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Gucci Brand History - The Story of Innovation and Luxury Abundance

Gucci brand history is so impressive that It succeed to do that it is almost impossible to find a person who has not worn, seen, or even heard of the Gucci label.

It is almost impossible to find a person who has not worn, seen or even heard of the Gucci brand. Known as one of the pioneers of high fashion who stood out for his undeniable quality and phenomenal design, today this brand is considered to be one of the most exclusive and the most renowned brands in the history of fashion.

A combination of quality materials, elegant designs, authentic fabrics of clothes in a wide variety of rich colours have left an indelible mark in the fashion world. Today, Gucci brand continues to delight people all around the globe with their luxurious collections which are gaining more and more popularity due to their lavish beauty, superior design and quality. 

But, did you know how Gucci became such a reputable and world-famous brand as it is today? Who was, actually, his creator Guccio Gucci?

Here’s a story of one of the most famous high fashion giants who still continues to amaze us with their unique collections and beautiful clothes.

Guccio Gucci - One of The Most Famous Names In the Fashion Industry

Guccio Giovanbattista Giacinto Dario Maria Gucci, worldwide known as Guccio Gucci, was born back in the year 1881 in Florence, Italy, as a son of the Tuscan leather craftsman and merchant.

He was raised in a spirit of great love for aesthetics, art, and culture which will later influence his career path. When he was a teenager in the 1900s, he left his hometown in search of better career opportunities and started working as a lift boy in Savoy Hotel in London.

For the first time, at Savoy Hotel, he got in touch with the richest people in the world. Inspired by their elegance and style, he got a very interesting idea to make his own accessories and bags back in his hometown. 

Going back to Florence and starting his own fashion business was the greatest turning point in his life.

Gucci Brand History - the Beginning of an Extraordinary Era

After years of making very authentic bags and accessories of great quality, in 1921, Guccio Gucci founded the House of Gucci in Florence, Tuscany, which will later expand in worldwide business, known as the famous Gucci brand. Back then, it was a small store owned by the Gucci family, with the most beautiful and elegant accessories and shoes, mostly made of leather.

Designs of those clothes were inspired by what he had seen in London as a teenager, as well as the most elegant craftsmanship of Tuscan artisans. It was in the mid-1930s when Guccio Gucci experienced tremendous success and the Gucci brand started to grow rapidly.

Gucci became famous and popular among many international clients who were coming from all parts of Europe in Florence just to experience the beauty of carefully handmade items such as Gucci belt, bags, glasses, gloves, shoes, and trunks. His store became extremely popular among English ‘horse-riding’ aristocrats which inspired him to start making authentic riding gear with Horsebit icon.

The 30s era of the Gucci brand was marked by his business expansion and his first boutique opening in Rome, the capital of his home country. It was the same era when he created the first luxurious shoe collections that became extremely popular back then – “Gucci loafers men” and “Gucci loafers women”.

Gucci History From the 40s Until the 60s 

In the 40s, Gucci fashion brand has experienced great success thanks to Guccio’s experimentation with various quality materials such as linen and hemp. The result of that playful experiment was the famous Gucci bag, the so-called ‘Bamboo Bag’ inspired by the shape of the horse saddle. 

In 1953, Guccio Gucci died leaving his fashion house and fortune to his sons who continued to lead their father’s business. Some of them moved to other cities, like Milan and New York to open and supervise Guccio’s brand stores – a shopping paradise.

The store in New York was the first Gucci store that has been opened outside their home country, Italy. The fifties were the years of making another great innovation such as the red-green web stripe which was inspired by the traditional saddle girth. 

By the end of the ’60s in the 20th century, the Gucci brand has been worn by some of the most famous VIP people from all around the world, such as Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Peter Sellers, Liz Talyor, and Samuel Beckett. His famous double G logo was designed in the middle of this era which became a worldwide known symbol of this high fashion giant.

Gucci black bag

The Most Popular and Loved Gucci’s Collection In the 60s

One of the most famous fashion items that were created during the 60s were: purses made with a shoulder strap, the famous Flora silk print scarf, unisex Hobo bag, and many more. 

