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Tom Ford brand – the story of timeless elegance and superiority

When it comes to the Tom Ford brand history and the background story are some of the most important things for the complete understanding of the brand’s greatness.

When the name Tom Ford is mentioned, the first association is that he is a renowned  American fashion designer, a filmmaker, and one of the most significant people in pop culture from the 90s until today.

He is the owner of a luxurious brand of the same name, founded in 2005. in New York City, in the United States. Tom Ford clothes are known as elegant, classy, and glamorous.

Stunning menswear, beautiful fragrances, top-quality sunglasses, impressive watches are just some of the Tom Ford clothes, very popular among high fashion lovers. Here is the story of the Tom Ford brand, one of the most beloved fashion labels, and its fashion line which is considered a true work of art.

Tom Ford history – from the early days until today

Tom Ford history begins in the late 80s of the 20th century in a sportswear company. After some time working there, Tom Ford designer received a call from Gucci creative director Dawn Melo to join Gucci in the year 1990. as the brand’s chief women’s wear designer.

After several years and impressive collections signed by Tom Ford designer himself, in the year 1994, Ford became Creative Director of Gucci and moved from the USA to MilanWhen the company acquired the house of Yves Saint Laurent five years later, Tom became a Creative Director of YSL too.

In 2004. Tom Ford left Gucci and, despite doubts and mixed emotions, one year later founded his own brand, worldly known as Tom Ford label. Since the early days of the fashion brand, many people recognized Tom Ford clothes for their super high-quality materials and beautiful fabrics.

Besides this truly marvelous Tom Ford history and its expensive and luxurious clothes, Tom Ford fashion designer stores offer their clients champagne in the changing rooms, so that they could feel like real VIP guests with that level of formality and atmosphere. Tom himself has described his customers as cultural and international travelers with disposable income.

Watch and suite

Tom Ford brand identity – brand image is something that is Tom Ford known for

It is tough to perform the Tom Ford brand analysis and examine Tom Ford brand identity as a unique entity. The reason behind this statement is that there is one key individual behind the Tom Ford brand image – Tom Ford himself. And Tom Ford is a type of man whose leitmotiv can be summarized in the following quote:

Do what you want, where your passion drives you.

As many know, Tom Ford is a designer, actor, screenwriter, and film director, so if we are talking of a Tom Ford brand identity, the examination of the meta-narrative of Tom Ford himself is inevitable. We know that the Tom Ford brand image, as a fashion brand, is the image of elegant, sexy, and dominance.

However, if we want to perform a relevant Tom Ford brand analysis, we should look more into the personality of Tom Ford himself. For him, fashion is just a part of the creative work – and by his words, fashion is finding the right balance between art and commerce. And if we take into consideration the public – Tom Ford’s brand is exactly how he describes it to be. Everyone sees the value of Tom Ford design regardless of material status. It is mainstream and valuable – Tom Ford brand identity could be described as the right balance between art and commerce.

Tom Ford menswear – true examples of male elegance

It is no secret that the Tom Ford brand is, probably, best known for its classy menswear. When it comes to Tom Ford clothes for men, we can say that it is what is Tom Ford known for, and you can find many items in various colors, materials, and fabrics for any taste.

Tom Ford fashion show is one of the most popular events in the USA, where many VIP guests come to enjoy some of the latest Tom Ford clothes. Tom Ford menswear includes collections such as: ready to wear, shoes, bags, accessories, and cosmetics, which include the best-seller Tom Ford perfumes.

Shirts, Pants and Other “Ready to Wear” items of Tom Ford brand

When it comes to Tom Ford shirts, they are usually made of cotton, silk, or leather, in various colors such as white, black, sky blue, navy blue, beige, green. They are usually classic or slim fit, with spread collars, barrel, or French cuffs.

Tom Ford bottom clothes include slim jeans, sweatpants, swimwear, and trousers. Made of materials such as cotton, denim, wool, cashmere, silk, nylon, and brushed serge, in many colors, they are one of the most popular items of the overall Tom Ford fashion collections.

On the other hand, Tom Ford jeans are the ideal choice for the men who adore the casual, but at the same time classy and beautifully designed jeans for all occasions. They could be found in black, blue, brown, camel, neutral, and other colors. Their best-sellers are denim, slim, straight, and original jeans.

Tom Ford underwear is the best selling item of all the clothes.  Made of cotton or silk, you could get yourself a nice Tom Ford boxer, tanks, t-shirts briefs, long johns, and boxer briefs of your own taste.

