Boka Bay of Montenegro.

Tips for sailing the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean represents a vibrant environment that echoes culture and taste, a place where you can feel summer with utmost clarity, with turquoise seas stretching as far as the eye can see.

Many poets, historians and artists throughout time have fallen in love with sailing in the Med. If you’re looking to familiarise yourself with the vast blue Mediterranean, start your journey with some useful tips.

Mediterranean cruise - a calm and placid sea?

Though almost completely enclosed by land, the Mediterranean is characterised by strong winds – the Scirocco, originating in the Sahara Desert, the Meltemi, forming in Greece and Turkey, the Mistral blowing from the direction of France, and the Bora, culminating in Croatia, are just some of the winds which are followed by changes in temperature and can make for quite a challenging sail.

It’s good to bear in mind the occasional Mediterranean temper before embarking on your journey. Serious mariners also advise caution when it comes to strong and temperamental currents; you should be mindful especially during the summer, since the sea water evaporates more quickly than the rivers are able to replenish it.

Sailing the Mediterranean Sea: the hotspots

You’ll never anchor twice on this sailing route – the Adriatic Sea, home to Montenegro and Croatia, is the perfect environment for a diverse sail, with many special, historic and scenic destinations along the way. A little further along the coastline is Greece’s Ionian Sea, with the Greek island of Corfu at entry, before meandering through the many islands of the Balkan Peninsula. Head southwest towards Italy and Sicily, and beyond towards the tiny islands of Malta, Gozo and Comina, where you can enjoy sailing the crystal clear waters.

Night in the bay.

Feeling adventurous?

The Med is an extremely popular yacht charter destination, and while most people stick to the more traditional sailing routes, real enthusiasts and adventurers are always in search of new territory! Make Montenegro your El Dorado – a rugged landscape with secluded coastlines.

Montenegro is a hidden blue gem, sheltered by mountains and peppered with quaint coastal towns, fishing villages, and boasting pristine waters and idyllic scenery. Whatever the your skill level, accomplishment or desire regarding sailing, the stunning Montenegrin riviera is a must-see. Berth up in Porto Montenegro, the regions most elite port and the leading superyacht marina village in the Med.

Catch the wind and sail towards the sunset, sandwiched between the rocky mountains of the Bay of Kotor, before resting up in one of Porto Montenegro’s fully serviced, luxury residences.

Don’t get blown away

As mentioned, the Adriatic Bora, a strong northerly wind of 40 knots or more, can spring up with very little notice and can last a day or two, though usually only locally, and rarely south of Dubrovnik, Croatia. The Mistral and Tramontana, on the other hand, can reach storm force and stretch as far as Corsica or Sardinia.

If you are in the mood for some sporty sailing, the Meltemi will provide the optimum conditions, especially if you find yourselves on the route around the Cyclades and Sporades.

Whatever your route, the vast Mediterranean is always an exciting choice, with much to discover along the way, an environment rich in culture and hospitable locals forever inspiring you to return!