Wellness property trends - the rise of the wellness enhanced lifestyle

Wellness property is a growing trend in the real estate markets worldwide, and the reasons are numerous. First of all, the environment’s impact on the quality of life is more and more recognized, and therefore we observe many lifestyle changes among contemporary individuals. 

The ecological revolution has already started, and we see changes in people’s everyday habits, fashion, and diet. In addition, we also witness people prioritizing mental health and hygiene. Given all of the above, it should be no surprise that wellness properties are a growing trend, and we are experiencing the rise of wellness-enhanced lifestyle living.

This article explores the latest wellness property trends, examines the definition of wellness property, what it offers to its investors, and why it has significant investment potential that you should consider. So continue to read and find out where in Montenegro you can opt for an idyllic wellness-style home.

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The definition of wellness property - what does the wellness property offer?

Wellness property is a logical consequence of a wellness lifestyle. As we mentioned before, a wellness lifestyle answers city lifestyle problems, such as toxic air, noise pollution, sedentary lifestyle, digital overload, stress, loneliness, and social isolation. Thus, one could say that contemporary man suffers from urban unwellness.

The statistics show alarming results – 88% of urban dwellers are exposed to unhealthy pollution levels, and city life increases the risk of mental illness in adults and children. The given data shows that city life can be extremely harmful. Therefore, wellness enhanced lifestyle living within a wellness property seems like an obvious alternative.

So what does the wellness property offer to its residents? 

Contrary to urban villages with a fast-paced lifestyle, focus on productivity, intense individualism, and consumerism – wellness properties are giving possibilities for a more human approach to the idea of life. Wellness properties emphasize the importance of mind and body harmony, genuine connection with nature, and nourishing meaningful relationships with the community.

This holistic approach to human health and wellbeing in housing arises as an answer to almost unbearable living conditions in the cities and metropolises. As a result, the current projections mark growing values of the global wellness property industry, including the Montenegrin property market. 


The typical characteristics of wellness property

Wellness property can be every type of real estates- such as wellness apartments, wellness condos, or a house. These properties can offer various services and can combine different approaches to the definition of wellness, but usually, most of them have at least some of the following: 

  • Green architecture and design – lots of natural light, renewable sources of energy, and sustainable building materials
  • Unpolluted environment – clean air, moderate climate, plastic-free and traffic-free areas, and garden spaces 
  • Lifestyles wellness center that promotes sports and recreation, such as yoga studios or fitness centers
  • Emphasis on the solid community of like-minded people

Community is a crucial part of the wellness philosophy. Isolation and loneliness are reportedly one of the main reasons for depression among people. Community is one of the main determinants of healthy living, and a solid supporting system of people who share one’s values is vital to the recovery after an emotional break. 

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Pandemic and the rise of the wellness enhanced lifestyle living

The current global occasions also impacted the promotion of wellness-enhanced lifestyle living and the popularization of wellness properties. The global pandemic shifted the whole world towards questioning some of its most basic principles. For example: 

  • The freedom of unimpeded movement showed the world the importance of an active lifestyle and open spaces. 
  • The spread of the virus reminded us how important health is. 
  • And working from home showed many people how much valuable time they spend on public transportation. 

The statistic shows that US citizens spend from 104 to 149 minutes on public transportation on average, depending on the city. Thus, the difficulty of maintaining a satisfactory work-life balance has become a major global problem, and remote work, at least temporarily, improved the situation. 

But the unhealthy city life and the pandemic is not the only thing that contributed to rising interest in wellness property – the ecological crises played its part as well. The growing awareness of climate change also inspired the public to reevaluate their lifestyle and seek a solution in a slow-paced, wellness-oriented environment. 

Probably the most exciting fact is that all generations, including Millennials and Gen Xers of all social statuses, showed the same interest in improving their quality of life by adopting some wellness principles. Even the wealthiest class in the world declares that personal wellbeing is their top priority, especially when choosing real estate.

Wellness properties have a significant investment potential

Given all of the above, it is clear that wellness properties have considerable investment potential. According to Global Wellness Institute Report “Build Well To Live Well”, the wellness property market has been steadily expanding by now, with approximately 6.4% annual growth since 2015. The data from the report shows that about 1.3 million buyers opt for wellness communities and wellness homes to live in each year.

Additionally, nearly 30% of consumers from all income ranges are willing to pay more for a property within a residential area that prioritizes wellness. With growing awareness of global ecological crises and the importance of self-care and mental health, wellness properties are considered a safe investment whose value will be only higher in the future. 

There are reportedly more new development projects worldwide, which is also an argument for the bright future of the wellness project investment. However, the best thing about buying a wellness apartment, wellness condo, or another type of wellness property is that you are doing good for yourself, but the environment as well.

A clear mind and a healthy lifestyle are critical to wellness, and it seems like the property market in Montenegro follows the latest real estate trends. But, to be fair, it is effortless to succeed in a wellness lifestyle in this country on the Adriatic shores – with the perfect Mediterranean weather, cuisine, and fantastic nature surrounding it. 

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Wellness apartments for sale within Porto Montenegro village

Suppose the idea of investing in wellness apartments is exciting to you, but you don’t know where to start. In that case, we might have a suggestion – Porto Montenegro, a nautical village in the heart of Boka Bay, the most beautiful bay in this part of Europe, is offering several opportunities to invest in exemplary wellness property. 

Boka Place is the new urban neighborhood among Porto Montenegro residential complexes. The first noticeable area in Boka Place is a central square, where people gather and create a sense of togetherness. The Central yard abounds with plant-infused walkways and various leisure areas, promoting a slow-paced, traffic-free lifestyle. 

Botanical gardens, hanging flower beds, and green areas contribute to the general wellness aesthetics. The residential units follow the principles of green architecture and design – the rooms are filled with natural light and fresh air. The apartments have spacious terraces with impressive views of Porto Montenegro’s marina, Boka Bay, and the mountains.

Here, at Porto Montenegro, you can find a safe spot to reconnect with your inner self and find peace in a fast-paced, changing world and still be a part of it as an essential member of the community. The true heroes of the future find a way to improve society and do not run from it. 

SIRO - The destination for vitality 

Free from the complexities of the modern world but contemporary in design, you can choose from a range of SIRO-managed or private residences. At the heart of Boka Place is SIRO, a 360° vitality hub that fuses transformative social spaces with a high-octane fitness studio and restorative wellness. 

SIRO gives you the possibility to step off the street and jump into an energetic class and feel enveloped in a new state of mind. The quest for self-improvement is not a one-way street, and SIRO appreciates it. Sometimes, your body and mind will require a vigorous and zestful drill, and occasionally relaxing time in spa treatment will be more than necessary. 

Either way, SIRO leaves you feeling better than you ever thought possible. It is a place that elevates personal performance and nurtures like-minded human connections. Not just an address, SIRO is a lifestyle, a community, and a calling. 

In combination with the modern architecture of wellness property and Montenegrin nature, SIRO management leaves you with few if any dilemmas about a perfect place for your next adventure in a quest for well-being and inner peace.  

Buy a wellness real estate in Porto Montenegro and secure not only your wealth but an ultimately peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle. Investing in Porto Montenegro means investing in your future in every possible aspect, including the better self and the community. 

If you share our values, we warmly invite you to come and try the remarkable experience of living a life less ordinary. 


“Global Wellness Institute, Build Well to Live Well: Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate and Communities, January 2018.”, url: https://globalwellnessinstitute.org/press-room/press-releases/gwi-releases-landmark-report/

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