Dsquared2 brand – a fascinating story of the iconic fashion house

In the world of fashion, two things are the most important: authenticity and passion. Without any of these things, any success in the world of high fashion would be an impossible mission. Dsquared2 brand stood out thanks to the energy and talent of its founders, the famous twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten.

These Canadian designers achieved what few succeeded in the late 1990s and early 2000s. When they founded their Dsquared2 brand in 1995, they couldn’t imagine what kind of success awaited them in the future. From a pure, boyish dream to become fashion designers to international fame and recognizability thanks to their outstanding creations, the Caten brothers have become true fashion icons that the whole world admires.

But did you know how did the Dsquared2 brand became so popular among many generations? What is the story behind this famous luxury house which is considered one of the most successful today?

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Early life of the Caten brothers – before the fashion empire

The Dsquared2 history begins decades before the whole idea of this remarkable, authentic and luxurious fashion house, in Toronto, Canada, where Dean and Dan Caten were born in the year of 1964 as the youngest of nine children. Since they were little boys they have been showing a huge interest in fashion and art.

When they were 19 years old, they moved to New York to study fashion design at Parsons School of Design. Although they’ve stayed there for only one semester and went back to their hometown Toronto, that experience was their important stepping stone into the unpredictable fashion world which they had dreamed of for so long.

In the year of 1986 the twin duo has experienced great success with their first-ever signature womenswear collection by the then actual name ‘DEanDan’. After the successful first step in their fashion career, they’ve signed onto the fashion label ‘Ports International’ brand as its creative directors.

Their biggest goal was to improve the label with their unique approach to work and indisputable talent. It’s worth mentioning that at the same time, the Caten brothers were also designing clothes for the ‘Tabi International’ label.

City Milano in Italy

Moving to Milan, Italy – years of designing for Versace and Diesel

In the year of 1991, Dean and Dan moved to Milan, Italy, which was always considered to be the mecca for true fashion lovers. Their main reason for moving was the opportunity to design for two major fashion labels, Gianni Versace and Diesel.

In 1994 they launched their men’s collection ‘Homesick Canada Collection’ which was well received in the public. It was just the beginning of extravagant creations of this famous duo. After one year, they became partners with Galizio Torresi for men’s footwear clothes.

Thanks to their successful hard work at these renowned fashion houses, the Caten brothers were able to establish the Dsquared2 brand in 1995, one of the most successful fashion houses of the late 90’s and early 00’s.

Dsquared2 history – founding a true fashion utopia

Dsquared2 history begins in 1995, when the Caten brothers fulfilled their long-awaited dream to own their own luxurious fashion house where they can present their unique creations.

The first real success of the Dsquared2 brand when a writing of a Dsquared2 history began, was the collaboration with Madonna. Dsquared2 clothes could be seen in Madonna’s music video “Don’t Tell me”, as well at her World Tour ‘Drowned’ in 2002.

After a successful collaboration with Madonna, Dsquared2 clothes became favorites among other famous superstars, such as Christina Aguillera who hired them for her ‘Stripped’ Tour in 2003.

Dsquared2 designer paradise – success after success

A great response from the audience who loved their creations on Madonna and Christina Aguillera was just the beginning of Dsquared2 designer paradise which lasts until today.

In 2003 Dsquared2 brand won several important awards which made them world-wide known and adored. They won the famous ‘La Kore’ award for Best Emerging Designers, as well as the ‘Men of the Year’ Award by GQ Magazine, as Best Breakthrough Design Team.

One of their most significant accomplishments was designing a luxurious and authentic trainer for the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. This was another smart and successful move since the Dsquared2 brand reached a wider audience. Dsquared2 designer paradise was launched among the stars and experienced a great boom in the fashion industry.

jeans and shoes

Dsquared2 brand story – inspiring facts from the 2005 until 2007

In 2005, the famous singer Christina Aguillera was the biggest star in a runaway show which was held by Dsquared2 brand. She walked in Dsquared2 clothes alongside the stripping models.

A year later, in 2006, the Caten brothers designed Juventus official uniforms, cosmetics and fragrances. ‘He Wood’ was their first male fragrance and one of their most successful ever made.

The year of 2007 was another amazing year for Dsquared2 brand since they were, once again, awarded with ‘Men of the Year’ special award by Spanish GQ Magazine. On their runaway show that year, Rihanna entered a stage in an American muscle car. In June that year, the twin duo opened the first Dsquared2 flagship in Milan’s fashion district.

Dsquared2 brand story from 2008 until today

After founding the first flagship in Milan, in 2008 and 2009 they also opened Dsquared2 stores in various cities all around the world, such as: Istanbul, St. Moritz, Capri, Kiev, Athens, Nicosia, Hong Kong, Kiev, Paris, Cannes, and Singapore.

In 2008 they launched first-ever women’s fragrance and won the ‘Men of The Year’ award from the German GQ Magazine. In 2009 they designed Barcelona official off-field uniforms, while in 2010 they called famous Bill Kaultiz to open and close their famous menswear show in Milan.

By the year of 2013, Dsquared2 fashion brand earned more than $200 million. In 2017 they were awarded with the first edition LeClouche prize and honorary citizenship of the Italian town Casalvieri, a birthplace of their father. The Caten twin brothers also host their radio program ‘Dean and Dan on Air: Style in Stereo’.

Dsquared2 clothes – iconic fashion masterpieces

When someone mentions the Dsquared2 brand, the first thing that comes to mind are chic, sexy, provocative styles and extremely sophisticated glamour that could only be seen in their collections.

They are famous for their unique men’s and women’s apparel, cosmetics, footwear and fragrances. Sporty, extravagant and glamorous clothes have become their trademark for which they’re known world-wide.

Today, the Dsquared2 brand is considered to be one of the world’s most popular, luxurious fashion brands. It’s motto is ‘Born in Canada, made in Italy’.

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