Coctail in the bar

Portonian profile: Milan Josipovic

Meet Milan Josipovic, the Manager of the ultra-bar lounge and nightclub, Latitude 42. As a previous world-class cocktail-making champion, Milan has combined his passion, skills, and expertise to lead Latitude 42 into becoming the ultimate cocktail hotspot.
The popularity of Milan’s unique concoctions skyrocketed amongst guests last summer, and this year he has even bigger plans, one of those being his weekly Masterclasses.
Question: What are the most exciting things to come for Latitude 42 this season?
Milan: ‘The most exciting thing for L42 this season is our brand new top-of-the-line cocktail recipes and upcoming creative theme nights. I strongly believe that the guests will have an amazing time enjoying our unique menu and the fabulous atmosphere at our amazing location this year.’
Q: What is your go-to cocktail of choice?
M: ‘My go-to cocktail has to be a Negroni because of its great history, strength, and amazing taste.’
Q: What tips would you give to people who want to start making cocktails from home?
M: ‘Start with stirring cocktails like Negroni, Old Fashioned, and try to release your imagination. Play around with taste to find what you like and have fun with it. Surprise your friends and have them try them to see what they think.’
Milan has recently introduced the Mixology Masterclass on Mondays! In the Masterclasses, Milan will share his expertise on the art of cocktail making. Teaching you how to recreate your favorite recipes and how to create Latitude42’s popular signature concepts and much more.

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