far more important than any competition.

A similar event has been held in Porto Montenegro superyacht marina recently, in April, a supreme regatta of design boats where visitors and admirers could witness the latest luxury design, an event that brings together business and passion for sailing.


Unique Budva carnival 

Another Budva festival that draws people from all part of the country. Budva carnival is three-day festival filled with unique costume parties, radiant parades and open air theater shows – all of which makes this festival a unique experience. It takes place annually in May, with the carnival being contained out of few fractions – parade, theater and competition. 

This is particularly interesting for children, with special puppet shows and masked balls, and many other activities and competitions aimed at the youngest contestants.

International Fashion Festival in Porto Montenegro

This is one the Montenegro festivals unlike any other. It’s a fashion festival taking place in Porto’s center stage in Synchro building, welcoming some of the world’s most prestigious fashion designers. This festival hosts spectacular fashion shows, vignettes, followed by series of events such as cocktail nights, exclusive parties and much more.

If you’re into fashion and latest trends, this Montenegro festival is a must-see event, more so because you’ll be see and meet many international fashion icons, models as well as celebrities from the region.

This was our list of Montenegro festivals we truly believe you should check out once you are in Montenegro, even if just for the weekend. The good news is that if you’re staying at our Porto Montenegro rentals, most of the festival spots are just a short drive or yacht charter away!

Afterall, Boka Kotorska is the epicenter of the dynamic spirit of Montenegro, especially in spring and summer, so be sure to schedule your trip and experience our sunny Mediterranean vibes on the coast of Adriatic!