Summer Dance Camps (1st - 28th August)

Want to improve your posture and creativity? Make your presence on the dance floor more versatile and expressive? Find a new self, ability or talent? Or simply help your child develop a whole range of skills? It’s all possible at our Summer Dance Camps!

This August, enjoy a truly transformational week of dance with the International Arts Academy at Porto Montenegro. Camps are available for all age groups, with world-class professionals and professors teaching you how to dance to different music and perform on stage.

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Why is dance so good for you?

It is well known that dance helps you become a more confident performer on the stage and in life. It enables you to think differently, have a better focus, and improve one’s self.

In fact, experts have found that young people who receive dance training are more successful in their broader education. Indeed, ballet is the perfect dance for a child’s physical development. Amongst many other benefits, it helps correct poor posture, develops a hearing for music, and improves social skills.

Kids dancing on a stage

What can you expect?

Camps run for one week (1st-6th August, 8-13th, 15-20th or 22nd-27th), with daily sessions of around 1.5 to 2 hours taking place five times during the week. You’ll learn a range of dances (from jazz to contemporary), prepare for a stage performance, and have the time of your life!

You’ll discover:

  1. the most important and basic techniques to dance and move on stage
  2. how to adapt and unbend your body to the flow of choreography
  3. how to improvise and use your body and motion to express your feelings and thoughts

What is the International Arts Academy?

The International Arts Academy is the first Montenegrin school to have an educational program based on the certified Vaganova program. The school’s founder, Seda Özyalçin Medenica, has over 15 years of teaching experience and was formerly a licensed athlete of the Republic of Turkey Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation.

Between 1992-2002, Seda represented her country and won 11 medals in the process. In 2005 she passed the Ankara State Conservatory Dance exam and, in the following years, attended many specialised workshops and educational training events. Among them was the prestigious ‘Actors Own Work’ under the directorship of Geddy Aniksdal (actress and director of Grenland Friteater of Norway). In 2008 she passed the Ankara State Opera and Ballet exams, and started to work as a ballet artist.

Over the years Seda has taken part in numerous events as a soloist, performed classıcal ballet and modern dance pieces across the world, and become a professor in the Ankara State Conservatory. She has worked with, and supported, numerous national and international principal dancers and trainers. In other words, you’ll be in good hands!

Dance school for kids

What camps are available?

Camps run for one week (1st-6th August, 8-13th, 15-20th or 22nd-27th), in four separate age groups (3-6 years, 7-14, 15-18, 20+).

3-6 year olds: this camp will help children fall in love with dance and art and develop self-confidence.

Activities covered will include: stretching, dance, modern dance, jazz dance, basic classical ballet technique, solfeggio-rhythm, drama, improvisation (Pedagogical Games), and repertory studies (Performance Stage techniques).

7-14 year olds: this camp will strengthen the flexibility and coordination of a child’s body – adding elegance to all body movements through simple but efficient exercises.

Activities covered will include: modern dance, jazz dance, basic classical ballet technique, street dance, strength and conditioning, gymnastics, solfeggio, gestures, rhythmic, choreography, drama and improvisation, and stage exercises.

15-20 year olds and adults aged 20+: these two separate camps will create self-awareness and get the body into dance form. You’ll become more elegant by learning aesthetics with dance education, and this elegance will be reflected in your behaviour.

Activities covered will include: modern dance, jazz dance, strength and conditioning, contemporary / jazz dance techniques, gestures, rhythmic, musical drama technique exercise, choreography, dance performer’s technique, and drama and improvisation.

How do the camps work?

Don’t miss the chance to have an unforgettable summer and to learn from the best! For more information, and to book your place, email

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