Lakes in Montenegro – natural retreats you must visit

So many times by now we’ve described Montenegro as a stunning, dazzling Mediterranean jewel, unique and renowned as much for its natural beauty, as well as rich history and past that leaves nobody indifferent. What’s so great about Montenegro lakes is that you don’t have to be restricted to the summer season in order to visit, but you have numerous options to take notice of, pack your bags and start exploring our beautiful country.

At this point we wanted to reflect on Montenegro lakes, the very reason the Montenegro nature is so praised. When deciding to visit some of the Montenegro lakes, suddenly you find yourself with an option to a hike long distances while you’re vacating in Porto Montenegroor have a picnic in the mountains, or simply dedicate yourself to the wild and let it surprise you.

All of these options are open and adjustable to your lifestyle, traveling rhythm, or the fact that you are an adventure seeker, so if you happen to want to experience one of a kind Montenegro thrills, than lakes in Montenegro we are about to suggest are more than a great option.

Lake and forest

Lake Biograd – a Montenegro lake in the midst of Bigradska Gora

Lake Biograd is a stunning natural wonder hidden amid the National Park Biogradska Gora, one of the rare national parks in Montenegro that happens to be graced with very old, virgin forests, one of the last three in Europe. This lake is situated on the 1094 m above the sea level, with crystal clear waters stretching for 1100 meters, making it perfect for sightseeing by boat.

This is one of the largest glacier lakes located in this park, making it one of the perfect spots for tourist to hang out, and enjoy some fresh air high up in the Montenegro mountains. If you want to get to know it more closely, there are numerous hiking tours that lead you through beautiful landscapes that reflect in gorgeous shades of emerald waters. 

Black Lake Montenegro – a rare beauty of a dark name

Black Lake fall under the category of the most famous lakes in Montenegro, located in Durmitor National Park, at an altitude of 1442 m above the sea level. This glacial lake with an interesting name is consisted of two lakes – Small and Big, connected by a narrow isthmus.

The legend says that the was created  when Saint Sava, who happened to be travelling through this area and was wrongly accused of theft, so the whole village started chasing after him. As a repercussion, the Small lake flooded the village and the Big one the nearby meadows, therefore punishing the pursuers, in the process of the creation of the joint lakes, so that is why today is known as the Black Lake. 

Lake Skadar Montenegro – the biggest lake in the country

We’re aware that we’ve mentioned Skadar Lake multiple times by now, but this list would simply be incomplete without it, not to mention that it’s the biggest among the Montenegro lakes. It is situated in the western limb of the Balkan Peninsula, part of it belonging to Northern Albania, owing its name to the ancient town of Shkoder. Being that the lake is very large, it is no wonder it belongs the municipalities both of Bar and Podgorica. 

However, the greater part of the lake belongs to Montenegro and has been the part of the National park since 1983., while the remaining part belongs to Albania and is managed as a natural reserve, while the lake in it entirety was nominated for the UNESCO heritage list.

One of the unique features of this great lake is that it also counts in as a “crypto depression”, which means that some parts of the lake’s bottom are positioned below the sea level. These lower points are also known as sublacustrine springs, or “the eyes” in layman terms. 

These lower points become evident on the western shores of the lake where its mostly barren, while its northern shores are largely inundated. 

Lake and nature

Piva lake Montenegro – the reservoir among the lakes of Montenegro

Piva lake may not be a natural creation, but even though its artificial in its origins, it managed to become one of the most beautiful lakes in the entire Montenegro country. Apart from the stunning looks, Piva lake is also the most elevated artificial reservoir in the world – located on the 675 meters above the sea level. 

It was created when the Mratinje dam was first constructed on Piva River, while the monastery of the same name was relocated from its original location, to some 8 km distance from the town of Pluzine – a relocation venture that took place from 1969. to 1982., in order for the monastery to be preserved.

Bukumirsko lake – one of the legendary Montenegro lakes

This is one of those Montenegro lakes with legends and myths surrounding its origins and creation, located in eastern Montenegro.

One of these legends of old tells a story about dragons that use to guard the lake. The other legend says that long ago, a traveler was passing through these lands, a at some point got thirsty and started looking for water. 

Since water was nowhere to be found, the traveler prayed to God to grant him water so could be strong enough to continue his journey – at that moment, the water starter flowing out of the seemingly barren rocks and filing the valley that is now known as Bukumirsko lake.

Even though the lake can’t be described as impressive in terms of size, it is more than enough stunning traits to flaunt. For instance, its waters are so transparent it resembles a large, glass mirror. That same quality of water allows for the water lilies to survive undisturbed, which is the same trait that makes it perfect for swimming, camping, and other nature-friendly activities on the shores of this sparkly lake.   

