How did Rolex watches become an essential part of your lifestyle

Perpetual Rolex. Luxurious Rolex. Eternal Rolex. We’ve heard it numerous times by now, all in association with a single watch brand, unlike any other – the Rolex watch. Rolex is a luxury brand of watches that has been epitomizing that very own luxury from the first moment it was crafted. 

Rolex luxury watches are not only the objects of extreme value, but also pieces of history, with every single one of them containing a unique narrative, a story of how it was created and what has inspired it’s creation. This narrative of tradition and value is precisely what makes us feel drawn to luxury, which is why today we tell a narrative of our own and dedicate it to the history and craft behind the one of the most luxurious brands in the world – Rolex brand.

Rolex Perpetual Oyster

A brief history of luxury Rolex brand

The Rolex Watch Company was founded by mr. Hans Wilsdorf, born on 22nd March 1881., in Switzerland. At 19 years old, Hans began working for Messr, a firm that dealt in exportation of watches. This is how Hans was introduced to the world of watches, and initially, to the watchmaking business. 

In that period in history it was usual to craft pocket watches, since wrist watches were considered not masculine enough, not to mention that women’s watches were nowhere in sight. Apart from the absence of masculinity when it comes to wrist watches, there was also a challenge to fit a different watch mechanisms into such small cases – it was deemed nearly impossible. 

There also came an issue of impenetrability of the case – they were still lacking a way to case that was going to be resistant to dust, moisture and sweat, all of which is very present on human skin and therefore, unavoidable. But, Hans and his partner Alfred Davis were determined to change that and made the challenge theirs own. This lead to the birth of the first Rolex watch. 

The origin of the Rolex brand name

The rule with brand names is relatively simple: it should be easy to say and remember, and it should have a good recall. Mr. Hans wanted for his watch company to bear a name that was short and easy to pronounce, but also a name that would look good on dials and parts of the watch itself. 

Finally, one morning the name just dawned on him, and later, when asked where did he get the inspiration from, he said that the genie whispered it in his ear. The Rolex brand name is short enough to fit well on the dial, leaving room for the inscription. What also makes it special is the fact that the name itself has a nice tone to it, making the pronunciation in any European language unchanged. 

The greatest achievements of the Rolex luxury watches

Since Rolex is a luxury watch brand that has all the parametres set right – long tradition, beautiful design, and the fascinating journey filled with achievements that made everyone wanting to possess one. Rolex watches were pioneers when it comes to the subtle craft of the wrist watchmaking, which is why the greatest achievements of the Rolex brand are somewhat expected. 

The first chronometric achievement of Rolex watches

The first years of the 20th century were challenging for watchmaking. There were struggles to discover precise enough movement when it comes to chronometry. After numerous quests and failures, Rolex brand managed to produce their first wristwatch with chronometric certification from COSC in 1910. 

Rolex watches got a class “A” precision certificate from Kew Observatory, which was, up until that point, reserved for marine chronometres exclusively. 

The first waterproof Rolex watch - the mighty “Oyster”

The creator of Rolex watches had an ambition (and an obsession) to create a wristwatch that was unharmed by the elements. Even after years passed by, and the Rolex brand was established as a certified chronometer company, he still wanted to create a device that was water, as well as dust proof – enter the Oyster. 

The Oyster was the first Rolex watch that built the foundation that Rolex brand now rests on. 

The first pillar of the Oyster collection - Datejust Rolex watch

The Datejust was first launched in 1945. it was first self-winding chronometer that could indicate the date in a window on the dial. This is an Oyster model of the greatest distinction, equipped with Jubilee bracelet created especially for it. 

The bracelet is what makes it both stunning and recognisable as a Rolex watch, but also one of the most appreciated timepieces by the Rolex brand.

The Rolex watch even conquered the Everest

Activities such as deep sea diving, aviation, mountain climbing, scientific exploration etc. are all deemed professional, but that did not stop the Rolex watches to interfere, as well as participate. In 1953., Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were wearing Oyster Perpetual when they conquered Mount Everest, which is one of those compelling stories that made the Rolex brand the epitome of luxurious quality. 

