Adriatic sea reef in Montenegro

How to move to Montenegro & why it is a good idea to relocate your business here

Are you one of those people who doesn’t wish to stay in one place forever? If so, you should start considering countries that fit your lifestyle, professional needs, and fulfil everything you ever wanted from your daily life. 

Albert Einstein once said: “Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Entrepreneurs consider new opportunities for business development every year and a change of residence generally seems to be the most promising path. Relocating is a big risk that raises the stakes for business development and in most cases proves to be a very successful move.

You are probably already thinking about several potential locations for living, and Montenegro has jumped to the top of the list. 

But, how to know if you are making a good choice? 

You can always toss a coin and indulge in the finger of fate, but the most thoughtful way to choose a place to live is to research what it would be like to live there before you move.

This article will offer you advice on how to move to Montenegro and why it is good to relocate your business here.

Bird view of Montenegro coast

Ways to get a residence permit

You may like Montenegro for its Mediterranean climate, coastal atmosphere, cultural heritage, or favourable tax system. But first, let’s look at how you can obtain permanent residence in Montenegro.

Job: Start working for a Montenegrin company. You can obtain a permanent or temporary residence permit as long as you work there. However, this may not be the most ideal solution if you have your own business to relocate to Montenegro.

Studies: Do you want to go back to school or continue your studies? If you decide to study in Montenegro, you will automatically obtain a residence permit.

Marriage: Another way to obtain citizenship is to marry a Montenegrin. This might be the most challenging way because it’s not something you can sign up for.

The documentation needed to apply for citizenship is pretty standard. We already talked about that in this blog post, so feel free to read to find out more.

Valid passport, diploma, a certificate that you have not been criminally convicted, birth and marriage certificate, certificate of ownership of property, etc. Our advice is to hire a lawyer and an interpreter because of Montenegrin law and the language barrier. 

The demand for Montenegrin passports’ is growing constantly, which testifies how easy it is to fall in love with this Mediterranean country. For that reason, a Citizenship by investment program was created and it is the best way to relocate your business to Montenegro. Why has this program become so popular in a short period?

Montenegrin Citizenship by investment program

One of this program’s main goals is to stimulate investment, the local economy, and regulate a safe investment environment. In return, investors receive visa-free access to 124 countries

The Montenegrin passport is ranked 34 for global mobility, mainly because it’s a part of the European Monetary Union, NATO Alliance, OSCE, and WTO. This country is an official EU candidate with planned accession by 2025. 

So with investment in Montenegro, you invest in your future. 

It is important to know that only 2,000 citizenship applications are available, and the race is on for investors to take advantage of this limited-time opportunity, with the close of the Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment programme scheduled for the end of 2021 Successful candidates obtain full citizenship within six months

And the best part? 

You do not need to learn the language, nor do you have an obligation to move. Communication is not a considerable problem because English is a second language in Montenegro and the programme offers complete flexibility to manage your relocation plan in a way that suits you, undoubtedly the best advantage of the Citizenship by Investment Program.

Marina Montenegro

Move to Montenegro - why relocate your business here?

Many people choose Montenegro to relocate their business. Here’s why

  • Low-income tax rate 
  • The easy business start-up process 
  • Supportive foreign direct investment strategies.

According to the World Bank, Montenegro ranks pretty well in new business registration, above the European and Central Asian averages. The number of foreign companies interested in doing business in Montenegro is constantly growing, thanks to the low-profit tax.

For example, there is no share capital imposed when opening a Montenegro representative office. This usually refers to the financial sector in which equity is an integral part of the business.

Nevertheless, the costs associated with opening a Montenegro branch depend on the company’s size, the lease space, and the capital it injects into the company.

Where to live in Montenegro? 

Moving to Montenegro is just a first step, but you will also need a place to live. 

Montenegro is called a “pearl of the Mediterranean,” and for a good reason: It represents an excellent mix of the best from Balkan and European culture. Wherever you drop your anchor, you won’t make a mistake. 

However, below we have listed 2 places that stand out due to their lifestyle offering. They provide everything that the majority of people want from one city. So, where to live in Montenegro?

Coastal city view

Porto Montenegro - luxury waterfront residences

Located in the heart of the Bay of Kotor, Porto Montenegro is a waterfront paradise built with key fundamental values at its core. The luxury experience of living in Porto Montenegro includes asset management teams available 24/7, a calendar of events, high-quality education for children, and an abundance of social and sports activities.

In Porto Montenegro shopping village, you can find products under the label of Gucci, Dior, Victoria Beckham, and many other luxurious brands in over 85 retail units

The award winning world-class superyacht marina (with 450-berths) offers the opportunity to travel easily along the Mediterranean coast, and Tivat Airport is only 4 km from your new home.

The yachting club consists of a sports club and fitness center, tennis club, outdoor pool, private lounge and nightclub, restaurants and bars. In short, everything you need to enjoy your day and night life.

By buying a residence in Porto Montenegro, you are purchasing a luxurious way of life for yourself and your family alongside a ticket to the entire Mediterranean and Europe, in what can only be called a life less ordinary.

Budva – the heart of Montenegrin tourism

The city walls around Budva have preserved its history for centuries. This should not be surprising considering that Budva is about 2,500 years old, making it almost the oldest city on the Adriatic coast. It has a typical Mediterranean climate – with long, hot summers and mild, winters.

One of the most popular destinations for both travellers and citizens, Budva has been a tourist epicenter since the very start of Montenegro’s tourism.

Every year, 650,000 tourists visit this city, making up the entire country’s total population. Budva is visited by about 45% of all Montenegrin tourists.

So if you decide to live in Budva, be prepared for a little more crowds during the summer season.

What life in Montenegro looks like?

Montenegro is a mosaic of mountains, islands, and coastal cities. Imagine it illuminated by the Montenegrin morning sun, the entire landscape is reminiscent of a work of art.

If you love to breathe in the salty sea air, cruise over the azure Adriatic Sea, and eat Mediterranean gastronomy specialties on the coast, Montenegro is the place to be.

Do you consider yourself a coffeeholic? 

Drinking coffee every day is a social ritual in the Balkans, and Montenegro is not an exception. Whether in cafes or at home, the atmosphere exudes a relaxed way of life on the seashore. 

New attractions are waiting to be discovered just behind the next reef. As we have already mentioned in the text above, Montenegro is a paradise for lovers of various sea sports and yacht cruises. 

For a complete experience, bring a diving suit and explore the Adriatic Sea’s sea depths. You can discover the remains of ships after the shipwreck, from one of the many turbulent periods of Montenegrin history.

Moving to Montenegro grants access to a life less ordinary, filled with never-ending adventures and Porto Montenegro is the right place to set sail from.

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