Sailing a yacht on the sea.

Yacht etiquette – Sailing standards in the world of yachting

Every gentleman aspires to be invited onboard of somebody’s yacht, but most of them actually have their own yachts, since it really is one of the best ways in the world to spend your holiday. But, as you’re probably aware by now, yachts present an entirely different social environment, that meaning that every gentleman should know how to act accordingly.

So, while yacht etiquette is concerned (or a yacht charter etiquette for that matter), there is a subtle set of rules that are advised to be respected, so if you just happened to buy a yacht or rent one, and you wish to set sail to Montenegro this summer with a planned stop in Porto Montenegro, here is everything you need to know about yacht etiquette and behaving onboard, that your cruise buddies will probably be aware of.

The first lesson of boating etiquette - treat any yacht as if it was your home

Most would stress that single and most important benefit of a yacht is an obvious fact that a five star accommodation on water is at the same time your transport, making your immediate surroundings a perfect way for you to relax and enjoy the ride. Your Captain and the crew will always want you to feel at home and at ease, so least you can do is to be mindful of the yacht itself.

Any luxury yacht is decorated having really high standards in mind, so even if you don’t own it, always look after it, as if you would your own home, especially when it comes to breakages or damages.

Ropes on the boat.

The second and more practical lesson of sailing etiquette -  manage the cost responsibly

The fact of the matter is that a yachting holiday costs accordingly, being that this kind of holiday is considered to among the most luxurious, the best way is to manage expectations – meaning you have to take every cost into consideration, because that is the only responsible way to go.

Whether you are the owner or you are chartering, you need to take care of more than a few basic stuff. First of all, if you’re chartering, the cost of the crew will be included,and when it comes to fuel, your charter broker will add a charge of around 25 percent – known as the Advance Provisioning Allowance, or APA – which covers fuel and food. Also, before you board, the crew will stock your fridge and cupboard with food, having in mind what you like. If there is anything left of your APA once the cruise is finished, it will be refunded, which you have to admit is very posh.

Of course, if you are the owner, all of this is something you’re already familiar with, but all the same, your Captain will mostly keep track of all of your expenses and any incidentals that should be needed your time on board. Your taste and preferences have a final say at all times.


A man using a rope on the yacht.

Treat your crew with respect and mind their personal space

Some of the sailing rules are truly golden,especially the yacht etiquette that concerns the crew, whether it is you who are employing them, or you’re chartering. The crew certainly is there to please you and your guest, but bare in mind that all your requests should be reasonable and achievable, and that your crew is treated with the respect they deserve. The more polite you are and the better you treat them, they will be more eager to fulfil your orders and make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Also, do not get out of your sight that, although you have the whole yacht at your disposal, your crew will have their own designated area, for sleeping and other day-to-day activities, and they should not be disturbed, when off duty especially. This also includes the galley.

Last but not least, do not forget to include tips! It is customary to tip your crew between 10 and 15% of the charter fee, or accordingly, if you’re the owner, but any case, any gratuity should be presented to the Captain at the end of your trip, so that the tips could be divided equally among the crew.

Casual or a fashionista? - Fashion boating etiquette explained

Despite what most of the people think, there are no specific sailing rules that concern the manner you dress, especially on a yacht. In fact, more often than not, casual is preferred, but there is one thing though: you might be obliged to walk barefooted. This is due to the fact that most yachts, especially luxury yachts, have expensive flooring and furnishing, with exotic carpets and floor coverings, which is why captains impose a rule of not wearing shoes in parts, or on the whole yacht.

This is something that is always communicated upon your arrival, and must be respected at all times.

The Captain is number one authority

Among sailing rules, whether it is a common boating etiquette or a yacht etiquette, this is a rule that always sits: should any issues occur, it is better to raise them to your Captain then try and deal with them on your own. He has enough experience under his belt to deal with any problem promptly and appropriately.

Don’t forget that the main charm of the voyage are the ports on you encounter, and that the sand is better enjoyed between your toes than watched from afar, so make sure to berth your yacht in our luxury Porto Montenegro marina, and treat yourself with some shopping and beachcombing, while your yacht gets the best treatment in the world, waiting for you to continue your cruise.

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