Rocky shore

How to spend a weekend in Montenegro

You think it’s high time to visit someplace entirely different than what you’re use to? A place whose nature is not overexploited and tarnished in any way, and it’s past rich, filled with stories of tradition and bravery? Well, we can say without hesitation that Montenegro is such a wondrous place, and that you have chosen wisely when opting for a Montenegro weekend.

A weekend in Montenegro can be filled with just a right content, if you know how to spend time once you arrive there, which is why we came up with advices to help you have a well spent weekend in our charming country, a weekend in Montenegro you’ll remember.

Long weekend in Montenegro in a Bay of Kotor

Bay of Kotor is considered to be one of the loveliest spots on the Adriatic, and for a good reason. Apart from being fjord-like inlet, surrounded by tall and rocky mountains, the splendour of this drowned canyon lies in its history too. The Bay of Boka kotorska is known for its numerous medieval cities along its coastline, each more beautiful than the next.

Kotor, the UNESCO heritage site and the town Boka owns its name to, is one of the most beautiful historical sites in whole of Montenegro. With its labyrinthine alleyways opening into small squares, legacy of the Venetian reign, and mountain slopes casually looming above the city roofs, Kotor has an ancient story to tell at every turn.

Since Kotor is really unmissable once you take chance and visit Boka, it’s probably better to check it out once you plan a long weekend in Montenegro. It’s truly an amazing site and has a lot to offer.

Rocky shore

Weekend in Montenegro luxury community - Porto deserves a glance too

Well, more than a glance actually. Porto Montenegro is the most exclusive spot on the entire Montenegrin coastline. Apart from having the most luxurious marina facilities, guaranteeing a good care of your yachts while on a Boka cruise, there is plenty of other content and activities you can undergo.

For example, if you planned a weekend shopping spree, Porto’s restaurants and shopping zone is designed to bring you the ultimate cosmopolitan experience, with an opportunity to shop any the most high-end brands in the world, as well as dine in the finest Montenegrin restaurants. Our luxury community provides high-rate apartments for rent or if you are interested in long-term stay there is also a possibility to book your stay for a month or longer.There are many events and activities to enjoy your holiday in Montenegro in our complex – much more than usual holidays!

Montenegro long weekend trip opportunity - Durmitor and Žabljak

The Durmitor National Park is the undisputed high-point of any Montenegrin visit, but especially if you planned a Montenegro long weekend. Durmitor is the tallest mountain in the country, known for its magnificent nature, as well as numerous protected plant and animal species, making it a remarkable place to discover, whether on hiking trails, camps or touring the park.

Durmitor is known for its steep peeks and vertigo-inducing ridges, glacial lakes and thick forests, leaving you with that “lost in the wild” feeling, almost tactile peace and quiet, that only an untouched nature can invoke.

Mountain lake

Charming Žabljak getaway - Montenegro weekend trip

Now, if you asked yourselves what to visit in Montenegro, once all the luxury, natural and historical sights are marked and checked, we believe that traditional Montenegro is an aspect you should definitely consider experiencing. Žabljak is a complete opposite from the littoral, from food menu to the stern environment, so different than that warm, Mediterranean coastline you like to imagine while picturing Montenegro.

Despite being located high on Durmitor, on the way to Podgorica, this small mountain town possesses a unique charm. In fact, some of the best mountain trails awaits here – from the cluster of shops and houses with steep and pitched roofs, you can continue on foot up to the severe looking pine forest, and then over to the lake Lokvice.

Of course, there are much harder trails to engage on, depending on the various peaks and passes, but the previously mentioned Lokvice trail is particularly popular since it has a small mountain hut and plenty of sheltered camping spots, ideal for exploring Durmitor for days.

It goes without saying that here you can try out some of the best local meat specialties in the whole country, combined with cheese, kajmak and an onion, tomato and cucumber salad, not to mention a homemade rakija, a drink you can taste only on the Balkans.

Of course, these were some of our warm suggestions for a Montenegro weekend, or better yet, if you have more time on your hands, a long weekend in Montenegro, where you can more effectively experience some (or all) of these spots. Either way, we promise you won’t be disappointed!