Dries Van Noten brand – a story of the prominent fashion designer

Meet the man who brought Belgium to the world fashion map – Dries Van Noten. His masterful work combines color, texture, and tailoring in an ideal harmony of beautiful, wearable, and modern.

He said the following about his work: Shapes are important, but for me, the combination of shape and material is even more important.

From Paris to Porto Montenegro, the Dries Van Noten brand has won fashion lovers’ hearts with its authentic and seductive style. 

Not even the aristocracy remain immune to the charms of this brand – the Belgian queen often wore Dries fashion on state visits. By King Philip I’s order, Van Noten was given the honor of becoming baron in 2017. As if that’s not enough, Hollywood stars presented themselves on the red carpet wearing luxury clothes under this brand’s label. 

But how this humble man from a meadow outside Antwerp achieved such success? 

And who is he anyway?

Let’s find out how Van Noten’s passionate dedication and refined sense of detail have left an indelible mark on fashion.

The beginnings of Belgian designer Dries Van Noten

It can be said that Dries Van Noten’s genetics had a significant influence on his achievement because he was the third generation of the tailors family. Dries aspired to high fashion from his childhood, so he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 1976. For him, It was the only logical move. 

After working freelance and part-time for various local designers, he launched a menswear line in 1986. His collection is presented in London as part of The Antwerp Six collective. Not surprisingly, it was a success.

Barneys New York ordered a small quantity and after them Lous Boston, Whistles in London, and Pauw in Amsterdam. It wasn’t long before Dries opened his first boutique in Antwerp. 

In 1989, Van Noten moved his collection to a department store, which he left later in 2000 and moved to a more extensive warehouse, where it remains to this day.

Five years later, the New York Times described Van Noten as an eccentric style designer. His success culminated in the mid-2000s, after a period of minimalist fashion. In 2005 he was mentioned in the BoF 500 by The Business of Fashion and ranked among the 500 most influential designers in the world

2007 was a year in which Van Noten opened a boutique in Paris, and two years later, a boutique in Tokyo. This was followed by opening in Hong Kong and Singapore. Today, the Van Note brand has stores in several locations worldwide and is sold in about 400 fashion stores across the globe.

Interestingly, Van Noten doesn’t just open shops for business reasons; instead, he waits to stumble upon the perfect location he will fall in love with.

Social proof of Dries Van Noten brand quality

In 2006 Dries Van Noten said: “I don’t want to be a big player,” yet his influential presence in fashion inspired many trends. 

He received the prestigious CFDA International Award (Council of Fashion Designers of America) in 2008. And it doesn’t stop there. In October 2016, Belgian designer Dries Van Noten won the Culture Award from Antwerp’s Culture Award for his contribution to Culture.

Another testimony to this fashion brand’s quality and success is the documentary “Dries,” made in 2017 in a Netflix production.

Dries clothing not only dramatically influenced young designers trying to break into the world of fashion with their creations – but he’s also mentored many. That is the most significant achievement in his career. 

The unusually quiet Dries Van Noten brand

Suppose you wonder how Dries Van Noten brand is not famous as Gucci or Dior. The answer is simple – Van Norten chose consciously to avoid that level of publicity

Marketing is not his priority, which is very strange in the digital age. We witness that a brand practically does not exist if it doesn’t have a well-built digital identity on the internet. Still, Belgian designer Dries Van Noten proves the opposite. His brand has been quiet from the beginning and, though recently acquired, wants to keep it that way.

“We don’t advertise, and we don’t use influencers. We are very cautious with social media,” said Patrick Scallon, Dries Van Noten’s communications director. “Our form of promotion tends to be more word-of-mouth. We’re very press-orientated, and we focus on the trickle-down from the core of the industry outwards.”

However, despite their lack of interest in social media management, Dries clothing has over a million followers on Instagram. Regardless of whether the designer Dries Van Noten wants it, Dries Van Noten is now a luxury brand. As such, they will hardly be able to maintain their mysterious presence in the world of fashion for a long.

A combination of art and fashion in every detail of Dries clothing

Van Noten’s clothing is considered art; however, Van Noten does not think people like his collections as they like art. He points out that people want to collect his clothing pieces as they want to collect memories – it becomes very personal.

However, Van Noten says that to create collections, he needs art. It’s part of his research, but it’s an emotional way to look at things more than anything. Sometimes he just needs a fragment, an idea, a concept, or a color.

Art as an inspiration

For Van Norten, art is an integral part of his inspiration

His collection for spring 2015 is inspired by the painting “Ophelia” by John Everett Millais.

“Art, for me, is a big inspiration.” – he stated. “I need to see art to be able to make my work. I want to be educated; I want to be stimulated by art. And that for me is very important.

Van Noten much prefers to design than to sell. He never wanted to be big, and that’s precisely what he did. 

Dries made an exhibition in his hometown at the Fashion Museum just so that visitors could admire the objects and works of art that inspired his fashion design. The show attracted over 95.000 visitors, a record attendance for the museum.

Dries Van Noten brand in Porto Montenegro

As we said in the text above, Dries fashion can be found in world-renowned stores, and lately in Porto Montenegro – a luxury marina, shopping village, and nautic residence on the coast of the Adriatic sea.

If you find yourself in Boka Place, feel free to choose Dries Van Noten clothing models to your liking. Dries Van Noten brand is one of the many luxurious labels found in Porto Montenegro. 

Montenegro is a charming country that is very difficult to describe in the written word because there is so much to see and feel. Astonishing coastal towns, mysterious islands, exciting canyons, historical heritage, and prestigious experience are all just a tiny part of the Montenegrin atmosphere. 

You can even relocate here with a Citizenship by investment program. This program was created due to the increased demand for Montenegrin passports, which testifies that Montenegro is very easy to fall in love with.

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