Today, Bukumirsko lake is one of the most popular Montenegro lakes when it comes to visiting, whether you are a tourist, adventurer or simply a nature enthusiast. There are a few guest houses and a motel if you are keen on visiting for more than a day, but other than that – you are always welcome to make a short excursion.

Lake and forest

Hrid lake – a Montenegro lake hidden by Prokletije

Hrid lake in Montenegro is not that well known, especially to foreigners, so it doesn’t really pop up to mind as some other bigger, famous lakes. However, it doesn’t mean in any way that Hrid lake is not worth a visit, no matter how secluded it is. 

Speaking about lakes in Montenegro, this one might be a perfect option for a weekend getaway in our country. It is located in Plav municipality, in the north part of the Prokletije national park. It is believed that this lake brings luck to all who throw a coin or a piece of jewelry in it, so many visitors are more than happy to do it.

Swimming in this lake is, thanks to all the coins and jewelry, a unique experience, like you’re swimming in gold. Interestingly enough, this lake doesn’t have fish in it, but there is plenty of other wildlife around, so you won’t be lacking in that kind of experience. 

Lake Sas in Ulcinj – the second largest Montenegro lake

Lake Sas is located in the village of the same name, just outside of coastal town of Ulcinj. Sas is the second largest lake in the entire country, famous as the home of many rare bird species of migratory kind, as well of those made it a permanent residence. Birds are one of the reasons this lake is visited over the course of the year – nature and bird lover heaven, you might say.

As many other Montenegro lakes, this one too is of glacial origin, with the surface area that fluctuates depending on the season. The lake also bares another name too – Svac, named by the ancient city that use to thrive in this area and whose ruins can be found nearby.

This lake prides itself in its rich flora and fauna – crystal clear waters overflowing with more than 20 species of fish, reeds and water lilies, all of which makes it an ideal holiday destination. If you decide to visit, here you can embark on activities such as picnics by the side of the lake, engage in football playing or other sports, ride a boat or simply relish in fresh air and enchanting nature surrounding you. 

Lake Peshica in Biogradska Gora

Lake Peshica is another lake positioned in National park Biogradska Gora, located in Berane municipality. This lake is surrounded by four mountain peaks: Crna Glava, Zekova Glava, Borova Glava and Triglav, at the height of 1838 m above the sea level, leaving you with a stunning view of the clouds.

This Montenegro lake is not short of legends too. A really beautiful one depicts a story about a white flying horse that used to live in the lake, coming out every evening and floating above the lake. This legend is not that hard to believe in once you visit the lake yourself, with all those fluffy clouds and soft wind whistles, reminiscent of the pair of wings.

Plav Lake – beneath the towering mountains

This lake is one of Montenegro lakes that graces the slopes of Prokletije mountain, next to the settlement of the same name. A true pearl of the country, this Montenegro lake has been attracting visitors since the old times, with its water being used as a source for centuries.

The entire area of Plav lake can be characterized as a mysterios, enchanting and wonderful, with its banks surrounded with bushy green meadows and mountain peaks reflecting in its surface.

This Montenegro lake makes a particular oasis for fishermen or those who are enthusiastic about it, at least, since there is plenty of trout, pike and carp to be caught. Apart from fishermen, it provides a stunning scenery for ornithologists too, with numerous wild birds who call it home.

Lake and forest

Staban lakes – the jewels of Bioc mountain

There are two Staban lakes – Big and Small, both located in the area of mountain Bioca, with slopes covered with dense green pine forests. To be more precise, the big Staban lake is located at the bottom of mountain Volujak.

The lakes are located closely to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the north-west part of Pluzine town. These lakes are a natural attraction offering all visitors to enjoy a view at the stunning, towering mountain peaks, flow the deep forest canyons and visit unusual villages with the most eco friendly breweries found in this part of the world.

Zminicko lake in Zabljak, Durmitor

Now, this is another one of those well hidden Montenegro lakes, this particularly in the mountain Durmitor, but apart from that, this lake is a part of another mountain range – Sinjajevina. This lake is completely surrounded by a dense, coniferous forest, which makes it a perfect picnic getaway, easy to get to coming from Black Lake.

Coniferous forests and meadows give this lake a unique charm, perfect for rural landscape lovers, who love nothing more than to be outdoors and one with nature. 

As you could probably gather by now, even though it’s tiny, Montenegro is truly a natural refuge, a haven that offers a great many options – coastal towns in Boka bay oozing with history, small islands, ancient cities, cruising options, tall mountains hiding natural wonders in the form of caves, lakes and forests, historical and archaeological sites, and amazingly, a lavish and luxurious port like Porto Montenegro as a perfect start to any kind of journey through our beautiful country.

When it comes to Montenegro lakes, there are plenty more than we’ve just counted – plenty of hidden, secluded natural jewels, ready to be discovered, whether during your summer vacation, holiday, or any other occasion you have planned!

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