Happenings in Tivat you should not miss this summer

Events in Tivat are just a cherry on top of everything you can do in summer in this part of Montenegro. There is no doubt – summer is the time of the year when Tivat is most beautiful. In the warmer period of the year, the well-known scent of the sea breeze starts to spread through the streets, and the beautiful nature of Montenegro stands out like no other. 

Suddenly, there are more and more people on the streets, and in the blink of an eye – the tourist season has started. Beaches are full, and there is an opportunity for sports activities at every turn. Tivat has an advantage that no other city in Montenegro has – within its borders. There is a luxurious nautical village in Porto Montenegro.

So when we are talking about summer happenings, it should be no surprise that most of them are taking place precisely at Porto Montenegro. This nautical village has a long tradition of organizing extraordinary happenings, including sports competitions, fashion shows, concerts, and exhibitions. 

 We prepared a list for you should check out.

#1 PMYC Match Race - 4-6 June

Porto Montenegro Yacht Club or shortly PMYC is known for organizing numerous activities throughout the year

The traditional sailing regattas are held in the bay of Tivat and Kotor and are open to all classes. This year from 4th to 6th July, the 5th European Match Race Tour will be held. 

This team competition will arrange six tour events, and teams highest on the board will be qualified for the Grand Final. Only one team will take home the honorary title of the European Match Race Champion. If you are a devotee of water sports and a competitive atmosphere in luxury surroundings, six this is an happening you should not miss.

#2 Crew Spotlight by ACREW - 15-17 June

This happening is an event where both captains and crew take part. 

Crew Spotlight is, before anything else, an educational event where you can participate in valuable learning workshops and enjoy various social activities. 

The workshops will be led by the most prominent experts in the industry and could help you develop your knowledge. You will have the opportunity to get the briefing of superyacht captains and crew. This 3-day event is berthing in our marina, so we are happy to invite you to enjoy this unique opportunity in Porto Montenegro.

Don’t miss the chance to participate in valuable learning workshops led by industry experts to help the crew develop and gain new knowledge in your department. You will also have an opportunity to network and participate in social activities.

#3 Mediterranean Dream by Zhang Rushi - July

This Contemporary Chinese painter had exhibitions worldwide, including in Toronto, Beijing, and Tokyo. We are more than happy to say that in July, the visitors of Porto Montenegro will have a unique chance to enjoy the watercolor Chinese sceneries. 

Zhang Rushi is known for paying homage to landscapes and portraying the nature of China as a medium of solid and subjective expressions. His works use colors to reflect on shared experiences. 

Rushi won many prestigious awards for his art, including the excellent award at the 6th National Binding and Layout Art Exhibition National Art Museum, Beijing. 

#4 Superwine 8.0 - 3 July

For those with solid hedonistic tendencies, Porto Montenegro prepared a special event on the 3rd of July – Suprewine 8.0  

One of the best ways to spend a stylish summer night by the Yacht Club pool is by sampling wines from some of the best European wineries. What’s more, this year, guests can enjoy a sumptuous meal on the rooftop of our newly opened restaurant, followed by a night of dancing at Latitude42 lounge and club. 

Few things in this world can exceed the magnificent experience of drinking a glass of good wine with the sea view. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this idyllic atmosphere.

#5 10 Boka Portraits - 16 July

Porto Montenegro thought about the photography lovers as well – on the 16th of July you will have a chance to visit a fantastic exhibition, 10 Boka Portraits. A photography exhibition and documentary tell the story of ten well-known Croatians with their roots in Boka Bay. 

This event forms part of a government-endorsed cultural and educational initiative between Montenegro and Croatia.

#6 The International Fashion Festival - Green edition 23-24 July

Sustainability is in! 

That is why this year’s International Fashion Festival at Porto Montenegro is in Green Edition. At this glamorous annual gathering, you will have the opportunity to see some of the world’s most prestigious designers and upcoming stars in a unique waterfront setting. 

Since it is a green fashion show, this year you will see some of the most prominent local brands and have a chance to offer them support. The program will last two days on Friday 23rd July and Saturday 25th July. 

The first night you can enjoy the fantastic pre-show Rendez-vous, and the signature event of the second night is the sustainable collections. 

After both nights, the management organizes an afterparty at the VIP venue, so a fun time is guaranteed.

#7 Cosmic Rhythms by Milena Mijovic Durutovic - August

Looking for an authentic artistic expression?

We warmly recommend Cosmic Rhythms by Milena Mijovic Duratovic. Milena Mijovic Durutovic (1971) is a visual artist and curator of the Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro. As a true representative of a bold generation of Montenegrin visual artists, Milena uses a combined painting technique enriched with kinetic installation.

Milena describes her art as exploring the most profound and most sensitive psychological and cognitive processes, which she later translates into reduced symbols and signs full of meaning.  

#8 Soloists of the Verbier Festival - 11 August

And for the music fans, this august we prepared a special delicacy!

The Soloist of the Verbier Festival will be held on 11th August this year! In partnership with KotorArt and the Regent Porto Montenegro, the world’s classical music scene sets the stage in Porto Montenegro. They are bringing exclusive performances from the Verbier Festival soloists, led by world-renowned violoncellist Mischa Maisky. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to skip the privilege to listen to one of the most striking and talented cellists of the modern generation. 

#9 Made in New York Jazz Festival - 3 September

Life is a lot like jazz – it’s best when you improvise. – George Gershwin

In collaboration with Rabbit Records, the 6th edition of this international music festival brings the most prominent global, US, and European jazz talent to the Synchro – a monumental setting fit for the occasion. 

The festival hosted some of today’s most prominent jazz names like Calvin Jones, Marianne Solivan, Tommy Campbell, Lenny White, and Bill Evans. You should not miss this event if you look for a cozy and pleasant atmosphere on a warm Mediterranean night. 

One of the main objectives of Porto Montenegro management is to create memorable moments for its visitors and tenants. The experience is precious to us, and that is why we constantly seek the advancement of our offer. 

This aspiration made Porto Montenegro the epicenter of high-end attractions, attracting celebrities and VIPs from all across the Adriatic. Visit Porto Montenegro and experience the exceptional activities and the buzzing village atmosphere in a unique waterfront setting.

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