Learn everything about the health benefits of sailing

Sailing is considered one of the most loved activities at sea – the pure pleasure of sailing the sea under the open sky and discovering beautiful landscapes is something that must be experienced in order to be fully understood.

The Boka Bay offers incredible year-round sailing experiences as well as organised sailing sessions via the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club available twice per week. For serious sailors, the club offers ongoing RYA courses where you can learn to sail independently. 

So, what are the key health benefits of sailing? Many studies have shown that yachting has a positive effect on health but also on the human psyche. But, how? 

#1 Sailing improves the cardiovascular system  

One of the most important health benefits of sailing is that it improves cardiovascular health which is essential for the human heart. Sailing has the power to decrease heart diseases and hypertension.

Being in the fresh air, under the sun and on the move on your boat is definitely a winning combination. This intense workout session requires increased intake of oxygen, which is crucial for the functioning of the cardiovascular system and helps reduce heart health. 

#2 It is essential for muscle strength and physical condition

Maneuvering your boat correctly requires large amounts of energy and good physical condition. Your muscles are highly involved in the process of pulling lines and trimming sails. 

These activities are especially great for building muscle strength in the back, shoulders, legs and thighs. The air quality at sea ensures a good supply of oxygen to the muscles whilst sailing, where you increase flexibility, agility, endurance, fine motor skills and coordination, as well as strength. 

#3 It makes your bones way healthier and stronger

Since sailing requires spending lots of time outside, usually in sunny weather, most sailors are exposed to the sun’s rays and its vitamin D, which is crucial for bone health, as well as regulating amounts of phosphate and calcium in the body. 

Vitamin D is essential for muscles, teeth and bones and lack of it can have disastrous consequences on health, such as osteomalacia, a condition causing bone pain. Keep in mind that sun exposure is best in the morning when the rays are weaker and kinder to your skin. 

#4 It improves concentration, visual acuity and spatial awareness 

Sailing requires devoted monitoring of wind patterns, gauges and other details while steering the boat, so this activity definitely improves concentration, multitasking and focus.

If you are planning to handle a boat, you’ll need spatial awareness so that you can control it without clashing with other objects or vessels around you. This is a great skill to have mastered when mooring your yacht

Sailing also improves depth perception, which is helpful in many offshore scenarios such as crossing the street, driving a car, etc. Since your mind is constantly active, it is no wonder why devoted sailors think fast and are great problem solvers in their everyday lives.

#5 It helps reduce stress and eliminate anxiety 

Have you ever wondered why sailors are always in a good mood? They enjoy the beauty of the sea, sunny weather and fresh air – all which can help reduce stress and eliminate anxious feelings.

It is known that water has a great positive influence on the human mind and mood, evoking a sense of calmness and helping to reduce stress levels – great for the body’s immune system.

#6 It has a positive effect on mental health

Similar to stress reduction, there are other health benefits of sailing that are caused by the blueness of the water, soothing sound of the waves, beautiful sunshine and salty air.

While at sea, the body absorbs more oxygen which is the main factor in balancing the body’s serotonin – or happy hormone levels – improves one’s mood and making one feel content and satisfied. 

Sailing benefits stretch as far as relaxation, thanks to the calming sounds of waves and flowing water.

#7 It improves organisation skills 

While sailing on a yacht, it is important to keep everything under control to avoid potential accidents. As such, any yachting activity requires advanced planning, attention to detail and great precision. 

Also, you have to ensure that you’re in control of the correct depth, speed and bearings. Such organisation skills can be pretty useful in everyday life. 

Benefits of learning to sail in Porto Montenegro

If you’re an adventurous soul who has yet to enter the world of yachting, there are many benefits of learning to sail in Porto Montenegro luxury Marina and residential villages on the Adriatic. To join our sailing community, please contact Jenny at pmycss@portomontenegro.com.

Porto Montenegro’s premium marina service offers concierge assistance, a multilingual marina team, yacht and mooring assistance, and a Bay basin location. Learn to sail with the full assistance of the marina team and achieve tremendous success.

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