Moncler brand – the history of the popular fashion giant

Moncler brand is a symbol of winter adventures and high-quality ski jackets and equipment. The Moncler brand is one of the rare luxury, specialized brands with the tradition longer than half a century.

The company started its history in the ‘50s, with the production of equipment for mountain adventures, and products such as sleeping bags, tents, and a single model of the hooded cape. The Moncler brand name is inspired by the name of the alpine village Monestier-de-Clermont, a small mountain settlement in France.

Even though Monclare’s outwears and ski equipment have been known for its high-quality products since its beginning, it was the famous French mountaineer Lionel Terray, who recognized the potential of this brand and have chosen Moncler’s, now well-known, Moncler down-padded jacket for his next expedition.

From that moment everything has gone with the ascending path for the Moncler brand, resulting in today’s world-wide popularity and recognizable quality. Moncler ski wear and outerwear are made in respect of nature, outdoor living, and skiing enthusiasts. Continue to read and get to know the interesting history of the popular fashion giant.


Moncler brand origins – establishing a fashion giant

Moncler’s story begins with a not so bright period of history – the Second World War. By the time, France had been occupied and only a small number of people could participate in activities such as mountain adventures.

Andre Vincent and Rene Ramilliom had been friends since the occupation, and together they were a part of the organization “Chantiers de jeunesse”  through which they could participate in organizing mountain activities and sports. After the war, these two friends came to the idea to open a shop for sporting goods.

This period had been economically difficult for most people, who were craving free movement and travel, but couldn’t afford it. This was a time when low-cost options for adventures became popular and especially camping. At that time, there was a high demand for equipment for the mountain experience, so the friend duo started the production of tents and sports gear.

Within the economical and social constellation, the first year of operation was difficult. The company has to face instability in the market and rely upon local customers.

Moncler pour Lionel Terray

However, at the same time, on the other side, Lionel Terray climbed his way up to a world-renowned mountaineer. Lionel Terray was a French climber who made many first ascents, including Makalu in the Himalaya and Cerro Fitz Roy in the Patagonian Andes, and circumstantial – was also a friend of Andre Vincent and Rene Ramilliom.

Lionel Terray became interested particularly in one of their products – a duck down-filled jacket. The jacket was initially made for workers who had to work under low temperatures, but came out as surprisingly warm and very comfortable while being active.

The duo invited Lionel Terray as a consultant and technical support on creating a new brand signature garment – the Moncler jacket. The production of a line named “Moncler pour Lionel Terray” involved various camping items  such as sleeping bags, protective gloves, shoes, tents, equipment for mountain climbing, etc.

Model girl

Moncler jackets – the outwear worthy of K2 expedition

There is no bigger achievement for an outwear brand than being chosen for the most difficult expedition on the planet – an expedition to K2. Moncler brand had this honor to equip the pioneering Italian expedition to K2, which later became famous as the first team in history to reach the top.

After that, Moncler brand reputation was growing and Moncler jackets and equipment were known as ideal for tough expeditions.

The company was asked to supply the French expedition team for their climb to the world’s fifth-highest peak – the summit of Mount Makalu, and their popularity intensified even more.

In the sixties Moncler continued to actively collaborate with Lionel Terray, supplying expeditions to Alaska organized by him.


Moncler brand identity – long tradition of high-quality

Moncler brand identity relies on tradition, heritage, friendship, integrity, and innovation. Moncler brand is an authentic company that creates outwear suitable for everyday wear as well as for the extreme weather conditions on the highest peaks in the world.

In 2014 Moncler provided apparel and equipment to the K2 – 60 Years Later expedition, celebrating the first conquest of the peak six decades on.

As from 2003. Italian billionaire Remo Ruffini is the CEO and part-owner of Moncler. Since then he has been on a mission to modernize the brand by launching luxury ski jackets and activewear, as well as making new collaborations with some of the most known names in the high fashion industry.

Ruffini introduced a new innovative line Moncler Genius, which is a project made in collaborations with some of the most established names, such as Pierpaolo Piccioli – Valentino’s creative director, Richard Quinn, Craig Green, and many more.

From its establishment until today, buying something from the Moncler brand guarantees you that you will be offered a high resistance garment and protection against even the harshest climates while being trendy and modern.

Moncler brand logo

The Moncler logo is instantly recognizable and consists of two capital letters “M”, in a simple coloring palette imitating the national colors of France – blue and red. Behind the capitals, there is an outlined rooster, which is an unofficial national symbol of France.

The brand started using it as an emblem in the 1960s after it became an official supplier of the French Olympic ski team. The Moncler coloring reflects the French flag’s tricolor — blue, white, and red. This color palette symbolizes power, authority, passion, and loyalty.

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