Granoff suits – Tailored for men born to stand out

The Granoff brand was founded in 2003. as the first brand in Bosnia and Herzegovina specialized in men’s high fashion, manufacturing suits, shirts and ties. It is almost two decades since Granoff suits started expansion to the European Market and have set a very high standard for quality and innovation in the men’s clothing business.

Granoff suits are designed for the cosmopolitan gentlemen; for people who love classical music, and who at the same time keep up with the latest fashion trends. If you’ve got an important business meeting or you have to be present at a wedding – Granoff suits will provide you with the optimum clothing, which will get you the attention and success you deserve.

Do you know how Granoff suits are made? 

Granoff brand uses exclusively Italian fabrics made of natural materials of renowned manufacturers among which are Loro Piana, Marzotto, Cerutti, Balmain and many other, high-end brands use. Exploring this form of art, Granoff suits leave a piece of themselves in every product they make. 

It is one thing to design and make clothing, but an entirely different thing is to succeed in obtaining an ultimate piece of intelligent wear for sophisticated men.

The story of Granoff brand - tradition devoted to excellence

An elegant suit serves the demands of your busy days and nights and versatile hues are perfect for the office dress code and can make an easy transition to an evening event. Suits Granoff combine their passion for making good quality clothes for the man, with a tradition that is devoted to excellence.

In the beginning, the destiny of Granoff suits materials was only the principle of outsourcing, meaning that other firms were working for them. But, as time went by, the small craftsmanship became a brand, and the firm started manufacturing their clothes themselves, using only the finest materials – showing how domestic clothing brands could be of high excellence and wearable.

Changing the image of “made in Bosnia” to “designed in Bosnia”!

The maker of Suits Granoff brand - a non-stereotypical sportsman

The creator of a prestigious brand that is Granoff suits is a former Bosnian-Herzegovinian football player stated in Madrid, Emir Granov. Although we are all used to ex-football players opening bars and restaurants, Mister Granov decided to pursue a different path.

We could say that Emir, after abandoning the career of a successful sportsman, was the first man in his family who expanded family craftsmanship of creating men’s fashion, over the borders of Bosnia.

Granoff suits are made to measure

A well-tailored suit is sometimes the most important statement people will remember about your appearance so it’s very important to choose smart between a selection of fits and styles. 

A modern fit suit falls down the middle between a classic and slim fit. While it’s not cut quite as close to the body as a slim fit, it’s a tighter fit than a classic. The pants in a modern fit suit are straight-legged, but with a piece of more extra fabric than a slim fit pants.

Even an inexpensive suit can look like a £2,000 suit if it’s perfectly tailored!

A suit that has been made just for you, gives you the confidence to walk into any social situation and know you exude confidence. One of the most attractive items of clothing to a woman – is a man with a well-fitted suit, and with Granoff suits, your suit game will be on top.

In the occasion that you are about to choose your first tailored suit, or can’t decide which one to opt for, then you should stick to Granoffs classic colours like navy, black or grey. This will allow you to look great for a number of occasions and due to the versatility of patterns, you can “attach” – the cut will be very flattering to your complexion.

The production flow of Granoff clothing brand

In order to make a step forward, adapt to the market and revive the collections which are intended for all ages, Granoff suits launched a modern and sports elegant collection made from the finest quality of Italian fabrics. Suits Granoff are devoted to every little detail regarding the process of workmanship pants, coats, jackets shirts and accessories.

If you are going to look after your image, you have to take care of the clothes you wear and you will generally benefit from. Also, if you take good care of Granoff suits materials, they will last longer and will look better on a long run. This also means that Granoff suits materials can are most likely be alterable as your body changes, so you can have them altered to fit you better.

Granoff suits materials and other pieces of excellence

Granoff brand demands the finest fabric known, and customers have recognized it. Their tailors have travelled the world to see the cloths and feel them, trying and combining, comparing and excluding. Finally, they blend them with devotion, perseverance and commitment.

The determination to create astonishing products requires continuous improvement. We scrutinize every step, from the control of the raw materials to the techniques of production, planning and maintenance. This is why our products never vary, not even by a millimetre, from its rigorous parameters of quality.

Thinking green while choosing the best materials

A vigorous intention of nature preservation is what Granoff suits are very dedicated to. Granoff suits are inclined to respect absolutely all the severe parameters of ecotoxicology, to shield the environment and the people that will be wearing Granoff clothing. Just about everything is carefully considered and planned to be remarkably power efficient and eco-friendly as much as possible.

A step forward with boots and shoes

Although Granoff brand specializes in men’s fashion and has been recognised as manufacturer of suits, shirts and ties, in order to make a step forward, adapt to the market and revive the collections which are intended for all ages, Granoff launched a modern and sports elegant collection with numerous accessories which are made from the finest quality of Italian fabrics and leather.

Brands attention is devoted to every detail regarding the process of workmanship pants, coats, jackets and Granoff shirts. Shoes are the foundation that holds together the style and almost every single pair is designed and handcrafted in Italy.

All of the Granoff shoes and boots are handcrafted using hand-finished Italian leather outsole, and French calfskin for the upper parts. Granoff shoes are also pigmented by hand, with calfskin lining tanning.

Many of Granoffs dyes are 100% vegetable induced, for chemicals free leather. 100% natural rubber lug outsoles are produced by St. Moritz

Double the style with Granoff bags and accessories

Granoff accessories made of leather can be added to other things to make them more useful, versatile or attractive. They include practical or fashionable items such as hats, belts, gloves, bags and many other little things. 

Granoff bags are handmade with maximum detailing, suited for any personality – from elegant and cool leather bags, perfect for businessmen, to backpacks, ideal for globetrotters continually working on the move in the metropolitan world.

Granoff suits in Porto Montenegro

Every man needs at least one suit that fits properly and makes them feel confident in any setting. To reiterate again, when you’re buying a suit, the most important factor is fit; if the shoulder pads extend well beyond your shoulders or your sleeves are touching your knuckles the suit has lost almost all its value. 

When buying a Granoff suit you have various lapel and fit options. One of the most popular is a peak lapel and modern slim tailored fit for a masculine and elegant look. 

The exclusive right for selling Granoff intricate fine materials and exquisite design has been allowed in the central part of the Porto Montenegro promenade, overseeing the vast marina. Make the best of your vacation by purchasing some parts of the Granoff art and trying them on in the comfortable zone of your apartment.