KSI Testemonials

Knightsbridge Schools International Montenegro is an international day school and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3-18 years. It is the only IB World School in Montenegro. The School belongs to a global network of international schools united through a shared ethos and curriculum, with all of the KSI community and you can learn all about them HERE.

To learn more about the experience of children attending KSI Montenegro, we spoke directly to a few parents to give you a fresh perspective.

Brad (United States) Year 9 Parent

KSIM parent since 2016

Our family does not have employment or relatives in Montenegro; we are here entirely by our own choice, and KSIM was an important component of our choice to make Montenegro our home.  Before moving to Montenegro, our son–who was just 10, had already attended five different schools on three different continents in four languages.  That odyssey taught us what was important for us in a school. If you believe there are better ways to prepare your children for the future than the methods employed when we were young, KSIM could be a good fit.  KSIM is a progressive, modern, International Baccalaureate school. His teachers understand who he is and how he learns, and they take that into account as they teach him.  His teachers have always been available to discuss any concerns we have had. Likewise, the KSIM administration is open-minded and practical about how to best prepare children for life on their own. KSIM is growing, but the school remains committed to small class sizes.  There will always be areas that can be improved, but one of the great things about KSIM is that it gets better every year.  For us, KSIM has become more than just a school; it is a community.  We are all different, and we celebrate that.  In short, we are proud members of the KSIM community and we look forward to welcoming new families into it.

Audrey (British & French), Year 8 and Year 11 Parent

KSI parent since 2015

Our two children have been attending KSI Montenegro since 2015 and still love it. KSI Montenegro has a combination of everything that pleases both students and parents. Our choice was mainly supported by the fact that the school was offering the IB curriculum re-known in all education systems in Europe and overseas. The local and international staff and teachers all value the IB program and know how to pass it on to our children in a very caring way. The newly renovated facilities including an indoor gymnasium, a science lab, 2 libraries and a computer room was also a plus and we strongly believe that a good learning environment helps children grow better. Finally, the central location of the school in Tivat near the biggest park in town really makes a big difference. Children can benefit from a safe and clean environment at their doorstep. We feel very privileged to be members of the KSI community and being able to count on a good school for the children will definitely motivate our staying longer in the area.

Laura (British & Australian) Year 3 and Year 6 Parent

KSI parent since 2014

My husband and I have two children in KSI Montenegro. We are very happy with the IB curriculum. We feel the enquiry based way of learning and focus on creativity and individuality sets them up well for the future. We like the fact that the school is not too big, so older kids play with younger kids and that, as well as the friendships between all the International parents, create a real sense of family and community. We feel heard as parents and our opinions, ideas and feedback are appreciated. But most importantly, our children are very happy and therefore learning lots and doing well.

Darren (United States) Year 2 and Year 8 Parent

KSI parent since 2015

Our oldest daughter is in her sixth year at KSI Montenegro and our youngest in her third year. We can state without a doubt that KSI continues to be the deciding factor in our choice of living in Montenegro.  KSI provides a safe, world-class educational journey for our children set in a multicultural nurturing community. Our children’s intellectual, cultural, and emotional horizons expand daily as they navigate childhood development. They play, learn, and build relationships in three different languages, which provides them with unique perspectives on global challenges in the 21st century. I can’t imagine a better environment for our children.

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