Sustainable living in a luxurious setting - places in Europe for an eco-conscious lifestyle

There are probably no more popular topics today than those regarding sustainability

Indeed, we are witnessing the rapid changes on our planet as we speak. Unfortunately, many of the prognoses made by climate experts are not very optimistic, which is why they call for immediate action.

As a company, we have acknowledged the urgency to address the problem of environmental issues and introduce several changes in our praxis. That is why we have been implementing green initiatives for years now and became one of the most sustainable destinations in Montenegro and probably this part of Europe.

Our work speaks for itself, but we also want to familiarize our valued readers, clients, and supporters with the concept of a sustainable lifestyle and encourage them to, for a start, adopt some simple habits which will help them to improve towards more sustainable living. 

We will show you how to live an eco-friendly life without withdrawing from the comfort and convenience you used to. Continue reading and find out how to achieve the harmony between luxury and sustainability, and the best place in Europe to do so.

Boat on the Adriatic sea

Sustainable living and lifestyle - how can we define it?

Even though some of the first associations of eco-conscious lifestyle are the off-grid individuals who live in the mountains and woods, that is, of course, not the only option for a sustainable lifestyle. Most people who are new to the concept of sustainable living are surprised by how many things we can call an eco-friendly initiative.

Did you know that deleting your excess email is considered an eco-friendly praxis? We bet you didn’t!

Deleting excess emails is the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint and save a lot of energy! According to some sources, if every person deleted ten spam emails, the world could save about 1,725,00 gigabytes of storage space and 55,2 million kilowatts of power. 

Maybe you already zealously clean your inbox, and you didn’t know that you have a sustainable practice! From this example, we can learn how broad sustainability can be defined and, at the same time, goes to the tiny pores of our lives. So, if you are thinking about a sustainable lifestyle as an off-grid living – you are not wrong; it is a way of sustainable living. 

However, deleting your emails, using a tote bag instead of plastic ones, and walking instead of driving is also a sustainable way of living.

Sustainable living environment - what defines the eco-friendly surrounding

That being said, we can conclude that a sustainable living environment is there where eco-conscious people live. It is not necessarily the top of the mountain; it is often a metropolis that adjusts and learns to live in harmony with nature once again.

What defines the eco-friendly surrounding are its residents.

For so many years, unfortunately, humans were very exploitative and harsh on nature. Today, we have to learn the hard way that the key is not to tame the planet but to live following its rules. New initiatives concerning environmental issues are precisely focused on upgrading the contemporary civilization praxis to be more sustainable rather than radical.

This approach is the best way to familiarize broad masses of people with the idea of sustainability in daily life and not scaring them off. The idea is not to try to change the way of living overnight but to offer acceptable alternatives. So instead of asking people to give up on their cars, it is more practical to provide them with electric vehicles.

Solar panels and renewable energy sources are already in use in developed countries, and biodegradable materials replace plastics. Therefore, a sustainable living environment is the surrounding that offers eco-friendly alternatives, whether it is a metropolis, small city, or village.

green home plants near window

Do you have to give up the luxury to stay sustainable? 

From all of the above, the answer to the question of whether you have to give up the luxury to stay sustainable is self-explanatory. There is no need to give up your comfort to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Instead of that, you can try to improve your habits and support business with the same intentions.

beautiful panorama view of porto montenegro

Montenegro - a place in Europe ideal for an eco-conscious lifestyle 

Interested in moving to Europe but also care for the environment? 

There should be no surprise that it will be much easier to live following the sustainability principles in some parts of the world than others. There are many reasons for it – the more developed countries have better legislations and organizations to provide an ecological standard. 

On the other hand, small countries like Montenegro offer their citizens opportunities to follow sustainability in daily life.

Wondering why?

Cities in Montenegro are smaller by size, which allows its residents to go everywhere they want by foot or bicycle. This is, of course, recommended for both health and environmental reasons. In addition, the Mediterranean climate in Montenegro is very suitable for renewable power resources such as solar energy. 

Here, local businesses are valued, and climate, rich biodiversity, nature, and a clean environment are excellent preconditions for the development of organic agriculture. According to a sustainable lifestyle, fresh, locally produced products and food are widely used in Montenegro cuisine and restaurants.

Porto Montenegro - where luxury and eco-consciousness are in harmony

Porto Montenegro is a unique spot not only in Montenegro but in Europe as well. Indeed, a small number of places in the world can pride themself on a perfectly balanced healthy environment, luxurious setting, and opportunity to live an eco-conscious lifestyle. 

Porto Montenegro started its history as a prestigious Marina on the Adriatic, which outgrew into the nautical village that gives various possibilities to its residents. Part of Porto Montenegro’s philosophy is building a community of like-minded people who can together live in harmony and appreciation of nature and life.

Visitors and residents of this luxurious nautical village are people who prize the wellness & healthy lifestyle, enjoy watersports, and, of course, live in synchronicity with nature and care for the environment. Therefore,  in 2021. Porto Montenegro organized Planet Earth Appreciation Week, intending to take its part in confronting environmental issues.

As a premium stared Marina, we care about preserving Marine life & water resources in Montenegro and improving our practices according to standards every year. Therefore, we invest in the Seabin for cleaner marina waters and partner with the local Institute of Marine Biology to better care for black and gray waters. 

This is only the beginning of our journey in confronting environmental issues. We are more than happy that our residents and visitors can also take their part and contribute to our joint efforts. Boka Place is a new urban quarter in Porto Montenegro built with conviviality and wellness as its core.  

Knowing that wellness is a holistic concept, it is in direct connection with environmental questions and living by nature. Therefore, Boka Place should be your European place of choice for an eco-conscious lifestyle, where you can enjoy all of the comforts of luxurious life and still be in synchronicity with the Planet.

The true goal of wellness is finding an inner piece, and that is only possible if oneself and your surroundings are in harmony. Therefore, we are inviting you to experience complete peacefulness and tranquility of mind here at Porto Montenegro.

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