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Meet the Valentino brand history – origins of luxurious fashion oasis

Valentino brand history started in the second half of the last century, and until then has been doing what is Valentino known for –  only the best.

In the vivid world of fashion, where hard work, great talent, and extraordinary imagination are highly valued, one name truly stands out from the rest. It is the name of Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, worldwide simply known as Valentino – an Italian fashion designer and owner of the Valentino brand.

His remarkable creations made a huge impact on women and men from all over the world, especially on those who enjoy high-quality, luxurious materials, and designs. Valentino has a very unique jet-set chic style of clothing design that represents the combination of innovation and tradition.

Even if you are not a high-couture fashion enthusiast, you probably know what is Valentino brand is known for.

The brand is best known for its’ Valentino red color, the so-called “Valentino rosso”, in the Italian language. Besides that specific red, this brand is very much loved for its’ beautiful lace, silk chiffon, white pleats, animal prints, and feminine details on clothing, such as beading in pearls, intricate embroidery, and ruffles.

This is the story of a fashion icon and his luxurious fashion brand that continues to set world fashion standards. So, continue to read and find out everything about Valentino brand history, its origins, and familiarize more with what is Valentino known for – authentic and innovative design and mesmerizing creations.

Valentino brand origin – a great path of one man to major success

As with many high-couture fashion brands, the Valentino history and brand origin started as a one-man show. Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani was born in Voghera, a small town settled in the Italian region Lombardy, in the year 1932. Since he was a little boy he was interested in both fashion and art, which, in later years, led him to study fashion sketching at Santa Maria Institute in Milan.

After attending the Berlitz French course, he went to Paris to study fashion at the École des Beaux-Arts in 1949, which helped him to broaden his horizons and express his creativity in the best possible way.

Thanks to the prize he won in one fashion competition in Paris, he got a job at the French couture house of Jean Dessès. In the year of 1957, he started working for Guy Laroche, the former illustrator at Dessès, who decided to set up his own fashion house.


Valentino history – how it all began in the late 50s

In the year of 1959, the creator of the Valentino brand came back to Rome to organize the presentation of his very first collection of Valentino clothing in his own saloon, which exuded glamour and luxury alike to French fashion lovers. His great work was spotted by the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor who was one of his first VIP clients and admirers. That was the first indication of the bright beginning of the history of the Valentino brand.

His international career began in 1962 in Florence, where he gained another significant client and friend, Jacqueline Kennedy, the first lady of the United States of America.

During the seventies, Valentino was working in New York City, where he was spotted by the famous Andy Warhol and Diana Vreeland, editors in chief of Vogue at the time. In 1990, Valentino established the “Academia Valentino” a cultural spot in Rome, opened for art exhibitions.

After 8 years, in 1998, the company was sold to the head of Fiat, Gianni Agnelli, and HdP conglomerate from Italy. Valentino retired in 2008, leaving to the world his beautiful fashion masterpieces.

Valentino brand history – interesting facts about the famous fashion house

When it comes to Valentino history, the brand was founded in 1960 in Rome, by Valentino Garavani himself. The brand and all of the Valentino clothing are known for their remarkable style but especially, for the unique “Valentino red” color.

Valentino clothing is very popular among a huge amount of famous people. He designed wedding dresses for Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Jennifer Lopez, Sophie Hunter, Anne Hathaway, Courtney Cox, and many more.

Valentino brand is among the most successful and fastest-growing fashion companies in the world. Between the years 2013 and 2019, this fashion house increased sales by more than 1 billion dollars, representing a 134% growth on a reported basis.

Today, the Italian fashion house Valentino is owned by the Qatari royal family who bought it for the incredible 700 million euros. This fashion brand is one of the most famous and popular brands not just in Italy, but also worldwide.

Valentino logo history – simple yet elegant

Valentino logo history is simple because it hasn’t changed a lot throughout time. The first version of the Valentino logo contained the founder’s second name, “Garavani,” and when it comes to Valentino logo history, it begins with this version in 1960. In 1979 Valentino’s logo changed, and it is the same until this day.

The new logo does not contain the founder’s second name, and it has a slightly different font than the previous one. Besides this logo, the company often uses the stylized letter “V” symbol extended to an open ellipse around the letter itself.

The Valentino logo is simple and stylish and represents timeless elegance what is Valentino known for from the beginning. It perfectly describes the Valentino brand and its work.

Female clutch

Valentino clothing – the answer to the question of what is Valentino known for worldwide

Besides the famous “Valentino rosso” color, said to be made of a combination of 100% of magenta and yellow, and 10% of black, what is Valentino known for worldwide is its clothing and design. Here’s a deeper look into Valentino clothing, such as Valentino bags, Valentino shoes, dresses, and scarves, and why it has become so popular over the years.

Valentino bags – luxurious look and rich colors of Valentino brand

Valentino bags are known for their extreme elegance, luxurious look, and rich colors. There is an impressive range of various Valentino bags which can be used on many occasions and in many different outfits.

You can choose between models such as a small crossbody bag, tote bags, clutches, shoulder and bucket bags, and many more including male backpacks and travel bags. They are usually made of calfskin.

Valentino shoes – unique and fashionable is what is Valentino known for

Valentino shoes are those unique, fashionable items one simply must adore for their glamorous look. They are made for men and women, with high-quality materials, usually in natural calfskin.

If you are a woman, you’d adore luxurious Valentino high heels, sandals, mules, ankle, and combat boots, ornamented with a special logo signature. Men’s collections include boots, lace-ups and loafers, sneakers, and sandals for all kinds of occasions.

Valentino dresses – vivid colors, prints, and forms

The most famous Valentino dresses in history are made in the unique Valentino red color, the symbol of the Valentino brand. Besides that particular color, the assortment is rich in numerous, vivid colors, prints, and forms of beautiful Valentino dresses.

Whether you are a fan of long, short, midi dresses, authentic prints, designs, or classic one-color pieces, the Valentino brand has a huge offer for any of taste. Choose between crepe couture, printed twill, heavy lace, pleated Valentino dresses with or without logo signature print, suited to your taste.


Valentino scarfs and perfumes – the most loveable items of the Valentino brand

It is hardly imaginable wearing an elegant suit or dress without embellishing it with one of Valentino scarfs or scents. Their beautiful, light aromas and unique designs make them one of the most loveable items of the Valentino brand. When it comes to Valentino perfumes, some of the most popular among them are Valentino Uomo Intense made for men, and Valentino Donna, for women.

Valentino brand in Porto Montenegro

Valentino brand has fashion stores all around the world, including our beautiful vacationland. If you happened to be spending your summer vacation in Porto Montenegro, you can shop some of your favorite pieces of Valentino clothing in a specialized store near our beautiful marina.

Enjoy your shopping to the fullest and don’t forget to have fun while trying on some of the high fashion items ever created!

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