International Yoga Day – Interview with Dahlia Gledhill

Today is International Yoga Day which celebrates the physical and spiritual prowess that yoga has brought to the world stage. An ancient practice to connect the mind, body and soul, yoga is an important source of exercise and a healthy activity millions around the world enjoy. This International Yoga Day we interviewed Dahlia who currently runs outdoor yoga every Monday and Thursday from 8:15am, and every Friday from 6:15pm. Here’s what she had to say:


How long have you lived in Porto?
Dahlia Gledhill: I’ve lived in Porto since Septembar 2020, so 9 months.

What do you do here? Do you just take yoga classes or other classes/activities too?
Dahlia Gledhill: I just teach yoga, I teach to the membership community I set up online during the lockdowns every weekday morning, as well as teaching 5 classes a week for Porto and 2 a week at hotel One&Only.

How long have you been trained as a yoga instructor?
Dahlia Gledhill: I’ve been trained since August 2020, so just before I moved to Porto.

What is extraordinary about your classes? Eg. do you ever take clients outside/by the sea? Do you run sunrise classes? etc. You can also list the benefits here
Dahlia Gledhill: What’s extraordinary about my classes is the incredible uplifting feeling you leave with each time. I am energy, and I think I am the happiest person alive and I have so much of it to share, I just love to pour positivity, light, confidence and empowerment into you through my yoga classes, you truly leave feeling like a warrior. I’m also well versed and with extra education in Anatomy and the biomechanics of movement, so I can address and solve for you the common pain points and struggles giving you a safer more holistically beneficial yoga practice, preventing injuries and helping you to develop and progress safely in a way that will give your practice and joint longevity and vitality.

What is the most extraordinary thing about PM?
Dahlia Gledhill: The people make Porto extraordinary, a community of people all helping each other and cheering each other on is what I’ve experienced, that and the 360 degree views make it a pretty hard place to beat.
What is your favourite part of PM (favourite place, activity, time of day)?
Dahlia Gledhill: So difficult because it changes week to week, I love walking around Porto stopping at One for breakfast and coffee, crush in the evening for drinks, gathering with friends at the clubhouse, indulging in cake from the regent and spectacular sunsets every night. I can’t choose one thing. I am exuberantly in love with this town.

What types of people do you meet at Porto?
Dahlia Gledhill: GREAT PEOPLE…You meet all types of people in Porto. It’s 1 of my 101 favorite things about Porto. You can find yourself at table with a CEO, A teacher, a Civil servant and stay at home mum and everyone will enjoy conversation, respect each others opinions etc. I feel like there is not so much of a class divide in Porto or Montenegro in general.

What do you do in your time off?
Dahlia Gledhill: I love to go for hikes, chill at the beach, spend time with some of the beautiful community here, and travel to different areas to explore.

How has Porto Montenegro changed as a result of Covid?
Dahlia Gledhill: I wasn’t really here before so it’s hard for me to tell.

What are the benefits of living in PM during a pandemic?
Dahlia Gledhill: It was so nice to be in a small town that’s so beautiful, even when everything closed, I still loved to walk around Porto. When things opened again, even though it was hard times and curfew, people were friendly and smiley and supportive.

How has your business / have your classes had to change as a result of Covid?
Dahlia Gledhill: I’ve had a lot more people interested in one toone classes, to avoid group situations, but since we started outdoor classes people aren’t as concerned about covid so it’s been lovely to meet in a group safely and enjoy the outdoors and practice together. I also started my online community because of covid and that is international so it’s great to be able to stay connected to clients who leave Porto but still enjoy practicing yoga with me.

For people facing lockdown or self-isolation, what are your thoughts on how to maintain fitness and wellbeing at home?
Dahlia Gledhill: As I mentioned I have an online community so people can stay connected to the practice with me there, Il always keep that going so if people feel safer practicing from home, they have a great option there too.

How do you see the world post-lockdown? Do you think health and wellbeing will become everyone’s priority? Does living in PM support this shift?
Dahlia Gledhill: I do see I big focus on health and wellness, and I’m so excited. People have really had time to reflect on how important their health is and by keep regular fitness routine, you keep a healthier body and mind, the pandemic taught us the importance of the connection of a healthy body and mind. So I’m excited to see how we evolve into this new era for humanity.

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