In these years, they started creating exquisite Gucci jewelry, watches, ties, and luxurious, today well-known, Gucci sunglasses. Beautiful patterns such as the lush butterfly pattern and floral, luxuriant one was also created during the 60s and became one of the most used patterns of Gucci clothes.

Gucci History From the 70s Until the 90s - The First Runway Show 

In the year of 1970, Gucci launched his first Rolls-Royce luggage set with American Motors Corporation. It was a Gucci version of AMC Hornet. Gucci perfume and watch were both launched in the 70s. It was the year 1972. when the ‘Il Mio Profumo’ perfume and Model 2000 watch saw the light of day.

During the 70s, the Gucci brand was internationally expanded in other parts of the world, such as Hong Kong and Tokyo. These were the years when this brand became highly popular among many other VIP people, such as actress Rita Hayworth and Michael Caine, who were specially invited to try some of the most exclusive brand designs in Beverly Hills private gallery. 

In the golden era of the 80s, this brand marked a huge success with the first-ever runway show that was held in 1981, in his hometown of Florence. According to some financial reports, it was not until the late 1980s that Dawn Mello, the president of Bergdorf Goodman, helped the company to recover and to begin a new life.

In 1992, Gucci was back on its feet again, stronger than ever, with its iconic Gucci loafers and Bamboo Bags. In 1995, Gucci became a fully public company, making the whole world richer with its glamorous, elegant creations all around the world.

Gucci Symbol - Recognizable Gucci Logo

Gucci symbol is one of the most recognizable high couture logos of all time. The double-G logo adorns some of the most famous Gucci pieces – Gucci belts and Gucci bags. The Gucci emblem is the symbol of luxury and privilege. Since its creation 80 years ago, until today Gucci logo is known worldwide and it is considered to be the most fashionable piece of clothing and accessories in the world.

Gucci belt, bag, sunglasses, and many other iconic items

The authenticity and exquisite beauty of the Gucci fashion brand is the reason why more and more people simply adore their creations. Here are some of the most iconic brand’s items that have made Gucci so popular and lovable all around the world.

#1 Gucci belt - the number 1 beauty of the brand 

Gucci belt is the number 1 beauty of this brand with its high-quality leather material and glamorously designed, renowned ‘G’ logo. It is a ‘must-have’ item of this brand because of its remarkable elegant look and usability.

#2 Gucci bag - a gorgeous and special item

There are no women or men in this world who wouldn’t enjoy a Gucci bag, made of the finest materials and fabrics. It is one of the best-sellers of this renowned high fashion brand. You can choose between small hobo bags, leather medium shoulder Gucci bag, snakeskin clutch, Marmont clutch, and many more. 

#3 Gucci glasses - the elegance at its finest 

Authentic and elegant Gucci glasses for women and men are also one of the best-selling items of the brand. It is one of the most famous eyewear ever designed. Gucci sunglasses are known for their timeless, classic, sturdy frames which make them very durable. 

Gucci brand store

#4 Gucci hat - another great and fashionable item 

Gucci hat is another great, fashionable item which is very popular among fashion junkies. It is made of great, high-quality materials in various colours so that it can be matched with any kind of outfit.

Gucci stores all over the world - for high fashion lovers

Gucci brand is one of the most successful companies in the world, with more than $12.4 billion as of 2015. It is ranked as the 38th most valuable brand on the Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands list. 

Until the year of 2019, Gucci had 487 stores all over the world and more than 17,000 employees. Marco Bizzarri is the CEO of the company, while Alessandro Michele was named creative director in January 2015. Today, Gucci is under the French luxury group Kering.

Gucci in Porto Montenegro - a luxurious brand on the coastline

Gucci stores are one of the most visited ones in the whole world. People who visit Porto Montenegro and Porto’s luxurious marina with their beautiful superyachts, cannot resist not going to the Gucci store and trying some of the most fashionable, quality items that this iconic brand has to offer.

Besides enjoying the sun and saltwater, in Porto Montenegro, one can truly enjoy shopping for some of the world’s most glamorous clothes ever created!

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