Green realty in Montenegro - property market in pace with the times

Green realty is a hot topic in the real estate industry. Sustainability is a burning question in contemporary society, and it was a matter of time to become the center of attention on the property market. Green realty is attractive in every way – it is an environment, but also, investor-friendly.

Whether you are looking to make your next real estate investment, finding a dream home, or are just an ardent follower of the freshest trends on the property market – you should familiarize yourself with green realty and its amazing advantages and potentials. 

Simply continue to read this article and find out everything you should know about sustainable architecture and green real estate.

How do we define green real estate? 

First of all, we should define what green real estate is. Even though it might sound simple, this term encompasses much more criteria than it seems. There is no agreed opinion on the definition. However, in the most broader sense, green realities are the one that holds to reach climate and environmental sustainability targets.

Therefore, the sustainable or green building implies numerous features such as:

  • Efficient use of resources in the building process and home
  • Use of materials that are considered sustainable
  • Pollution and waste reduction measures, and the possibility to recycle
  • Satisfying air quality and a generally healthy environment
  • Consideration of the quality of life of residents

This list of features can include a lot more characteristics and details. It is important to have in mind that rarely any building fulfills every demand from the list. That means that the property can meet only a few requirements from the above, and still qualify as green real estate.

The sustainability objectives depend on different factors

The approach to sustainable building can also differ depending on regions and parts of the world. The architecture depends on environmental and climatic conditions in many ways. There should be no surprise that countries from different parts of the world have unique needs and approaches to sustainability. 

For example, the most industrialized parts of the planet will probably shift their focus to air quality. On the other hand, in the warmer parts of the world, the primary environmental goal could be focused on cooling and afforestation of the surrounding. 

Green Realty is the future of the property market

Any type of property can be a green building. Whether we are talking about an office, hospital, school, or home. This shows the potential that green buildings have in future urbanistic projects. Since it is an inseparable part of our lives, architecture has a key role in dealing with growing environmental issues.

There is no doubt that cities in the future will have to adapt to the new environmental demands. That is why green real estate is considered a safe investment for the future. We witness a growing demand for architecture to copy the natural green environment and imbed its principles in new and existing buildings.

Not only the potential buyers but officials are pressuring the real estate industry to move toward environmentally sustainable building and respect sustainability principles. We can see current initiatives through new legislation and policies all around the world. This is another indicator for green realty as the real estate industry’s future.

At this moment, with high certainty, we can claim that investing in green real estate is your best bet. By investing in sustainable buildings today, you are investing in future growing value and statistics from all around the world record an increased demand for this type of property.

Why do more and more people seek green real estate? 

Not only investors seek green realties. People are more and more interested in environmental issues, and therefore they are changing their purchasing habits and lifestyle. For example, the recycling rate has increased from less than 7 percent in 1960 to the current rate of 32 percent. 

There is also a growing zero-waste community and general interest in a sustainable lifestyle. This is reflected in the property market also. Combined with the coronavirus pandemic, there have been noticed changing trends in the real estate market, such as – the higher demand for open spaces and natural surroundings. 

However, it seems that care for the environment is not the only motivation for choosing green real estate. The higher quality of life has been recognized on several levels among the green home’s residents. 

Sustainable materials, building design, and renewable sources of energy are undoubtedly important. The benefits for the planet are obvious, but we should not forget to mention the positive impact that green homes can have on the quality of people’s life. 

And the benefits are numerous.

Benefits for both planet and the quality of life 

We have already mentioned that a definition of green real estate is flexible. For example, the home interior with high levels of natural daylight can also be considered sustainable. When there is natural light during the better part of the day, there is less need for artificial lighting.

Natural ventilation through windows brings fresh air inside the space, so there is no or there reduced need for ventilation and air conditioning. All of the above directly reduces the utilization of electric energy, but what’s more important – has a positive impact on humans’ quality of life.

Fresh air and natural sunlight are important for our health and play an important role in overall well-being. The second example is the location and surroundings. It is obvious that preserving natural treasures such as woods and fields is important for the environment, but it is also very important to our mental health.

There are serious research studies that show that time spent in nature can have a positive impact on our mental health. For example, there are several forest therapy programs designed to decrease the level of depression among adults. To conclude – by changing our lifestyle towards sustainability, we help our health in so many ways.

Green homes for sale at Porto Montenegro nautical village

Interested in green homes for sale to save the planet and improve the quality of life? 

Porto Montenegro and Boka Place is the place to be! We have already talked about the success of the Montenegrin real estate market to adapt to the new trends and customer demands. 

The same goes for sustainable living. First of all, Montenegro has a great advantage – it is small, compact, and surrounded by mountains on the one side, and the sea on the other. If you didn’t have the opportunity to visit this Mediterranean jewel, you can only imagine the quality of air and the smell of the light sea breeze.

Porto Montenegro started its history as a luxury marina, around which emerged a modern nautical residential village. Hidden in the Bay of Kotor, this village is one of the best places to start your high-quality lifestyle. Boka Place is the newest neighborhood that is designed to support your wellbeing and personal growth.

Boka Place is floating above the waterfront and full of botanical spaces that revitalize and awaken. The streets are plant-infused and the interior is designed following the open concept. Glazed rooms allow natural light and sunshine to enter the space, and to be retained throughout the day.

The best part? 

Porto Montenegro is a small but opulent residential village. Within walking distance, you can enjoy every amenity you imagine – cinema, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, cultural events, and sports activities. There is no traffic or city noise even though you can enjoy every advantage of the urban area – good for the environment, as well as your well-being.

Boka Place is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the lifestyle in accordance with nature and your inner-self. Turn the page and give a planet and yourself a chance to live in harmony with nature – choose Porto Montenegro.