Shoes and bags for men – classy accessories for men

For all the men who, besides Tom Ford perfumes, love luxuriously designed bags, Tom Ford fashion brand is a perfect choice. Made of leather, suede, cotton, and other, so-called “precious skins”, you could shop amazing items in various colors and fabrics. The bags offer of Tom Ford brand is truly huge and impressive. You can choose between belt bags, duffle bags, totes, briefcases, messenger bags, backpacks, and other types of bags.

Men who are looking for high quality, durable shoes, can shop some of the uniquely designed shoes of the Tom Ford brand such as boots, sandals, sneakers, lace-ups, espadrilles, brogues, loafers, and others. They come in black, blue, brown, pink, white, red and other colors, of leather, suede, nylon, and other quality materials. 

Tom Ford sunglasses – high-quality eyewear for every face shape

Tom Ford sunglasses are known for their beautiful reflection in the sunlight and high-quality frames. They can reflect in various colors such as gold, brown, cream, and bronze.

With fine eyewear craftsmanship and durable, strong frames, designer sunglasses are made to match every personality and face shape. It is no wonder why Tom Ford sunglasses are one of the most wearable items of all accessories in the fashion industry.


Tom Ford womenswear – for strong and elegant women

Ford stated that his womenswear collections are, mostly, dedicated to strong, independent women who always knew what they wanted. According to that, Tom Ford designed special, elegant womenswear of high-quality materials and beautiful fabrics. Tom Ford womenswear includes items such as jackets, jeans, shirts, underwear, dresses, tops, shorts, shoes, accessories, handbags, etc.

Dresses – for elegant and romantic looking women

Tom Ford dresses are beautifully designed to be perfect items, giving women an elegant and romantic look. Made of materials such as cotton, silk, cady, velvet, cashmere, wool, cady, and sequin, you can choose between cocktail, evening, day dresses, and authentic jumpsuits.

Tops for women – impressive and feminine clothes

If we talk about Tom Ford tops for women, we can say that they are one of the most impressive and feminine clothes of amazing and great quality materials such as satin, silk, lycra, denim, cotton, acrylic, cashmere, sequin, and wool.

There are topst-shirtsbrasbodysuitssweaters, and swimwear in every possible color made to be suitable for all body shapes. Their unique fabrics and details such as french chantilly laces are the reason why many women all around the world, simply adore Tom Ford tops.

Pants, shorts and skirts – authentic designs for women

For all those women who adore elegant straight leg, flare, lightweight, and other types of pants, made of silk, cotton, cashmere, nylon, wool, they can choose some of the most beautiful slim jeanstrouserssweatpants, and swimwear.

Tom Ford skirts for women are some of the most elegant clothes signed by this fashion genius. They are a perfect fit for all body shapes and could be easily combined with shirts and tops.

They are made of leather, satin, cashmere, suede, wool, silk, and denim, of interesting fabrics, pleasant to the skin, in numerous colors. You can find pencil skirts, drawstring ones, and those full length, depending on what you prefer the most.

Tom Ford sunglasses for women – perfect frames for all

Many women simply adore Tom Ford sunglasses for various reasons. First of all, every woman can find the perfect frame for their face shape. Their authentic designs can give a classy n sassy look to a woman’s face.

Made of metal or acetate, cat-eye, soft square, aviators, round and soft versions of the square and round shapes, durable, beautiful Tom Ford fashion glasses are one of the most representative, fashionable items of this brand.


Tom Ford cosmetics – authentic beauty lines

Besides amazing clothes, the Tom Ford brand includes a beauty line full of original fragrances, lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras, bronzers, skincare products, etc. What is special about the Tom Ford beauty line is that all products are made of the most quality materials and are very adaptable and pleasant to all skin types. Best-sellers are, definitely, lipsticks, foundations, and eyeshadowsTom Ford perfumes are known for their long-lasting scents.

Tom Ford watches – unique examples of luxurious elegance

Have you ever dreamed of a perfect watch on your wrist, but never really had a chance to find one? Did you know that you can choose a strap and your case material from the Tom Ford watch brand?

Tom Ford watches are famous for their luxurious elegance and effective looks. They are beautifully designed for all women and men who know exactly what they are looking for. The most common Tom Ford watches have a case made of stainless steel and leather strap.  They fit perfectly with elegant clothes in general and are one of the most loveable items of the Tom Ford brand.

Tom Ford brand in Porto Montenegro

Tom Ford clothes can be found in their fashion stores, situated all over the world. Only in Europe, you could shop in numerous countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, etc.

If you happen to travel to Porto Montenegro, a beautiful place in Montenegro that is best known for its luxurious marina, you could shop some of your favorite fashion items signed by Tom Ford fashion designer in the Fashion Gallery, a multi-brand store that includes only high-end clothing signed by many famous designers.

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