Rolex watch in black and white

Rolex watch on the bottom of the Mariana Trench 

The Rolex brand even managed to conquer the toughest challenge – to dive into the deepest portion of the Mariana Trench. In order to do this, Rolex created the Deep Sea Special experimental watch, that has been attached to the outside during the historic dive to the deep, in 1960.

That Rolex watches are ever advancing and overcoming challenges, proves another milestone – another deep dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in 2012., this time on the wrist of the famous filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer, James Cameron, wore it on the first solo dive into the deepest point of the earth. 

This was ultimately the first solo dive after the two-man expedition back in the ‘60s. The Rolex watch was now certified waterproof at 12.000 meters. 

The Rolex fashion - the importance of right materials

We’ve already established that Rolex brand is like no other. The company itself is unlike most companies, but, what exactly makes Rolex watches so trustworthy, especially those bulky Rolex watches for men? We say – the steel. 

Many fans already know that what makes Rolex watches so special, and so fashionable, is the type of steel that no one else uses. Now, steel can come in various types and grades, and most steel watches are made of from type of stainless steel called 316L. The Rolex watches are made of 904L steel exclusively. 

This kind of steel is much harder than the others, and is most rust and corrosion resistant, but most importantly, it is able to hold different polishes very well, which has a distinct impact on design. This kind of steel is much more expensive than the others, and more difficult to work with, which is why Rolex had to replace most of their steel operating machinery and tools, in order to use it. 

Rolex makes their own gold

The gold and platinum that Rolex uses in crafting their watches is all made in-house. 24k gold is supplied to Rolex, after when is turned into 18k yellow, white or Everose pink gold (Rolex brand non fading version of rose gold). 

Metals are melted and mixed by large kilns, after which they are turned into cases and bracelets. Since the company is quite strict when it comes to quality and design of their products, Rolex watches always possess supreme quality and the best looking parts, delivered from their very own foundry.

Apart from gold, Rolex brand also uses gems in huge amounts. This includes metals and precious stones, such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds. For example, when a Rolex diamond watch is made, the company is able to use x-rays to test the diamonds, and check their authenticity. 

To ensure only the best quality, Rolex tests every batch of diamonds, no matter what the statistics says, because the company’s policy is clear – every gem is hand-picked and hand-set. 

One Rolex watch per one year

As tense as this sounds, it’s actually true. The company produces over a million Rolex watches a year, but there are no shortcuts when making the watches – the manufacturing process is based on quality and efficiency. Rolex watches are products that are constantly evolving, which is why they are the best watches in the world and always striving to be even better. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Rolex can’t speed up the process of manufacture, for certain models, but every single watch contains so many parts, which are never supplied from somewhere else. Once the parts are completed and the watch assembled, the watch is tested individually – the process that is quite intense. 

Shops in Porto Montenegro

The exclusivity at its finest

So, what makes Rolex watches so exclusive? What justifies their high pricing? Apart from all the above, Rolex watches are completely made in-house. This includes everything from manufacturing all the parts and the gold, to hand-picking the gems and hand assembling the watches. 

This isn’t solely about the fact that Rolex brand can afford the right machines, but also about the fact that Rolex is more than eager to invest into new techniques in order to be even better. All of these processes are the trade’s best kept secret, and their real value lies in the knowledge of the craft and the tools they have at their disposal. 

The watch industry and Rolex are separate notions – the fact that Rolex watches are made completely in-house allow Rolex to be independent from the rest of the industry. In fact, it allows Rolex to set their own standards.

Rolex Montenegro - eternal timepieces

We’ve already established that Rolex is a universe of its own – it is highly valued, admired, respected, all around the world, representing one of the most luxurious brands in existence. Since we feel deeply connected with the Rolex brand – the brand of such tradition and devotion to history, reflecting our own – we’ve decided to indulge you in the the kind of luxury products only Rolex watches can truly match.

The conclusion is this – Rolex doesn’t just make watches – their timepieces have taken a far greater role that bacic chromographic devices. They are eternal timepieces that deserve nothing less than to be appreciated and adored – a small payment for the commitment to quality they bestowed on the world.

When it comes to Rolex Porto Montenegro has fully established Petite Geneve Petrović boutique offering the latest models of Rolex watches for women or men, matching your style, mood or activity preference you enjoy the most, and all that at the tip of your hands in our luxury resort.

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