Dior History – Learn About Dior Brand and Its Story

Dior history started the same moment Christian Dior first stepped on the fashion stage – the world of haute couture has changed forever. We might know of the brand as one of the fashion’s ultimates, the fashion royalty, one of the few couture giants that have become a household name – but, is that all that is to house Dior history?

When reasoning legendary couture brands such as Dior, there is always that intangibility, the feeling they were always there – the ethereal combination of beauty, desire and style, everything that makes fashion an object of mystery, a fairytale we continuously want to be a part of.

However, we are here for a history lesson, and not just any, but one that concerns one of the greatest couture designers that ever lived and his everlasting legacy we enjoy to this day – we present you with house Christian Dior brand history, and all the facets that make it a fashion gem even after 70 years have passed.

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