Green sail – tips and tricks for enjoying your favorite sea activity more sustainably

Green sail is a relatively new term tailored to describe environmentally responsible sailing and activities on the sea. It is visible through the past few articles such as – Preservation of Marine life & water resources in Montenegro that improving environmental practices on the ocean is extremely important to us. 

As one of the most recognizable marinas in this part of Europe, we feel an obligation to promote sustainable sailing. We are presenting you with a few simple tips and tricks that could help you to make your favorite sea activity more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Green sail - what is it?

Before we offer practical advice on sustainable sailing, we should explain why green sail and sustainable sailing are a hot topic today. 

There are more people on the earth than ever. Consequently, we witness the following implication – more waste than ever in the planet’s history. Most of the trash goes right to the ocean, which is life-threatening to its residents, i.e., sea life. 

Even though sea life might seem isolated from us, it has a vital role in the global ecosystem. Without it, the world wouldn’t function in the way it does today. It is strange how people often forget that the ocean covers 70% of the Earth’s surface and that it is an irreplaceable part of many phenomena such as temperature regulation.

We should not forget that everything is connected in our unique ecosystem. Therefore, the pollution of the ocean and sea life harm directly affects the other burning problem of today – global warming.  The sea is vital for regulating our climate and weather patterns but also oxygen production.

Ocean produces over 50% of world oxygen and stores 50% times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere.

Given all the above, we should be aware that careless behavior towards our oceans directly impacts many other environmental issues. There is no room to engage in ecological problems partially. We have to protect every aspect of our planet – water, earth, air, and climate simultaneously.

Why is sustainable sailing important?

One might ask – what’s sailing got to do with the environmental issue? 

The ocean provides many important things to humans – the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medicine we take. It also allows various recreation activities diving, sailing, yachting, fishing, rowing, or kayaking. 

However, many of these activities are leaving an ecological footprint on natural treasures. They can significantly change the water chemistry with deposits left from boats. As a consequence, this is making the sea environment overly alkaline or acidic. 

The presence of vessels increases algae bloom, which is an obstacle to the sun to reach the sea bottom. The sea bottom life needs an adequate amount of sunlight to survive. When lack of the sun is associated with other negative impacts of vessels such as changed pH level of water, toxins, and plastic waste – wildlife has a minimum chance to survive. 

There are more and more mutations and defects observed within sea life.

Water offers so many options for fun activities, so it is no surprise why so many people adore it. There is a big responsibility that tourists and recreationalists have while enjoying their favorite sea activities. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you make your next water adventure more sustainable. 

How to sail green - tips and tricks

According to the RYA’s Green Blue, over 50,000 marine mammals die every year from becoming tangled in or eating marine litter. 

All mentioned is a direct consequence of irresponsible waste management at places filled with tourists, such as beaches or boats. As a true devotee to sea and water activities, you should make sure that you dispose of waste appropriately while on the sea. The best advice here is an obvious one – try to create less waste in the first place.

Are you preparing for a whole-day anchorage at one of the best spots in Montenegro

Think about where and how you drop the anchor in the sea cause the heaviness can damage life on the sea bottom. It would be best if you can anchor your boat into the sand or mud. Of course, be gentle when dropping an anchor. 

If you are a true fan of sailing, then sail driven by the power of the wind, and use your engine only when necessary. It is the most eco-friendly way of enjoying this activity, but some would say the only proper way to sail!

Waste management as a priority 

One of the simplest things you can do for the environment is packing your refreshments and snacks in reusable cups and boxes instead of using disposable packaging. If there is some disposable wrapping, keep them in one place and wait to come back to the marina where you can find recycling containers. Every port today has a disposal point that you can use. 

You should take care of cleaning up oil and fuel spills as soon as they occur on the sea surface. If you carry portable fuel tanks, be extremely careful and fill the boat only on the shore. Ask for assistance from the marine service technicians. It will reduce the chances of overfilling your tank.

When cleaning your vessel, try not to use abrasive and aggressive detergent. Sponge and freshwater will, in most cases, be just enough. If you want a more thorough cleanse, try out detergents with a natural base or eco-friendly boat soaps. 

You can even make your natural detergent using ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice.

Sustainable sailing begins from the marine

Every sustainable sailing should start from the sea. We suggest asking the marine assistance for any doubts about you while organizing your next sailing trip. For example, if you want to clean your vessel more sustainably, marina services will also be helpful.

Modern marinas have designated washdown areas within it, preventing wastewaters from going straight to the sea while cleaning your vessel. This way, you will reduce the number of toxic chemicals discharged into the sea. Making use of the marina’s facilities is most eco-friendly.

All modern and prominent marinas have to take care of grey & black water disposal following contemporary ecological standards. Maintenance assistance will help to prevent breakage and leaking that can be very harmful to sea life. Fueling the vessel at the marina can also contain deadly consequences.

Porto Montenegro a marina you should start your sustainable sailing from 

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Porto Montenegro is a proud member of the prominent Yacht Harbour Association. We have been recognized and honored by The Yacht Harbour Association with Platinum-rated marina services. The association recognized the efforts of our team to operate following the latest ecological standards and trends.

Porto Montenegro Yacht Club is rapidly developing into an internationally recognized center of sporting and social excellence. It allows all enthusiasts to connect with like-minded people. Around the marina, the luxury nautical village emerged, which offers premium accommodation to its residents and visitors.

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