Buying an apartment vs buying a house in Montenegro

Buying an apartment vs buying a house in Montenegro is one of the first decisions to make once you have decided to move to this beautiful Mediterranean country.

If you are reading this, you may already be familiar with the many benefits of living on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. The pleasant Mediterranean climate, mesmerising nature, warm-hearted people, low cost of living, and low taxes are just some advantages that make a solid case for Montenegro as an ideal place to live and invest.

Every year, more and more people are considering a move to Montenegro to enjoy everything it has to offer. And we are here with the good news – the Montenegrin real estate market has never been as competitive and varied, which means that finding your perfect home was never easier.

The only question is:  Which one is right for you? 

A house or an apartment in Montenegro? This is an obvious question – and we think that we have reasonable grounds to advise that buying an apartment in Montenegro is the better decision at the moment. Wondering why? Continue reading to find out…

Buying an apartment vs buying a house – an eternal dilemma? 

Whether you are a newbie in the real estate market or an experienced investor, the question of buying an apartment vs buying a house will occur sooner or later. The answer will depend mainly on why you want to buy a property in Montenegro in the first place. 

Are you looking for a summer residence, a year-round home, or a safe investment in a verified market? 

Understandably, those seeking a new seaside home will have different criteria from an investor. They will pay much more attention to the conditions and amenities that improve their quality of life. For an aspiring resident, added values such as parking spaces, closeness to a city centre and perhaps a school, security, availability of utilities, a garden and a pleasant view will be important factors.

Other considerations might be more critical for an investor – the potential for capital growth, the possibility of commercialising the space in the future, saleability, maintenance costs and, of course, security in both the physical and investment sense. 

But whatever the motivation for purchase, we think that the high-end Montenegrin property market is more potent in apartments than houses. The reasons are numerous. 

House or apartment – what should you look at when deciding which type of property is for you? 

Buying a property in Montenegro will, for many, be one of the most significant investments they ever make. So let’s explain why an apartment is the winning choice. 

First, from the investor’s point of view, although both apartments and houses can be profitable investments, an apartment will always be a better option. The reason for this is obvious: a house requires more in the way of maintenance and repairs – for which the property owner is always responsible – and while investors don’t want to spend time dealing with these matters, they also want to avoid the additional expense of hiring a property manager. On the other hand, the property market in Montenegro offers several luxury apartment-type residential complexes that include high-quality property management services.

A similar argument holds for buyers of a summer residence or second home. It is more sensible to buy an apartment that offers additional management services and guarantees better security in that portion of the year when they are not there. 

What about full-time residents of Montenegro? 

Investing is a decision to be made according to the most rational criteria at any given moment. However, buying a place to live can be much more emotionally driven, based on personal and lifestyle needs. For example, dreaming about waking up with a sea view right from your terrace, or having a fantastic community around you, will play an important part in any decision.

It is all about the quality of life – and in terms of wellbeing and comfort, the luxury apartments on offer in Montenegro are preferable to houses in many ways. Think of private sky terraces, spacious penthouses, unobstructed views of the mountains or sea, private pools reserved exclusively for residents, and prime waterfront locations with direct access to a marina – these are things that houses can hardly compete with. Having a house by the sea may be the most common dream, but Montenegro apartments can elevate this idea to the next level. 

And perhaps most astonishing – for a similar price you can get so much more!

Holistic and hassle-free property management, access to exclusive events, sporting activities, private gardens, and a strong community that supports you. All of that is offered by one of the most prominent and well-established residential villages in the heart of the beautiful Bay of Kotor. 

Buying an apartment in Montenegro – Porto Montenegro could be the perfect place

If all of the above sounds exciting to you, we have a perfect candidate for your new dream home on the Montenegro seaside.  In the luxurious residential village of Porto Montenegro, it is all about experience and valuing the community of like-minded people. 

Set in an exquisite location where the mountains and sea merge, Porto Montenegro began as a premium Marina, which is today is celebrated among yachting enthusiasts around the globe. Over the years, a residential nautical village has developed around it, with the best apartments on offer in the market, allowing residents to experience “a life less ordinary”.

Offering something unique in this part of Europe, Porto Montenegro undoubtedly set a new benchmark for the Montenegrin real estate market. Luxurious yet subtle, vibrant yet peaceful, exclusive yet friendly – all of these apparent dichotomies create perfect harmony and an authentic atmosphere in the village.

Apartments within Porto Montenegro stand out from the rest of the market, and we warmly recommend that you check out its latest projects. 

Boka Place – probably the best price-to-quality ratio on the market at present

Boka Place is the newest project of Porto Montenegro – designed as a vibrant and eclectic urban-style neighbourhood ideal for those enjoying luxury combined with a warm and homely atmosphere. 

At the heart of Boka Place is SIRO – a wellness-infused hotel by Kerzner International, which offers a 360-degree vitality hub that fuses social spaces with a high-octane fitness studio and restorative wellbeing programmes. Not just an address, SIRO is a lifestyle that promotes health, active living, and general harmony between mind and body. 

Within the Boka Place complex, there will also be a cinema, bars and restaurants, a supermarket, and, of course, spacious off-plan apartments are already waiting for you. The best part? Boka Place apartments have probably the best price-quality ratio, with the lowest price per square metre in Porto Montenegro.

If you’re considering a move to Montenegro – Boka Place offers a unique benefit

If you are thinking of investing in Montenegro, there is another advantage to choosing Porto Montenegro: buyers of SIRO-managed residences at Boka place can qualify for the government-approved Citizenship by Investment programme. This unique opportunity to obtain a Montenegrin passport will ensure visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry to 124 countries, including the Schengen Area. The limited-time programme will close at the end of 2021.

We have already written about the Montenegro banking system and its favourable tax policies, so you can be sure that investing here is well-advised. All of the above demonstrates that Boka Place is an excellent option for an investment and for those considering a move to Montenegro. 

Elena Residences – world-class investment opportunity

Elena Residences is another proud project of Porto Montenegro. Named after Elena di Savoia – a Montenegrin Princess who married the future king of Italy – every last detail of this residential complex is carefully thought out, to provide an extraordinary experience and service. With its central boulevard location, just a few steps from the waterfront, Elena Residences is all about the premium experience, with a 24-hour concierge, a residents-only private pool, and access to an exclusive owners club and a dedicated lifestyle-management team. For those enjoying the luxury and style, these ready-to-move-in properties may be the best choice on the Adriatic seaside.

Regent Pool Club Residences – for those seeking only the best

Searching for an unsurpassed level of luxury living? Regent Pool Club residences (RCPR) are in a class of their own. Set on the first waterfront line of Porto Montenegro, these apartments are one of the most sought-after waterfront addresses in Montenegro.

With unobstructed sea and mountain views, a direct link to the Regent Porto Montenegro hotel and access to its 5-star services, 24-hour security, and a lifestyle management team – at RPCR, you are the protagonist of your own opulent fairy tale.

Infinity pools and contemporary waterfront architecture are the backdrop to your dream life, and onsite interior design services will help your dream of a perfect home come true. 

Apartment vs House – the advantages are clear

Given the above benefits, it is evident why buying an apartment vs buying a house in Montenegro is really not a dilemma. The luxury apartment market in Montenegro has serious advantages over any alternatives, not only within the borders of the country but in this part of Europe as a whole.

The price-quality ratio, exceptional amenities, tax benefits and unique lifestyle experience together make an irrefutable argument that your next home should be here in the jewel of the Adriatic – Porto Montenegro, where life is less ordinary.

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