Roberto Cavalli brand – discover the exotic glamour of Florence

One of the most luxurious fashion brands in the world, known for its glamorous looking clothing, beautiful exotic prints, and eye-catching details, is Roberto Cavalli brand from Florence in Italy.

The Cavali clothing is made of the highest quality materials, using a special tailoring tradition and techniques that made Cavalli one of the leading high fashion brands in history. Extremely beautiful, extravagant and authentic, Roberto Cavalli brand is made with unique colour effects and patterns, usually combining silk, leather, and other fine materials.

Besides exotic prints, Roberto Cavalli brand became very popular for its sand-blasted jeans look – one of its best sellers of all time. This renowned brand sells luxurious clothing, unique leather accessories and enchanting perfumes.

But, did you know how it all began? How did Roberto Cavalli make such a huge high-fashion empire, that popular and loved all over the world? This is an inspiring story of his early beginnings and his incredible rise to the stars.

Roberto Cavalli biography – from the early days until today

Roberto Cavalli was born in Florence, a beautiful town of the Italian region of Tuscany. His grandfather, Giuseppe Rossi, was a famous Italian painter of the Macchiaio movement, and the reason why Roberto Cavali developed an interest in art in the first place.

That interest enrolled him in the local Art Institute and the department of textile print and applications. While studying at the Institute, he discovered his love for fashion that became an obsession.

At the time, he was already locally famous for its unique flower prints that attracted major hosiery factories. One of his first interventions was a special printing procedure on leather when he started creating and using patchworks of various fine materials.

The first collection of Just Cavalli line – first steps of the brand

When he was 30 years old, Roberto started developing his very first fashion collection in an impressive Salon in Paris. Testifying the major success of his own collection, in 1972 he opened his first boutique, situated in Saint Tropez. After several years, he opened three more boutiques in Venice, Saint Barth and the French Caribbean.

Roberto designed his first sandblasted jeans in 1994. which became a true trademark of the brand. Finally, in the year of 1988, he started a famous Just Cavalli line that became extremely successful and popular among fashion lovers.


Beautiful cafe stores across Italy – authentic high fashion places

Many years later, in 2002, Cavalli opened authentic cafe stores in Florence and Milan, as special works of art decorated with beautiful animal prints. These cafes became very popular among the locals and tourists who love to enjoy tasty dishes and expensive wines.

Besides the cafe stores, there are Cavalli brand boutiques all over the world where you can purchase your favourite Cavalli models. Until today, his main Roberto Cavalli line consisting of shoes, watches, perfumes, men’s and women’s eyewear, accessories, underwear and beachwear was sold in more than 50 countries.

Cavalli shoes – one of the most popular fashion items

Roberto Cavalli shoes are one of the most popular and most extravagant items of the brand, known for their unusual designs and prints.

Made in various styles, colours, shapes and forms, they truly represent the uniqueness of the Cavalli brand. You can find beautiful metallic panel sneakers, a snakeskin effect, zebra flocked mesh sandals, horse-bit loafers, zip-up ankle boots with monogram details, giraffe chine print, and many more.

When you spot them in the crowd, you can immediately recognise them as Cavalli shoes, according to their glamorous look and elegantly applied Roberto Cavalli logo.

They can be worn on any occasions, whether you need a great pair of sneakers for everyday walk, elegant and effective shoes or Cavalli boots to perfectly match your formal wear – the choice is yours to make.

Cavalli perfume – extremely vibrant and sensual scents

True perfume lovers will always say that a Roberto Cavalli perfume stands out for floral and sunny blends, making them very vibrant and sensual. They are made to exude the true strength of someone’s character and to make a person feel seductive and attractive.

The most popular Cavalli perfume, or – Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum is based on orange blossom notes representing Italian extravagance, femininity and sensuality. It is specially created for women who love to be noticed and prefer wearing amazing Cavalli dresses in various animal prints.

The best known Cavalli perfume for men is Roberto Cavalli Uomo, with a hypnotic lavender essence mixed with honey and cedar, making a unique Cavalli perfume as one of the best selling items of Roberto Cavalli brand.


Cavalli bags – well crafted and high-quality accessories

If you prefer high-quality bags of extravagant and glamorous looks, then Cavalli bags are one of the best choices for you. The iconic Cavalli bags are those small accessories that can make a huge impact on the whole look.

Cavalli bags are made in all sizes, rich colours, exotic prints, and attractive designs that can be matched to any outfit. You can choose between Cavalli handbags with crocodile effects, shoulder bags with snakeskin effect, crystal-embellished shoulder bags, small snake camera bags, etc.

Cavalli dresses – attractive designs and animal prints

Roberto Cavalli dresses are the most recognizable luxury fashion items of the Cavali brand. The attractive Cavali wear for women is made of flamboyant, decorative prints inspired by different traditions and cultures.

Since Roberto is a huge fan of flowers and animal prints, Cavalli dresses are usually very ornamental and colourful, with beautiful eye-catching prints and seductive details. They are unique, wearable fashion items that usually include embroidered elements like lace and ruffles making them very elegant, sensual and alluring.

All Cavalli pieces are like true works of art, inspired by the wildlife of nature. If you are not a huge fan of colourful prints, there are also monochrome, elegant and casual Cavalli clothes easy to wear in all kinds of occasions.

Roberto Cavalli fashion brand in Porto Montenegro

Cavalli brand can be found all around the world. Whether you are in Paris, London, Madrid, New York, LA, or you enjoying somewhere at the sea, like in our luxurious marina of Porto Montenegro, you can always find a Cavalli brand store and enjoy the experience of high quality and fun shopping.

According to his long and successful career, Roberto Cavalli is one of the most popular and most loveable fashion designers. He even explained his success in simple words, saying that Cavalli brand is “highly noticeable and extravagant”, compared to the polite and boring minimalism.

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