Luxury services – redefining luxury hospitality abroad

Over time we managed to get an impression that the word luxury has been overused. Furthermore, it has been overused in a manner that it started sounding as if its some worn out phrase, completely stripped off its charm. The fact that makes the evaluation of the term “luxury service” even more confusing is that there is no defined standard, the one that, for example, really sets apart a palace from a hotel.

Of course, you have a star rank, with hotels meeting that kind of standard being deemed as the most luxurious, but are they really? Is it enough to have a world renowned decorator plus interior designer, create the most stunning, luxury space for the guest, furnished with all the state of the art gadgets? 

We believe it isn’t. In fact, we believe that great service comes not last, not in the middle, but first and perfectly balanced with surroundings. You might notice that we said “great” not “good” luxury service, the kind you can expect in our beautiful resort of Porto Montenegro and the kind of difference we are more than happy to discuss further, in the text below. 

Luxury services boast a new dimension in hospitality

Luxury services are the kind of service that represent the combination between product and service that gives the first impression. What mainly distinguishes luxury service apart from the regular service in hospitality, is the sheer fact that luxury service is sincere, bespoke, and tailored in accordance with every client’s needs. 

What also draws a line between luxury service and regular one is – tact. This is an important component, the kind that makes guests feel at ease under any circumstances, regardless of where they’re staying, because the surroundings are the product, and yet luxury service is something else entirely. 

Some time in the past, “the product”, or the luxury hotel or any other kind of luxury accommodation were the main contributor of service. It was a factor that makes or breaks the whole impression. Today, in a material sense of the word it is less important than it used to be. 

Today people own fantastic homes, and often in plural, with latest exterior and interior design combination, tech savvy, with their own personnel and staff, so they can not get particularly wowed by the existence of an infinity pool, butler or some new gadgets. It’s not new to them. But, what they can certainly get wowed by is luxury service. 

The midway conclusion is that luxury service not only anticipates clients’ needs, but also flexibility to meet any special requests and create alternatives that make sure to satisfy the expectations of guests, even if that means to push boundaries to make it happen. 

Luxury service is expected to be high-tech

Yes it is, especially in this day and age. In fact, today technology represents a basic functional requirement, but we have to emphasize that it isn’t always appreciated by all the guests. Certain quests like for to have a more personal connection with the space surrounding them, which is why they often ask for iPads and smart screens to be removed. 

Now, for those who don’t need an old-fashioned, more personal approach to information, some pioneers of luxury service have brought all of their IT development in-house. This way they don’t depend on outside contractors and they can react much quicker if any problem occurs, which creates an overall better user experience.

Luxury services are also about standard facilities

Luxury hospitality makes you fall in love with luxury travel

We’ve established by now that luxury service is not about what you can touch, but what you can feel. It creates an emotional connection with the luxury travel guests, which is precisely what separates a good service from great service. It’s not about the exterior or interior of the building, it’s not about the pools, spa or other facilities – it’s about the ultimate luxury experience provided by the ultimate luxury service.

Luxury service in hospitality, especially concerning luxury travel is defined by a human element, the touch that makes the guest feel welcome and at home, an objective that builds and binds loyalty. This is the kind of connection that starts even before the guest is picked up at the airport and driven to the destination. It’s a bond that forms the moment the guest rings the hotel for the first time and engages in details of their accommodation. 

Luxury niche services invoke the “home-away-from-home” feeling

Luxury travelers of today usually own a few beautiful homes around the world, which is one of the main reasons they are not fascinated by the interior and overall beauty of the accommodation they are staying at. It goes without saying that every luxury accommodation is precisely that – lavish and beautiful, but if you already have that at home, does it really make a difference?

No, it doesn’t, but a homey feeling while being thousands of kilometres away from your actual home – does. This means that creating that feeling involves artifacts the least, and staff the most. Recognition, familiarity, personal details, the quality and uniqueness of service come set the foundation for the homey experience, perfectly combined with environment, gorgeous furnishings and interior. 

When done right, when it’s genuine and authentic, this combination alone creates a guest experience that is unique to the brand, which in turn generates loyalty that is one of the key pillars of the luxury hospitality today – something our beautiful Porto Montenegro marina prides itself with.

High end concierge service is the only acceptable service

Speaking of luxury services, luxury concierge is an embodiment of it all and your best friend. Exclusive concierge service is precisely what you need while you’re on a vacation filled with opportunities, because a concierge does it all – they organize trips for you, such as yacht charters, make elite restaurant reservations or provide you access to special events. 

Today, a high end concierge service is invaluable, and it extends even further in luxury hospitality. Exclusive concierge is a highly skilled member of staff, the one person you go to when you need taking care of some essential and time consuming tasks. Also, one of their main features is the extensive network of people they’re surrounded with, allowing you to get access to exclusive events or lavish experiences.

Benefits of having a luxury concierge at your disposal

Whether you’re staying in a luxury accommodation for work, pleasure or both, a high end concierge service can infinitely make your life easier. There are a few main reasons why would you want and need one: 

  • A concierge can save you precious time
  • A concierge can get you access to the most exclusive private events
  • A concierge can outsource all time-consuming and repetitive tasks that are a nuisance to you. 

A luxury concierge is service something you need when you are always on the go, always connected, and in a constant need for a valuable resource able to help you organize your time or responsibilities – a well trained concierge can do it all and much more if necessary. 

With the help of a luxury concierge you can tailor your holiday exactly as you imagined it, in the same time generating all the right resources and services for your personal needs, or the requirements of your business. A high end concierge service provides you with a worry and hassle free lifestyle wherever you go.

Porto Montenegro - an epitome of luxury service in Montenegro

Our resort epitomizes everything we just covered about luxury services – the importance of personalization, that goes beyond standard, the genuine emotional connection with the guests, the thoughtful details – all of that plus a concierge service. The luxury segment of Porto Montenegro rentals is truly about engaging the guests into creating memorable experiences through customized and high-end luxury service. 

The embodiment of luxury hospitality is a high end concierge service that covers restaurant bookings, home food deliveries, butler services, VIP shopping experience or free day passes to any of our exclusive clubs. Precisely a kind of experience you will actively participate in, available to you when first berthing in our marina, or checking-in our luxury residences. 

The product of Porto Montenegro really is the basis of everything – what we have and how we deliver it, with all of it constituting unique luxury service that really touches the hearts and emotions of our clientele.

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