Luxury sailing tips with catamaran yachts

If you’re a laymen in yachting or sailing altogether, you might have asked yourself what are catamaran yachts and what makes them so different than their counterparts? The catamaran definition cites that what all catamaran yachts have in common are two hulls instead of one. The hulls are bridged by a deck, and in the case of larger models, the cabins are located both on the deck and inside the hulls.

The catamaran enthusiasts like to call it “the cat” and love it for number of advantages they hail while sailing them. Here you will find out exactly what those advantages are, and how you can come to sail a luxury catamaran yacht, wherever you go.

Luxury catamaran sailing basics and advantages

Many sailors like to state that two hulls are better than one, which is why they opt for a catamaran yacht instead of a classical vessel. One of the primary advantages of sailing a cat lies in the fact that its beam is maximized for the entire length of the boat, which is what makes them roomier than monohulls.

A luxury catamaran has cabins in hulls that have greatly enhanced privacy, since cabins that are located in different hulls are further apart, making them more spacious, and therefore, luxurious.

Another textbook advantage is a shallower draft, making them more equipped to handle rough seas, which in turn makes your cruising adventures more diverse. Furthermore, a catamaran sailing yacht can just easily be sailed, as well as motored, making it more versatile for charter operations too.

Luxury catamaran sailing techniques revealed

These sailing techniques can just as easily be translated into luxury catamaran sailing tips, since these techniques are certainly that, a way to master sailing on a multihull.

Overcoming visibility obstacle

What is very common in any catamaran model that you come across, is the interior space being posing some inevitable limitations to visibility, especially evident when you’re sitting behind the wheel. In general, boats that have a separate port and starboard helm stations, have a great view looking forward and outboard, with the accommodation house being a blind spot.

That is a less serious flaw, since you basically won’t have to worry about it when you are on a cat with a flybridge, able to see for miles. You’ll also have a great view on the line – handling and the boat’s movement in general.

Windage coping tip

A catamaran, especially a luxury catamaran, offers a tremendous amount of space with more options for a luxury accommodation, but unfortunately, this also means there is a huge amount of windage too. Most of catamarans have centerboards – the devices who may not be the most efficient for fast upwind sailing, but do have enough pure area to keep the boat from being blown about like a feather.

These two previous tips might seem too daunting to even consider handling, but there is a one built in characteristic that’s pretty beneficial – two built-in engines, something that will definitely make your life easier, and make you look like a pro, even if you’re not one.

Two engine manoeuvring

Since the rudders on the average cruising catamaran are smaller than the usual standard, but it matters not, since in this case, you freely forget about them when manoeuvring at slow speed, instead of going full blast ahead with full rudder. This can only work on a monohull anyway, but it’s best not to tempt it on a cat.

Another thing to consider while planning to leave the dock is to make note where are the the other catamarans around you moored, so you can get clear more effectively. If your catamaran is fitted with a boat thruster, which is not that common in cats, you can push your boat away from the dock, which is way handier than being crammed between boats.

What about do’s and don’ts?

The catamaran design makes it very practical to handle when you are experienced, but still there are a few rules to have in mind before sailing away.

  • Always take a time to consider where the breeze is coming from as windage plays a crucial part when sailing a luxury catamaran.
  • Master the usage of twin engines, since the rudders can’t always be of help, mainly due to their size.
  • Always mind the angle you are about to leave from – such as an opposite pontoon.
  • Never allow the spring lines to twist together, or the friction will stop the engine from running.
  • Never attempt any strong manoeuvres in strong wind, especially in tropical waters.
  • Always remember that undocking is the hardest manoeuvre you need to master.

Now, if you are not new to the luxury catamaran cruise, but these catamaran sailing tips were nevertheless helpful, we suggest you make Porto Montenegro one of the stops while cruising on your catamaran sailing yacht.

Here we offer you a marina equipped with all the necessary facilities and enough berthing and mooring options to benefit your catamaran, as well as your entire journey. At Porto Montenegro you can truly relax and continue your adventure refreshed and eager.

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