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These Terms of Use, along with our Privacy Policy, constitute an Agreement that applies to you. You become legally bound by such Agreement by accessing or using our Website. Therefore, in case you disagree with anything from the following content, please stop using this Website immediately.

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  1. Definitions
  2. Intellectual Property
  3. Third-Party Websites
  4. Protection of our Name and Logo
  5. Force Majeure
  6. Disclaimer
  7. Modifications of the Website or Terms of Use
  8. Severability of the Agreement
  9. Entire Agreement
  10. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution
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  1. Definitions

In these Terms of Use, as well as in our Privacy Policy, the listed terms shall have the following meaning:


The agreement which applies to you, constituted of these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

Policy available on our Website, which explains how we collect, share and use your personal data, as well as how you can exercise the rights you have as a data subject.

Third-Party Website

All of the websites referred to or accessed through our Website, which are owned by other legal or natural persons – external websites.


Our website located at https://www.portomontenegro.com/, which is in the ownership of Adriatic Marinas doo.

  1. Intelectual Property

Website, as well as all content of Website, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images and audio clips, is owned and protected by Adriatic Marinas doo, or a third party who licensed the right to use such content to Adriatic Marinas doo.

Unless we declare otherwise in our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, all the materials on Website are protected by Intellectual Property Rights. Therefore, it is not permitted to use, copy or download any materials in part or in whole from our Website without the previous written consent by Adriatic Marians doo.

Any unauthorized use without the permission of Adriatic Marinas doo shall be deemed an infringement of Intellectual Property rights and we shall take all legal remedies to protect our Intellectual Property Rights immediately upon the knowledge of such infringement.

Additionally, Adriatic Marinas doo reserves all Intellectual Property Rights which are not expressly granted in Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.

  1. Third-Party Websites

Our Website may contain links redirecting you to Third-Party Websites, which may have their own terms of use and privacy policies, differing significantly from the ones applicable to our Website. We have no control over such websites and shall not carry any responsibilities neither for the availability of those websites nor for the terms of use and privacy policies applying to their visitors and users.

Additionally, we do not carry responsibility for any information originating from another service provider which is accessed through the link on our Website.

Placing links to Third-Party Websites on our Website does not in any way imply that we recommend or approve services or products offered through such websites.

  1. Protection of our name and logo

Adriatic Marinas doo is the sole owner of Adriatic Marinas doo logo and reserves the right to prohibit the use of it by third parties.

It is not permitted to use our name or logo without our prior written consent, except if such use is explicitly allowed by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  1. Force Majeure

We shall have no liability to you for any breach of Terms of Use caused by any event or circumstance beyond our reasonable control.

Neither party shall be liable for breaching its obligations due to a circumstance they reasonably could not have foreseen and which is beyond their control, such as, e.g., a force of nature, an act of a legislative or executive authority, war, civil unrest, an act of terror, strike, internet failure or any other circumstance qualifying as force majeure under the applicable law — to the extent that the respective circumstance prevented or hindered the party’s performance.

  1. Disclaimer

Information on our Website and other content included or otherwise made available to you through our Website (hereinafter: Information) are provided by Adriatic Marinas doo on “as is” and “as available” basis, free of charge and are for informational purposes only.

Adriatic Marinas doo attempts to ensure that all the Information provided on our Website is correct at the time of publication. However, such Information should not be relied upon and Adriatic Marinas doo does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, performance or fitness for a particular purpose of such Information and does not accept the liability for any errors, omissions, inaccuracy or other damages arising from the use of Information or the links available on Website.

We do not guarantee that Website or any of Information will be uninterrupted or error-free or that any existing irregularities will be rectified. Any liability whatsoever arising as a result or in connection with the use of Information or the links contained on our Website is excluded.

In case you need advice or services on a specific matter, you may contact us directly via our Contact page.

  1. Modifications of the website or terms of use

We reserve the right to update our Website from time to time. We may change the content, discontinue or withdraw any part of our Website. As a result, there may be times when our Website is unavailable for use.

You are cautioned to review Terms of Use periodically. Any changes shall enter into force upon being published on Website. Your continued access or use of Website after any such change will constitute your acceptance of these changes.

In case you disagree with any of the changes of Agreement, please stop using this Website immediately.

  1. Severablity of the agreement

If any provision of Agreement is found to be invalid by any court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.

If any provision of this Agreement violates any mandatory rule of the applicable law and proves to be void as a result thereof, such provision shall, for those specific circumstances and only in that particular respect in which it is void, be deemed to have been amended so as to comply with the law. The extend of such amendments shall be limited to the minimum which is necessary to make the Agreement valid and shall retain as much of its original meaning as possible.

  1. Entire agreement

Provisions of this Agreement, together with all eventual amendments, contain the entire agreement between you and Adriatic Marinas doo with respect to subject matter hereof. Therefore, this Agreement supersedes all prior written or oral understandings and agreements between you and Adriatic Marinas doo.

In the event of a disagreement between the provisions of this Agreement and any understanding, statement, representation or other information published on our Website or contained in any other materials or correspondence, this Agreement shall prevail.

  1. Applicable law and dispute resolution

This Agreement and any matter or dispute arising out of or related to the subject matter of the Agreement shall be governed, construed, and enforced in accordance with the Laws of Montenegro, without regard to its conflict of laws rules.

Any dispute arising out of this Agreement shall be settled by the competent court at the seat of competent court in Montenegro.

  1. Contact us

If you have any questions about our Website, please contact us at digital@portomontenegro.com.