Discover Heidi Klein swimwear – celebrity loved summer essentials

Heidi Klein is a brand of luxury swimwear that was launched in 2002. by a female duo – Heidi Gosman and Penny Klein, whose joint effort lead to foundation of the UK’s first one-stop holiday shop – Heidi Klein

The first boutique of Heidi Klein swimwear was opened in Notting Hill, a district in western part of London. The place is reminiscent of a Hampton’s retreat with palm trees, bleached coral, driftwood, and palm leaves – an ambiance that instantly invites you to embark on a holiday shopping.

In here we bring you a story behind Heidi Klein swimwear brand, it’s beginnings, and its’ luxury products many women can not resist to, not to mention some prominent celebrities who include Heidi Klein swimwear into their everyday essentials. 

Heidi Klein brand beginnings and summary

Before we begin proclaiming our enthusiasm, you should know every Heidi Klein bikini provides you with a unique and enjoyable experience – an established way to look and feel gorgeous wherever you go that involves a beach or a pool. 

But, let us go back to the beginning of the story. 

The first Heidi Klein swimwear collection was launched two years after the brand foundation. The inspiration for creating the brand came from the clients and customers themselves – by acknowledging what they like and what they don’t like, understanding what works for them and what doesn’t, but most importantly – making sure that the swimwear really fits. 

As it goes with pretty much everything, the first Heidi Klein bikini collection became an immediate success, and was soon after distributed through key department stores, boutiques and resorts worldwide, including our Porto Montenegro luxury marina.

Heidi Klein boutiques, styles and celebrity following

Since Notting Hill boutique in 2002., Heidi Klein has spread and started opening new stores – the second in Chelsea in 2004., and third in 2019. in New York city, with additional selling points in 39 countries globally in over 150 stores. 

Thanks to staying independent and a loyal to an ever evolving philosophy, every season brings chic and elegant Heidi Klein swimwear collection, for a well-traveled client who appreciates classic design, as well as modern approach to every new collection. 

Precisely thanks to exclusive design and luxury prints and styles, each and every Heidi Klein swimsuit commits a splash in the celebrity circles. Heidi Klein has earned a continued celebrity following, most notably from Kate Moss, Pippa Middleton, Olivia Palermo, Sienna Miller and one of the biggest Hollywood stars of all time – Jennifer Aniston. Apart from the celebrity clientele, Heidi Klein swimwear brand can also boast with strong following with the press and a more than loyal customer base.

Craft inspired by world beauty

It is no wonder you will find Heidi Klein swimwear worn on the world’s most beautiful beaches, where it became a synonym, or even better, an epitome of stylish, sought-after swimwear, crafted with an exceptional attention to detail. 

The founders of this luxurious brand, Heidi Gosman and Penny Klein, when establishing the original holiday boutique, had in mind to create and deliver the luxurious swimwear and accessories that lived up to their vision of what they consider an unmistakably lavish resortwear, drawing inspiration from the world’s most beautiful destinations. 

Every Heidi Klein swimsuit is an iconic one, and every one of them is immediately recognizable. This swimsuit is a worthy investment, that is repaid with the feeling of the ultimate confidence, a fashion piece that is not only fashionable, but is also durable and indestructible. 

With three collections launched every year, using only the most luxury Italian fabrics and hand-printed designs, Heidi Klein is always on point with the newest designs that intent to become the latests classics.

Spark your holiday with Heidi Klein

High fashion is not price sensitive, and that is spot on what Heidi Klein swimwear is all about. Heidi Klein is created with an independent woman in mind, a woman who travels around 7-9 times a year, and is not afraid to go beyond her comfort zone time and time again, but always bearing in mind that she deserves to look gorgeous and stylish in doing so. 

Heidi Klein brand is about creating a complete, instantly recognizable wardrobe for the chic globe-trotter who cherishes luxury and breathes high quality garments, but, what’s even more important, a woman that values brand’s ability to ensure the ultimate comfort and perfect fit.

The benefits of Heidi Klein swimwear and why is it worth investing

All women know that buying swimwear is a challenge for a lot of reasons. Whether you’re searching for a bikini or a monokini, you need to make sure not only that it fits, but also that it is figure flattering, stylish looking and – stays in place. 

Some pieces of your wardrobe are more than worth investing, mainly because you want to look beyond high-street, but also to hold on to that one piece longer than one summer season – enter Heidi Klein swimwear.

A Heidi Klein swimsuit is fitted 7 times

Every woman knows the importance of having a luxury bikini fit in reality, being that sizing rarely carries out expectations. Heidi Klein brand prioritizes flexible fitting, and believe us, that is a revelation. 

In Heidi Klein swimwear offer you can find a wide array of cup options, underwiring, silicone tape or padding, with comfort provided at all times with no exceptions. 

How is that achieved?

Heidi Klein makes sure that every swimsuit is fitted seven times, to ensure it wears and feels good, moving together with your body, not on it. Heidi Klein is a high quality swimwear, one that can withstand actual swimming. 

Versatile sizing for every body type

Certain Heidi Klein collections, beside detailed design elements, offer a range of swimsuit that goes up to a G cup with XL+ options. This is how this luxury swimwear brand hits a sweat spot between functionality and fashion every time – allowing you to take your pick based on your own size, body shape, mix and match preferences, or tailored details that you can remove or add. 

A Heidi Klein swimsuit can always be made more comfortable or adjusted in a way that you like the most – you can add or remove padding, attach or detach straps, increase coverage with slider system or call “Fit to Phone” service to help you make a perfect fit. 

Never fading shades and design that never dates

Heidi Klein swimwear boasts with shades that no other company will match, pitched at just the right vibrancy so they won’t dull after washing. 

The anti-see-through tests are very through too, with a high SPF guaranteed, but apart from this practical features, a swimsuit should always look and feel stylish, and never outdated. 

This is why Heidi Klein has a savvy design team that delivers stylish and modern swimwear with a price tag that is fully justified.


Well, if you opt for the extra spend at Heidi Klein, this buys you hand – painted prints by artists, tonal colour combinations for easily mixing and matching tops and bottom to your liking. Heidi Klein made your holiday packing simpler, but also, more elegant, with subtle touches such as scalloped edging, nautical styles and minimalist shapes with just the right level of detail such as zips, beading and other hardware. 

Heidi Klein swimwear is sustainable and it lasts

Ethics and sustainability are at the very core of the Heidi Klein business. 

Namely, the company works with family run suppliers, fabric mills and printers that recycle the water that is used for dyes; raw materials are sourced from local suppliers that provide employment benefits such as additional training, higher education and access to health and exercise programs. 

This is a company that is constantly looking for ways to reduce the negative environmental impact and to minimize waste, undertaking steps such as cutting out plastic where possible or switching to solar power. 

The result of all that is the chlorine resistant swimwear made with Italian, high-quality fabric that is structured, smooth and strong – three things that remain the same for years. If this is not an argument enough to invest more in a swimsuit, bear in mind that Heidi Klein offers plenty of reversibles, enabling you to keep each piece fresh for longer, and from making an impulse buy next summer

Heidi Klein swimwear welcomes you in Porto Montenegro too

If you happen to stay at our luxury resort, be sure to take a stroll in our Shopping center where Heidi Klein store welcomes you among other luxury high fashion boutiques. 

Come and meet the Heidi Klein beachwear brand that is set to reinvent luxury swimwear shopping into an exciting experience, where you end up looking stylish, modern and confident, just like every trendy fashion enthusiast should look after a productive, high-quality shopping.

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