Find your healthy workplace in Montenegro – ideas for a healthy lifestyle at work

We all know that feeling.

You want to train hard, eat healthily and sleep well.

But you work so much you can barely eat at all. At least most of the time. 

Being healthy isn’t just a temporary thing; it’s a lifestyle. At the same time, a job isn’t a temporary thing either because you will likely spend around 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime.

So, finding a balance between those two is essential for your wellbeing.

How to do that? Let’s dive into it. 

Healthy workplace and workplace health promotion

Since we spend a third of our lives at work, the work environment dramatically impacts our physical and mental health. 

Therefore, we need to adjust it in a way that is in sync with the employees. 

However, what is important to emphasize is that an individual cannot change the work environment alone. The whole team must be guided by the same policy of healthy workspace, including:

  • healthy stuff relationships and communication
  • the positive atmosphere where everyone can be happy, safe, and productive
  • high ethical and moral standards

A healthy workplace should encourage people to work and learn new things to become better professionals and ultimately better people. 

Progress is an indispensable part of every individual. 

By denying progress, we work against ourselves and the healthy workplace we strive for, so we need to learn new things regardless of whether we are required to do so at work or not.

Unfortunately, a large number of employers attach little or no importance at all to a healthy work environment.

Then what can you do by yourself?

It depends on the nature of your job. Still, there are certain things you can implement into your daily routine besides changing your career.

Health and wellbeing at work

Be the change you want to be, don’t just wait for things to change.

So the first step – eat healthily. There is no excuse for a bad diet, no matter how demanding your job is. 

We are what we eat

So take time every day for a quality meal rich in all nutrients which feed our body.

Besides, you will be more productive and engaging If your stomach is full and well-fed. Cafeterias, i.e., kitchens in the company, should be clean with high norms for hygienic conditions. A balanced diet is a key to your health, so make sure you always have at least 3 different colors on your plate – green, red and yellow.

Nutritionists worldwide advise you to color your plate to make sure that your diet is varied. 


Because eating a variety of foods provides the best protection against diseases.

In addition to nutrition, promoting physical activity at work is another factor influencing and building a healthy work environment. We all know how necessary training is for health, so we won’t waste words on it. 

What you can do is, if you have the opportunity, come to work by bike or on foot to increase your daily physical activity. Companies that put their employees and clients in the first place will always provide adequate space for training or often organize trips outside.

Keep in mind: You should have at least 150 minutes of intense physical activity during the week.

Yet what is really, really important is to promote mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Want a dose of truth?

Work is stressful, regardless of what you do. So you need to learn how to manage stress because it can ruin your health in the long run.

Here is how – never bring your job home

You need to clearly separate work from private life. Life happens regardless of your job, so you need to switch from work mode to relaxation every day, which you eventually learn along the way.

Workplace health promotion - ideas for making a safe and healthy work environment

Creating a healthy work environment does not necessarily have to be expensive.

It is the little things that create a certain kind of satisfaction. 

Such a tradition should be inserted into the culture of the company you run or work for.

For starters, making a biophilic environment has a positive effect on everyone around. In our genes, the need to connect with nature is deeply bonded. Simply inserting plants into the workspace has a positive impact on mood.

Working in an environment without daylight and plants subconsciously resembles a prison cell. Hence, the mood and productivity of workers decline significantly. 

Besides the environment, the company needs to encourage workers to rest.

All the world’s foremost companies have bedrooms and a break of at least an hour so that workers can recharge their batteries and continue their work at total capacity. 

Research has shown that companies actually lose money by forcing workers to give their maximum without adequate rest. That’s because physically and mentally, people can’t work continuously with the same continuity. 

You will agree; even robots would fail at some point.

In addition to work, people need to have fun. Drinking coffee, casual conversation, and laughter lay the foundations of a healthy environment.

By creating a non-toxic and healthy workplace, you create a chance to progress individually and as a team, which is why everyone will only benefit from a healthy lifestyle at work.

If you are in Montenegro, you will easily find such places here. One of the most popular is Elena’s residences within Porto Montenegro, and we will tell you about it right now.

Elena residences - an oasis of health

Do you want to breathe salt-kissed air and live a life less ordinary on the coast of the Adriatic sea?

This charming location attracts tourists, visitors, and those looking for a job for many years. Its popularity is growing from season to season, and there is a good reason for that.

Elena residences are located along the Bay of Kotor, sun-bathed and nestled among the mountains. 

The entire complex is designed to promote people’s physical and mental health by creating a healthy work environment.

If we had to describe these apartments in one sentence, it would be – a combination of work and an intimate environment that blurs the line between business and private life. 

What exactly does that mean? 

Elena apartments have royal furniture and decoration inspired by Italian design, high ceilings, and sliding glass doors that maximize natural daylight and spacious terraces for relaxation.

Besides that, Elena Apartments provide access to an exclusive nautical club dedicated to promoting sailing and life at sea. So the people’s health, happiness, and fun are the main focus of this residential complex in Porto Montenegro.

Mediterranean food is typical on the table. 

Furthermore, Mediterranean food is one of the healthiest diets that positively affect health and prevent many diseases, and traditional Montenegro food has incredible delicacy on every corner.

It sure sounds like a healthy workplace and a role model for any environment that strives for health and wellbeing at work.

However, Elena apartments are not the only place that promotes a healthy work environment – Boka Place is another community built with the idea of ​​a healthy workplace.

Boka Place - the hub of vitality

Boka Place is a new urban neighborhood built with the idea of a collective desire for a healthy working environment and lifestyle in a warm coastal ecosystem.

This place provides an impressive life experience, promoting a healthy workplace.

The central square serves as a center of socializing, full of various restaurants and shops of renowned world brands. What is evident is that everyone in Boka Place has the opportunity to be happy

SIRO hotel combines a business atmosphere with a fitness studio and wellness, which is an environment that encourages the personal performance of each worker and nurtures connections with nature and health.

Healthy food, natural juices, and a panoramic rooftop bar contribute to the attractiveness of this place – Boka Place is not just a seaside place but a hub of vitality.

Does it sound like a place you want to live in?

Well, anytime you want. 

With the Citizenship by investment program, you can relocate here within just 6 months. You don’t have to know the language, nor do you have an obligation to move. 

Due to the growing popularity, there is a quota after which the program expires. Keep that in mind If you want to experience the revitalization of the mind and body.

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