Wellness lifestyle: how to improve your quality of life with the principles of a wellness lifestyle

A wellness lifestyle will bring you a more peaceful, healthy and fulfilled life. That’s a big claim to make – so what exactly is a wellness lifestyle?

Does it mean running 10km every day, followed by a weights session in the gym or a Pilates class? Does it mean eating an avocado toast every morning (without toast, because you have to follow a keto diet)? How about starting every day with a cold shower at 5.30 am, followed by an hour of meditation?

While many of these elements may form part of the answer, none of them is, in itself, the answer. Although ‘wellness lifestyle’ may seem like a modern concept, it has deep roots in human history. Wellness describes a state of ease and satisfaction with your physical, mental and spiritual condition; it is a holistic concept that encompasses a well-integrated and well-balanced combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. A wellness lifestyle is, simply, a way of living that supports and enhances a state of wellness.

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Wellness-friendly habits you can start implementing now

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that wellness is, in fact, the normal condition for a human being unless somebody or something disrupts it. Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are subjected to a constant barrage of disruptions and, consequently, most humans do not exist in a state of wellness most of the time. Sadly, this would indicate that today’s ‘normal’ state is the state of un-wellness.

However, wellness is within closer reach than you may think. Minor changes to your lifestyle have a significant impact, and all you need is the will to integrate some healthy physical and mental habits into your everyday life. Even if that requires some effort, in the beginning, you will soon find yourself practising those new habits almost unconsciously – and if you remain consistent, you will notice a real improvement in your overall quality of life.

As an important side note: your living environment has a tremendous impact on your wellbeing, whether positively or negatively. While many have little choice about where they live, those who are fortunate to be able to choose would do well to take stock and, if their environment is having a negative impact, move to somewhere more conducive.

Ideally, such a place would offer a benign climate, unpolluted air, areas of unspoilt natural beauty right on the doorstep, opportunities for cultural and intellectual stimulation, markets selling fresh, locally-produced food, a community of like-minded people, reliable services such as medical care and (for families) schooling, and – important for many – easy access to international travel. Such places do exist and a great example is Porto Montenegro – a place with all of the qualities that create empowering surroundings for a healthy lifestyle and encourage residents to build wellness communities of their own, within the wider community.

#1 Healthy food – start considering your food as a fuel

Healthy eating has a tremendous influence on both your physical fitness and mental state. What do we mean by food as fuel? Our bodies are highly efficient machines and, just like any machine, will operate best if given the right fuel. (Think of those car adverts that exhort us to use only premium-grade motor oil!)

The philosophy of wellness is not about calorie counting or dietary restrictions but about balance, and a well-balanced diet has it all: proteins, fats, and carbs (and yes, that includes certain sugars!). The one and only rule: stay away from heavily processed food and drinks. Given their ultra-refined ingredients, high sugar content, synthetic flavourings, other additives and preservatives, these products are simply not food, in the true sense of the word. Instead, buy fresh, locally-produced products whenever you can and learn to prepare some simple dishes from scratch (no need to become a gourmet chef – although if you like the idea, go for it! The satisfaction will be great for your mental wellbeing).

Keep your diet simple, nutritional, minimalist and balanced. And, above all, tune in to your body, notice the effect different foods and combinations of food have on you and adjust your eating regime accordingly.

#2 Increase your physical activity

It hardly needs pointing out that doing exhausting cardio workouts is not a prerequisite to being healthy. Equally obviously, the absence of regular physical activity is damaging to health. The ultimate goal is balance.

If you currently take no regular exercise, begin by setting simple goals. For example, improve your daily walking distance by setting a goal such as ‘every day I will make 5,000 steps more than I currently do’. Once you achieve that, you can gradually increase the challenge – whether by adding distance or increasing speed. 

Meanwhile, you can try different fitness and wellbeing disciplines, such as yoga or Pilates – and if you think intense workouts would suit you, by all means, go for it! 

As the saying goes: baby steps lead to giant strides. Everything is enough, to begin with!

Above all, listen to your body, not the social media trends!

#3 Improve your mood

 Many, if not most of the modern illnesses are not physical but mental. Mental illness is debilitating enough on its own – and it also has a strong negative impact on our physical health as well. So taking care of mental health should become a priority for all of us. 

  1. Ask yourself: “How am I?” at least once per day – and, better still, write down your answer. It’s crucial to do introspection on an everyday basis if you want to see the root of your negative thoughts, fears, or beliefs;
  2. Exit all toxic relationships; you need to define what this term means to you – generally, any association that makes you feel bad can be potentially toxic. 
  3. Consider changing your work if you cannot balance other parts of life with it. 
  4. Try to change your surroundings.
  5. Avoid unhealthy habits, like over-eating, irregular sleeping patterns and defaulting to a pessimistic outlook.

Remember that we often hold on to a situation or an idea because we’ve never really thought about anything else – challenge yourself and question your core beliefs until you find the answer that suits you.

Is wellness something that should just “come from inside”?

A wellness lifestyle is really a matter of personal choice – it’s up to each individual to decide to make healthy lifestyle changes and create good habits. However, lifestyle improvement is always enhanced when supported by external factors. 

As Aristotle said: Man is by nature a social animal and social interaction is crucial for our wellbeing. But it’s not about quantity; the quality of those interactions is what matters most. 

People worldwide are searching for communities compatible with their aspirations for a mindful and healthy lifestyle – in other words, a wellness community. Belonging somewhere that people think (and feel) alike can have a tremendous positive impact on the quality of life. Together is better, for real. 

Porto Montenegro - the perfect surroundings for creating a wellness lifestyle 

Located in the UNESCO-protected Bay of Kotor on Montenegro’s spectacular Adriatic coast, Porto Montenegro is a luxurious residential village, with an exceptional wellness-friendly environment.

With beautiful natural surroundings (what could be better than a waterfront location with a view of both sea and mountains?), fun and beneficial experiences, and like-minded residents who encourage a healthy lifestyle and positive energy in the community, Porto Montenegro have become a unique wellness neighbourhood. Among the premium residential properties it offers for sale or rental, a limited number of units is still available in two superb contemporary buildings.

Elena Residences offers a fantastic selection of penthouses and apartments with a sea view, luxurious and sophisticated interiors, and even more beautiful exteriors. In addition, its residents-only pool and gym are the perfect spots for enhancing a healthy lifestyle for its residents.

Regent Pool Club Residences are even more impressive. An exceptional waterfront location directly overlooking the marina, access to the exclusive Owners Club, and an on-site lifestyle management team provide a great foundation for creating a mindful wellness community.

We welcome you to come and experience all of the benefits of living in a healthy environment surrounded by extraordinary people, and to become a part of the wellness community in Porto Montenegro. We are sure it will be a life-changing experience for you!

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