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Property Market in Montenegro - Find Out the Latest Real Estate Trends

Ahead of the curve for a country of its size, the property market in Montenegro has been seen as a stable investment for years, especially with the long-awaited launch of the Citizenship by Investment Program in 2019. This government-approved scheme was introduced to allow foreign citizens to obtain a Montenegrin passport and citizenship by investment, ie. by purchasing a property and donating to a government development fund.  

This initiative by the Montenegrin government re-established its focus on prioritizing investing and tourism sectors, which it has been striving for since the declaration of independence.

Over the past year, we have observed an unprecedented change following the global pandemic which has tremendously affected what we considered to be solid business and real estate trends. However, the property market in Montenegro once again proved its reputation of steady growth, following its successful response to the new demands of buyers.

Read our points below to find out more about these new real estate trends, why the property market in Montenegro still offers great investment-opportunities, and why investing in real estate at Porto Montenegro is the best way to safeguard your wealth!

#1 Redefining luxury -  spaciousness as an advantage in the latest real estate trends

In previous years, increased demand for more livable space has been noticed. Due to the pandemic, many people have begun to realize the importance of having a commodious living space. Therefore, housing with courts or outdoor spaces attached to the property suddenly became a synonym for luxury, since it provided a safety net to many, whenever they desired unlimited freedom.

This trend, however, is not likely to be temporary – even after the pandemic passes, people have acknowledged the value of personal space. With this in mind, we can be certain that the new post-pandemic opulence will be defined through easy access to our own personal spaces. 

Having both is possible - on the property market in Montenegro

Not only does Montenegro offer a stunning natural environment, but it also allows residents to have both advantages of luxurious housing and open living spaces. Searching for the perfect luxury real estate investment with both of these factors can be complicated and this is where the Montenegrin property market enters the scene. Porto Montenegro gives buyers assurance that their investment in its properties remains safe and secure whilst also promising the desired open living and outdoor spaces now desired during and post-Covid.

Porto Montenegro residences are situated between the iconic Bay of Kotor and dramatic mountains beyond, their unique position promises a range of astonishing views from extensive terraces. The apartments boast high ceilings and retractable glass doors that maximize natural light and give the feeling of being outdoors all the time.  

If you’re looking for more space when choosing your next real estate investment, Porto Montenegro’s Elena Residences is certainly a fantastic option worth exploring

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#2 Outdoor amenities - an essential variable in the new buyer equation 

The latest real estate inquiries have shown that not only have people realized the importance of capacious living areas, but also shown a renewed interest in outdoor amenities. 

Even before the pandemic, we had begun to see large numbers of people relocating away from major cities on an international scale. One of the reasons behind this shift is due to the fact that more people are now working from home, therefore having no need to be in a city with little to no outdoor spaces. 

With people spending more time at home, and our growing awareness around the importance of our quality of life, outdoor amenities have never been more important! Therefore this latest real estate trend is expected to expand even more in the coming years. Featured amenities like parks, gardening areas, and spaces suitable for group activities will be in even higher demand than before. 

The property market in Montenegro appreciates the importance of quality of life

Buying a property within one of Porto Montenegro’s bespoke waterfront residences or new Boka Place neighborhood allows you not only to enjoy the beautiful view of the environment but also allows you the opportunity to have fun with exclusive homeowner events and excursions! 

The residential village hosts a plethora of leisure activities, not only for adults but children as well! Porto Montenegro’s vast array of activities are designed to cater to all ages and abilities, for example, you can enjoy an extensive program of sports such as archery, golf, aqua gym, and outdoor fitness. 

There is no doubt that the property market in Montenegro has once again shown its potential to satisfy the current needs of real estate buyers and fulfill the ultimate goal of every real estate lifestyle enthusiast.

Setting by the pool

#3 Health as a priority - the need for an environment conducive to general well-being 

People take care of their general well-being and health now more so than ever. The answer to why buying a property in Montenegro is a great idea in terms of health, could be an obvious one. 

The benefits of spending time by the water and mountains are well known to boost our general wellbeing, and this beautiful Mediterranean country has both! Montenegro ranges from high peaks to a coastal plain and its stunning natural resources offer not only incredible tourist potential but an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air within a mild, Mediterranean climate

The tourist potential of this country, not only gives a great guarantee to a stable property market in Montenegro but gives you the opportunity to enjoy its natural beauty throughout the year if you choose it as your temporary residency. 


#4 Defensive investment - The property market in Montenegro has a solution 

Last but not least –  Purchasing property in Montenegro is a great defensive investment! We are all witnessing these unpredictable times, and most investors will be looking for a defensive wealth strategy by redirecting their funds towards safe investments. 

Real estate has always been a safe haven in unpredictable times, and we will agree that there is no better investment than in a property market that has shown stability and even followed trends throughout crises. The property market in Montenegro has proven to be a secure solution for those who want to secure their wealth and tranquillity for the future.

Many of today’s Montenegrin temporary residents first came as tourists, and then, enchanted by the beauty of this Mediterranean jewel, decided to spend their lives here. If you are thinking to buy property in Montenegro, or relocate to this wonderful country, we warmly recommend you to think about investing in property within a luxury residential village and Porto Montenegro’s real estate offering should be your primary choice. 

Located in the UNESCO protected Bay of Kotor, Porto Montenegro residences represent premium real estate coupled with an amazing surrounding that includes a 450-berth marina, elegant bars, and restaurants, and over 80 high-end fashion retail units.

If you are thinking of purchasing an immovable to secure your wealth, or you have been looking for a new home for some time, we would strongly recommend that you think about investing here. Taking everything into account, it is clear that the property market in Montenegro is your best bet.

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