Luxury sailing holiday in Montenegro - how to make it truly unforgettable

Summer is just around the corner, and we bet you had plans for how you’ll spend it this year, perhaps Montenegro was top of your list? If so, we think you’re onto something!

If you want to kick off a less than ordinary summer then a luxury sailing holiday in Montenegro might be a perfect opportunity to relax with friends or family, while trying something new. Sailing itself covers a wide array of requirements you need to carry out before you actually set sail, depending on the kind of sailing adventure you have in mind.

Here we will help you make a cheat-sheet of your own and cover all the necessary steps you need to check out, in order to make your sailing holiday in Montenegro a truly unforgettable experience. If you’re planning a sailing holiday in Montenegro, you’re in for a treat. Montenegro offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Adriatic, with crystal-clear waters and stunning landscapes. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your Montenegro sailing holiday.

All luxury sailing holidays begin with essentials

When going on a luxury sailing holiday, it goes without saying that you need to pack smart. Packing strategies revolve around making your luggage as optimal as it can be for the limited yacht capacity.

Choose the right time to sail

Montenegro has a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters. The best time to sail in Montenegro is from May to October when the weather is warm and sunny. During this time, you can enjoy calm seas and gentle winds, making it the perfect time for a relaxing sailing holiday.

Documents and currency

The last thing you want to do is  launch into a luxury sailing holiday without your passport or other important documents. Aside from your passport, you are going to need your ID too, as well as your sailing certificates as they might well be requested by the Port police.

A driving licence might also be a good idea to have with you, especially if you are keen on making a few stops along the way, in some of the ports, islands or coastal cities of Montenegro, and plan on renting a car or a motorbike. The same goes for your holiday and health insurance documents.

As for currency, we suggest you bring a combination of cash and credit cards. You can withdraw euros from bank ATMs, as long as your bank operates abroad, while credit cards are accepted in most shops and restaurants you’ll visit.

Porto Montenegro is a perfect example of a marina where you can safely withdraw currency from numerous ATMs but also safely moor your yacht before you continue with your journey.

Never go anywhere without important medication

You really don’t want to be stuck on a luxury sailing holiday without any of the important meds, especially the ones you take on regularly. Porto Montenegro has a few pharmacies that can be helpful, but it is always better to be supplied.

Aside from medicine you take on a regular basis, it is useful to have some antihistamine creams and gels for insect bites, headache medicine, antiseptics, incest repellents and travel sickness pills – just in case.

Where to sail in Montenegro?

Explore the Bay of Kotor

The Bay of Kotor is one of the most beautiful bays in the Adriatic and a must-visit destination on your Montenegro sailing holiday. The bay is surrounded by towering mountains and dotted with charming medieval towns and villages. Make sure to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters and explore the hidden coves and beaches.

Visit the Lustica Peninsula

The Lustica Peninsula is a hidden gem in Montenegro, with pristine beaches and untouched nature. This secluded area is perfect for a peaceful sailing holiday, away from the crowds. Make sure to visit the Blue Cave, a natural wonder that can only be accessed by boat.

Bio-friendly toiletries are a must

Since your luxury sailing holiday will probably last at least a week or two, and in a country that is not your own, it is always good to be mindful of your impact, wherever you go. Look up for some biodegradable alternatives, and avoid bringing harsh liquids, facial scrubs that contain non-organic beads, or even nail polish remover, as all of this goes down the drain and into the sea. 

Toothbrush and toothpaste might seem trivial, but somehow become the first to forget about, precisely because of their triviality. Sunscreen and aftersun cream are also travel essentials, and we don’t really need to stress their importance on the sailing holiday, do we?

Travel sizes of shampoo, conditioner and body moisturiser are always good to have, saving you from having to throw away the whole bottle when you’re done with it. When it comes to razors, you should definitely consider packing a wireless shaver or a battery powered one, as yachts only have a 12V charger port.

When on a yacht - it is important to stay fashionable

Depending on when you plan to take your luxury sailing holiday, different fashion rules will apply. 

For instance, if your luxury sailing vacation in Montenegro is happening between mid-May and the end of September, you will only need a couple of swimsuits, towels, t-shirts, shorts, and some casual/formal wear for the evenings, depending on the occasion. Windproof jackets and sailing gloves are always good to have, in case of strong winds and as a basic hand protection.

On the other hand, in case your sailing holiday is about to take place before the middle of May, or after September, make sure to pack sweaters and warm trousers, as well as gear suitable for wet weather

Deck shoes or sports shoes are a must for on-board safety, as they are non slippery, but aside from them, you should definitely have some sneakers or walking shoes packed, for coastal ventures. A sun hat and sunglasses are must-bring accessories for sun protection, having in mind you soak a lot of sun while sailing, thanks to water reflection.

