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The refined features of luxury interior design

One would often think (or say) that luxury interior design is the same everywhere. Comprised of apparent luxurious materials and glittering colours, the design that supposedly creates an image of luxury and lavishness, but only succeeds at being tacky and vulgar – an ultimate distaste. No. Luxury interior design definitely deserves a definition of its own and we are here to discover what are the exact features of home decor that inspires thoughts of lushness and wealth.

Here we’ll be talking about an ultimate kind of interior design, the one you can encounter all over Porto Montenegro, but especially in our waterfront rental apartments and real-estate, the refined and bespoke variety of home design, that might just inspire you to visit.

Luxury home interior design redefined

Why do we say redefined? Luxury has an ephemeral status in our society – we deem being as abstract as terms of beauty or style for example. Just like them, luxury can not be defined as a phenomena encompassed of elements that are tangible and easily understood. No, it’s more of an experience, a feeling that makes us admire it and want it.

In no way has luxury meant the same commodity through time. In fact, it too had an evolution that made its attributes recognizable and in sync with today’s way of life.

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Luxury interior design concept is more about experience

Earlier, people had a tendency to demonstrate their wealth through buying material commodities, but today, they prefer purchasing unique experiences. But, what exactly are unique experiences? Does it refer to space travel? Exotic journeys? In general, yes, in interior design it’s a bit more subtle, and yet, more direct.

People simply want to have the experience of luxury when they come home or rent a villa in an exotic resort. The design process also changed with time, as design also became and experience. People no longer want to see samples of wallpaper or paint, they want to see all of ot and feel all of it, hence the digital presentation of luxury home interior.

Luxury decor has to be both idisyncratic and sustainable

Big names and design brands are no longer primary when it comes to designing luxury home interior, in fact it’s the opposite. The one of a kind look is in demand, and for a good reason. What good is something luxurious if it’s not deemed original and rare? This is why the small boutiques, preferably with vintage pieces have become increasingly popular, but when you opt for a luxury shop, you’ll find the same assortment whether you are in Paris or in London, and that is opposite of singular.

The other feature of luxury we mentioned is sustainability, sprouting from the increasing feeling of responsibility for the environment. Sustainable no longer means cheap, since furniture producers now create stunning pieces of furnishings in from reclaimed wood, and add a unique story the item.

Lavish modern interior is more about individuality

Luxury interior design has become less affected by fashion and trends, that much is clear. In fact, luxury interior doesn’t conform to the likes of minimalist interior design, or any other style or form. The luxurious space has become more functional and more distinctive, tailored to the needs of clients, whether we talk about real estate investments, or luxury rentals.

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Luxury interior items are self-indulgent

Its safe to notice that we often associate certain feelings with the concept of luxury whether its longing for a plush sofa or a hot bath, either way we want to feel spoiled and indulged. Luxury interior decor is composed of inviting elements, made to feel indulgent and satisfying.

A luxury home is your personal embodied oasis, with one rule – to make you feel pampered surrounded by luxury decor. Luxe elements makes design more beautiful, and your setting more desirable and charming. Also, let’s not forget an element of convenience and flexibility, making your setting more intuitive and tailored to your needs.

Architecture and interior design complement each other

Luxury interior decoration stands in line with architecture, being that compelling architectural elements stand in sync with interior decor. You won’t expect rococo style in a modern flat building, or minimalist interior in a last century structure – some symmetry is more than required.

All the elements listed above work in a unique way to provide you with a profound sense of luxury, encompassed in color schemes, plush materials, luxurious furnishings, stunning view, altogether creating an experience so singular, so idiosyncratic, that ultimately becomes the part of your lifestyle.

Luxury is often perceived as something unattainable, which, on the other hand, is precisely the thing that makes it more desirable. If you are battling yourself with questions where to invest or where to go on a holiday, where you will receive that compelling sense of lavishness above and beyond, than Porto Montenegro rentals are your number one solution.

The features of ultimate singularity, indulgence and compelling design make Porto Montenegro a superb oasis of premium design interiors, in just as captivating exterior appearance.

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