Woman overlooking marina in Porto Montenegro

The Vision

A Dream of Better

In 2006, a man of uncommon insight and boundless ambition looked beyond what was and saw what might be. And so he embarked on an adventure – the quest to transform a starkly utilitarian naval complex into a waterfront idyll, a place of uncommon beauty and soul, a welcoming haven for family and friends.

The Dream Made Reality

Today, the truth of Porto Montenegro is there for all to see. The dream is glorious reality. Each year, millions of visitors are immersed in the spirit and verve of this singular settlement, while an extraordinary mixture of similarly minded people – artists and entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers – delight in calling it home.

Extraordinary Awaits

The founding spirit of Porto Montenegro remains undimmed, our storied past pointing to an ever brighter future. Tomorrow promises surprise and delight, innovation and exploration. An ever-evolving community united by common cause – the desire for growth, the thirst for knowledge and experience. And the promise of a life less ordinary.

What the Future Holds

Porto Montenegro’s visionary masterplan lays a clear path into the future, providing a blueprint for organic growth that will see new neighbourhoods extend and expand its ecosystem to embrace new environments for living, learning and self-enrichment.

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