Clothes themselves should be packed in duffel bags, rather than suitcases, since hard cases are more difficult to store in lockers on board, which are in sync with sailing standards. You can choose duffel bags on wheels or collapsibles for the ease of transport.

Nowhere without electronics

Imagine you are on a sailing holiday, and you find yourself with a dead phone, or even worse, wet phone scenario? The horror, we know. 

To prevent that, always make sure you bring enough charger cables, or international adapters in case you are renting a yacht, or you are a guest on somebody else’s. A waterproof case is always a good thing to have, especially when on a sailing vacation – you can always drop your phone in the sea, or shatter it. 

Aside from protecting your phone, your mask will allow you to take those unforgettable underwater selfies, without having to bring an underwater camera if you don’t feel like packing extra.

Beside the electronic essentials, it is always a good idea to bring a power bank, so your phone and other gear you packed can stay juiced. This is super handy if charging ports on your yacht are limited, and you happen to sail with a lot of friends.

Take care of directions, accommodation and keep a travel journal

Having a luxury sailing holiday on the Adriatic (or Mediterranean in general) is more than a dream come true, but in order to make a truly unforgettable experience, make sure to map out your sailing routes beforehand – if your journey starts in Montenegro, make sure to plan out directions from the airport to the marina, and download offline maps of every city you plan to stop by in Boka bay – it will be useful for road trips too. 

As for accommodation, Porto Montenegro makes for a perfect stop on your luxury sailing holiday – here you will find luxury apartments, high-end shops, sports and entertainment facilities, museums and our famous yacht club. Our marina can provide you with absolutely everything you might need – from wireless internet to laundry facilities, making us a perfect stopover on your sailing holiday.

Last but not least – keep a travel journal. Every travel experience is all about stories and memories, and you are bound to have a lot of them by your sailing holiday ends. Note every place you’ve explored, every adventure you’ve experienced and every breathtaking natural sight you have laid your eyes upon – and make sure they stay with you forever.

Choose the best marina on Adriatic - Porto Montenegro marina

Porto Montenegro is a luxury marina located in the heart of the Adriatic Sea. It is a world-class destination for superyachts, offering state-of-the-art facilities and services to its clients. 

One of the key services offered by Porto Montenegro is its 24/7 concierge service. The concierge team is available to assist clients with a wide range of requests, from organizing private tours and transportation to arranging yacht maintenance and repairs. The team is highly trained in providing personalized service, ensuring that every client’s needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Another important service offered by Porto Montenegro is its yacht management program. The program is designed to provide yacht owners with a comprehensive range of services, including technical support, maintenance, crew management, and financial management. The team of experts at Porto Montenegro has extensive experience in managing superyachts, ensuring that every vessel is maintained to the highest standards.

Porto Montenegro also offers a range of luxury amenities and services for yacht owners and their guests. The marina is home to a variety of high-end restaurants, bars, and boutiques, providing clients with a unique shopping and dining experience. The marina also features a state-of-the-art gym and spa, as well as a range of recreational activities, including sailing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

For those looking to explore the local area, Porto Montenegro offers a range of excursions and tours. Clients can take a private tour of the stunning Bay of Kotor, visit local wineries, or explore the historic towns of Montenegro. The marina’s concierge team can also arrange transportation and accommodation for clients, ensuring that their experience is seamless and stress-free.

In addition to its services for superyachts, Porto Montenegro also offers a range of services for smaller boats and yachts. The marina has a dedicated area for smaller vessels, with berths ranging from 8 to 30 meters. The marina’s services for smaller boats include fueling, waste disposal, and technical support.

Overall, Porto Montenegro is a world-class marina that offers a comprehensive range of services for superyachts and smaller boats alike. Its state-of-the-art facilities, personalized service, and luxury amenities make it a top destination for yacht owners and their guests. Whether clients are looking for technical support, yacht management, or a unique shopping and dining experience, Porto Montenegro has something to offer everyone.

Luxury sailing holiday in Montenegro - an unforgettable journey you will always cherish

Is there a better way to relax and enjoy your vacation than on a yacht?

No, we think so too – you are gliding over the ocean, breathing in the crisp, salty air and enjoying the perfect sunsets on the horizon. This otherworldly experience can be reserved for your family, or the group of your closest friends – either way it will be your own private escapade. 

Before you set sail, remember that usually the smallest things can make or break your vacation, so make sure to pack everything you need as this can be your way to travel in style, and spend the most precious moments on earth with your loved ones!

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