How to make the most of Montenegro holidays

Have you ever been to Montenegro? Have you heard of Kotor, Budva, Tivat and a pile of natural resorts, out of which the few were made into National Parks? No? Well it’s about time you familiarize yourself with the beauty that is Montenegro, especially if you have planned to spend your holidays in this hidden gem of the Balkans.

When it comes to holidaying in Montenegro, let’s say you’re camped up somewhere luxurious and comfortable, but have an urge to discover an authentic Montenegrin experience, besides the all time classics – shopping and dining. When better than during Montenegro holidays, right?

Montenegro luxury holidays that Porto Montenegro can offer with its luxury apartments in one hand, and rich offer of adventures in Boka Bay in the other, definitely are something to consider. Why not spice it a little and check out some of the scenery that will certainly make you remember your trip in a more exciting fashion. Whether you wish to bask in the sunlight and enjoy the marvelous sights and landscapes of the rocky mountains of Montenegro, or you would rather sail the bay and visit great coastal medieval cities, the choice is yours. Here are some of our pieces of advice on how to make the most of your Montenegro holidays.

Sail the stunning riviera and visit Kotor

When it comes to Montenegro coast, there are plenty of spots to visit, but not one is so lively and spectacular such as Boka bay. Kotor is a true showpiece, belonging to the so called Venetian Montenegro – completely justified once you see its tall city walls and painted roofs.

Kotor’s unofficial symbol are cats, so you’ll see quite a lot of them on the streets, and do not miss out on the Kotor Old City, one that treasures so much of Kotor’s history, including stories of sailors and traders. The Old City is very well preserved and represents a true example of the medieval architecture. Once you’re swamped by numerous monuments and other bastions of cultural heritage, you’ll realise why Kotor is on the UNESCO Natural and Historical Heritage list.

One of the most recognizable symbols of the city is the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, located at the center of narrow street and squares of Kotor, the representative of monumental Roman culture and architecture.

The beauty of Kotor accelerates even more during the summer months, when numerous carnivals and festivals are held, leaving one of the most beautiful cities of Montenegrin littoral oozing with a unique charm and presence. We suggest you sail to Kotor during summer, cause this is the time  Kotor is the most alive and a time of the year when it gets the most hectic, and trust us, the celebration of life really is contagious and strong in this place.

Love Montenegro nature? Lake Skadar it is!

To prove that holidays in Montenegro certainly are something you should make the most of, we recommend some of the most beautiful natural resorts our country has to offer, that being none other than the Lake Skadar. You’ll probably ask yourselves why have we chosen Skadar Like, out of so many other gorgeous natural getaways Montenegro can offer? Well, the Lake Skadar National Park is unique in so many ways, that we simply must implore you to visit it once you arrive to Montenegro, the Adriatic gem.

Lake Skadar has always been a popular escape for nature lovers, the ones searching for an escapists refuge, or simply people who enjoy outdoor activity. According to the legend, the lake was created out of the tears of a pixie, which seems a bit naive, but once you set your gaze upon the beauty of magical Skadar, you might start believing it too.

The best way to arrive to Skadar is on wheels of course, mainly from the direction of Bar and Podgorica, through the central part via Virpazar. If you wish to visit some of the other regions of the park, renowned for its numerous bird species, you can hail a taxi, except if you arrived in a jeep, which would save you a lot of trouble . The lake also offers boat rides, a visit to the fishermen village and other authentic experiences, hard to witness anywhere else.

Up for some Montenegro adventures? Tara river rafting awaits!

Are you in for a Montenegro adventure? If you can’t resist that adrenaline rush you feel every time the speed and danger are everything there is left in your surroundings, than Tara river rafting is a right kind of experience for you! The major part of the river flows in the area of Durmitor National park, in the most beautiful and wild parts of the country, which is some of the authentic, unspoiled nature Montenegro can offer you.

The best way to actually come to appreciate the Montenegro nature and wilderness surrounding you, is to go and have an experience such as river rafting, where many magnificent and spectacular sights will simply unfold before your eyes. There are many tours concerning rafting, offering you not only an adrenaline coated experience, but also accommodating you in the best possible way, providing you with great stops and spots to eat and taste something different.

Enjoy shopping and local cuisine on every corner

As sharp and rocky Montenegro might seem at the first sight, the phrase that nothing is ever what it looks like was never more true than in this context. In numerous coastal cities, such as Budva, Bar, Tivat and Kotor you can enjoy everything they have to offer, and by everything, we literally mean everything you would expect from a scenic riviera.

Numerous high quality, elite restaurants filled with local specialties are waiting to be discovered by you in every corner, especially after a heavy day of shopping and storming the streets for this and that hot designer of the season. Everyone gets hungry after such a mission, which is why Montenegrin specialize in a strong and tasty food, able to get you through the roughest of days.

Is there something that you can do during the actual Montenegro holidays?

Being that Montenegro is absolutely perfect for visiting during the entire year, check out some of the national or religious holidays, the ones based on folk tradition and annual events that can be a perfect opportunity for you to visit and relax.

  • St. Tryphon Festival – held in February, it’s a religious event that commemorates of the saint Tryphon and his martyrdom. The festival include church processions, services and other traditional performances in front of the main church.
  • Mimosa Festival – this festival is held in Herceg Novi in February/March, celebrating the coming of spring, symbolised in first blossoming of the yellow mimosa flower. The events honoring the festival last for several weeks, followed by art exhibitions, traditional and modern theater shows, music and dance performances. Of course, the highlight of the festival are flower shows, when young girls hold branches of the mimosa, and travel between cities to visit their friends and relatives.
  • Music of the Summer – The iconic event is held in Budva during the four summer months, beginning in June. It celebrates the traditional musical heritage of Montenegro in all its forms, from different bands to vocal groups, traditional ensembles and more.
  • Perast Music Festival – this annual Montenegro music festival takes place every August, and its focus is on internationally- known singers, instrumentalists, and orchestras. Concerts are being held in venues all over town, and the event attracts a large number of overseas visitors, making it one of the most popular events over the year.

We invite you to visit Montenegro to see and feel everything it has to offer, all the while having us at your service to provide you with the most luxurious accommodation that you can rent as well as an option to berth your yacht in our marina, especially if you’re planning to experience our beautiful riviera straight from the deck, with wind in your hair.

Looking forward to seeing you on our beautiful Montenegrin riviera!

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