Boka Bay sailing guide - what to see, where to go

Being able to see the mesmerizing sights and enjoy the sea, a gentle breeze and sunshine at the same time is a unique privilege. This is exactly something experienced whilst sailing. 

To explore every inch of a new territory with your sailing yacht what you need is a sailing guide, that’s why we prepared the Boka Bay sailing guide – to ensure that you’ll see all of the hidden beauty of the bay and ensure that you’ll fall in love with sailing in Montenegro! 

We present you with a unique sailing guide for Boka Bay, with different tips you can use to make your sailing trip an unforgettable experience. 

Let’s check out this part of the Adriatic coast and discover what to see and where to go while sailing in Montenegro. 

What does the sailing tour look like? 

Regular sailing tours are created to show all the beauty Boka Bay has to offer, however they also offer a great deal of inspiration for those who want to experience Boka individually from their own sailship settled in the marina, waiting for the moment to tame the wind and sail the Adriatic sea. 

The tour starts in Tivat, then the stops are Lustica Bay, Perast, Prčanj, Our Lady of Rocks, alongside the city of Kotor and takes around 8 hours.

This route can be adjusted with other stops added (such as Herceg Novi, Blue Caves or some other beautiful spot on your wishlist). Sailing Boka Bay is like travelling back in time through Medieval towns, old town centers and other beautiful artefacts of a time long ago.

Boka Bay sailing guide - enjoy the old towns 

History is what gives every tourist place unique value and Boka Bay is a treasure chest when it comes to an important historical monument, with every town telling it’s own story.

Start your sailing day from Tivat visiting this beautiful Adriatic town before proceeding to the luxurious Porto Montenegro marina, stop off in the Lustica peninsula (great for swimming and a quick rest) before taking your sailboat on to Herceg Novi.

Herceg Novi Old Town - the youngest of the bunch

Herceg Novi is the youngest old town of all in Montenegro and is also very different from the rest of the cities. Allegedly, this is the city with the most steps in Montenegro.

This old town is a typical monument of the Middle Ages. People from Herceg Novi still live in the apartments in the towns center which are a lot less crowded than ones in Budva or Kotor. If you are up for an easy and carefree lunch away from the crowds, choose Herceg Novi.

When in Herceg Novi you should also visit an important “Clock Tower” (Sahat Kula), located at the main entrance of the old town. 

After this stop, you can proceed into the deepest part of the Boka Bay, where you can visit the unique and beautiful Perast. 

Perast - a piece of Italy in Montenegro

One of the most beautiful villages and rustic cities in Boka Bay is certainly Perast and is an amazing destination to explore while sailing. Perast looks like little Italian villages on the coast, a true gem hidden from the touristic crowd. 

Before you berth your sailing ship at the Perast coast, you should take advantage of sailing and visit a unique, man-made island – Our Lady of Rocks (Gospa od Škrpjela). On this island there is only one building, a catholic church of Our Lady of the Rock (in Italian: Chiesa della Madonna dello Scarpello). 

After this, Perast will be waiting for you. Explore with a long walk, enjoy a cup of coffee on the coast and bask in the sun’s warmth. The best thing about Perast is that you can really enjoy peace and solitude, many sailors use this magical and romantic place to take their special someone on a wonderful adventure. 

Next stop is Kotor Bay and the well-known Old town of Kotor. 

The old town of Kotor - one of the biggest Montenegrin attraction

Kotor is a small town with a lot of it to offer and it is undoubtedly one of the most visited places in Montenegro. That’s why our Boka Bay sailing guide recommends visiting this important town.

Kotor has almost entirely preserved the old town. Here you can really feel, see and smell a piece of an ancient time when walking through the narrow streets of Kotor. Visiting Kotor is like stepping back in time.

Prepare for a walk to visit Kotor Cathedral, a great example of Romanesque architecture and take a look at the Caste of San Giovanni. Every little corner you discover during your visit in Old Town will be sure to fascinate you.

Kotor is also a great place to have lunch, enjoy some dessert or just sit and relax with some drinks.

Kotor Fortress - hiking for the brave ones

In case you are up for some time on dry land, visitors can also enjoy different sports activities such as hiking to Kotor Fortress. The trail can be difficult but if you enjoy beautiful views you will be more than satisfied. 

After visiting Kotor you can go back to Tivat, or choose some other exciting place to spend your evening! 

Discover the wildlife of Boka Bay

If you want to create a sailing route that includes visiting some of mother nature’s wonders and discover the local wildlife, Boka Bay is a must. Check out places such as the Blue Cave and Mamula island. 

Blue Cave (Plava Spilja) - dive into the blue 

On the Lustica peninsula, there is a magical place named the Blue Cave (Plava Spilja). It is a popular diving sport in Montenegro and can easily be a stop in a sailing trip around Boka Bay since the only way to access is via ship, boat or yacht. 

Why do we call it blue? It is as simple as that. 

The whole cave is blue, due to the sandy sea bottom that reflects the sunlight and projects rays through the water surface onto the roof of the cave, making it appear blue in colour.

If you enjoy diving then this is the best way to combine your two great passions and create a unique experience at Boka Bay.

Island Mamula - a place with an interesting story

A little island in Kotor Bay with wild beaches, clear water and one round building it is a really interesting place to visit. What looks like a peaceful place now had not such a peaceful past.

The round building was a military fort for Austro-Hungarian soldiers and from 1942 till the end of the war, the island became a place where Benito Mussolini’s forces were bringing their enemies to torture them with immense cruelty. 

Today, the only remains of this are the chills you can feel when visiting the island, apart from it’s history, it is a still remarkable example of beautiful Montenegrin nature that can only be experienced on a boat. 

Try our route, and visit the whole of Boka Bay with your sailing ship. Hopefully, you will enjoy all these places and even discover your own piece of heaven where you can truly experience the benefit of sailing in Montenegro.

If you want to be a part of a great community of people discovering the Adriatic whilst enjoying all the benefits of life at the coast, Porto Montenegro offers luxury apartments for sale and rent in the center of Adriatic sea.

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