Luxury yacht manufacturers – meet the people in charge

Most of the affluent home buyers gravitate to beach destinations, mountain homes or golf and ski communities for their cosy vacation residences, but for some with the very deep pocket, only a superyacht means wealth.

Yachts are defined as boats that have to be at least 90 feet long, made to look like some floating mansions that can carry their owner wherever he wants to go. Yachts are the mere word connotes of luxury and easy living. They are a symbol of wealth, second to private jets.

Spending millions on a yacht and taking off to unknown parts is not as easy as some may believe. Owners are always prudent of the place where their boat is registered and the safety of the marina where it should be properly managed.

A new generation of yacht owners, in search of more adventurous tides, is disrupting travel on the high seas. The changes are affecting how yachts are built and chartered, where they can go and what skills crew members are expected to possess.

Designing a luxury sailing yacht that is safe and comfortable

When designing a yacht, luxury sailing yacht builders want to ensure that an enormous amount of attention has been given to the layout and the set up of the helm.

In the design phase, each new model gets a ‘mock-up’, built mostly out of wood, including the helm-seat, steering wheel, winch positions, sheet angles and hall leading to every end.

The reason luxury yacht manufacturers do this is the fact that when you are sailing, you will find yourself at the helm or the thereto most of the time. Although the captain is on autopilot for the majority of the time, when it comes to reefing, you need a complete insight.

Some of the design problems include protecting the boat from salt air, clumsy crew members and faulty sprinklers. Sometimes, the problems are based on having to decide whether to build one 100 meters vessel or join the latest trends by opting for a “smaller” yacht with support to carry a submarine, helicopter, speedboats and other “toys”.

For example, luxury superyacht builders make their vessels loaded with amenities like a beach club or an opening at the back of the boat where watercraft and toys can be stacked.

Luxury yacht manufacturers usually have six or seven projects at various stages of a construction process on their shipyards, and the building of one boat can take four to five years that can be extended for the needs of designing the cutlery and crockery, flower vases, the implementing light fittings and door handles.

Yachts in marina

Leading the industry with innovation

Luxury sailing yacht manufacturers almost always add some innovative features in the process of designing and making of yachts. What is standard on most cruising yachts now, was revolutionary just 15 years ago.

For example, many of us cannot imagine a yacht without a central winch pod – but this feature is added not so long ago, at the end of the nineties, and the original concept had a winch on the coach-roof, on the port as well and the starboard side – only to be replaced by the more appealing layout with 2 winches next to the helm and a turning block for the port side genoa sheet. The central winch pod makes it very easy to raise the mainsail from the comfort of the helm with an electric winch.

Luxury sailing yacht manufacturers that run the seas

Superyachts are very popular among the rich and famous, being extraordinarily luxurious and expensive. Over the last thirty years, luxury sailing yacht manufacturers have strived to design and build the most luxurious vessels on the water.

There are a number of luxury sailing yacht builders around the world that the wealthy turn to when they wish to buy a top of the notch yacht. We will present you with some of the best luxury yacht manufacturers, well known for the uniquely exquisite designed boats, custom-built for the buyer.

The Association of luxury yacht manufacturers from the Netherlands

Shipyards in the Netherlands are the backbone of the Dutch maritime cluster. For centuries, these shipyards and banks have been a breeding ground for innovation and exquisite taste in shipbuilding.

Cooperation between shipyards is something that is very common in the Dutch ground, and these alliances are proven to provide a stronger and more competitive position of the Dutch luxury yacht builders.

1. Luxury superyacht builders of the Heesen Yachts – best in the world

The luxury superyacht builders of the Heesen Yachts are planetary popular and best-known for their constructs of steel and aluminium that are sold for more than 112 million dollars.

The Heesen Yachts were founded in 1978, they have sold hundreds of luxury vessels and now have about 13 super yachts under construction at its shipyard in Oss, near Amsterdam.

Monaco Wolf is the most popular yacht built by Heesen Yachts.

2. The Feadship luxury sailing yacht builders

Feadship is an elite group of royal shipyards around the world that produces custom yachts and superyachts in their owners prefered vision and personal tastes. The Feadship is best known as the world’s luxury sailing yacht manufacturer for customized superyachts.

They work alongside superyacht owners to ensure that their unique yachts are up to the standards of luxury set by the owners. Feadship is also widely considered to rank first on any list of the top yacht companies and luxury superyacht builders in the world.

The favourite Feadship yacht is the M/Y Faith.

3. Amels luxury superyacht builders

Amels is part of the Dutch family-owned Damen Shipyards Group who is considered one of the world’s largest and most successful shipbuilders with the pedigree and history in ship making for a 100 year.

Their boats are usually described as a truly custom yacht, with a stunning design both inside and out, having the very best of European design and the highest quality of construction and management.

Amels most sold model of a luxurious yacht is the elegant M/Y Volpini 2

Yacht in marina

4. Oceanco luxury yacht manufacturers

Oceanco luxury yacht manufacturers specialize in manufacturing custom superyachts that range between 80 to 140 meters in length, but they have also developed a number of famous luxury superyachts that are in service around the world.

Oceanco has been regularly listed as one of the top 10 best superyacht builders in the world due to their unparalleled expertise in developing exquisite superyachts.

As one of the favourites, the model named S/Y Black Pearl won the hearts of the rich and famous.

The German association of superyachts manufacturers

Germany has separated itself on the yacht building market by stepping out with some highly individual, customised superyachts that are timeless and reflect the vision of their owners.

1. The Lürssen Group of the best luxury superyacht builders

The Lurssen luxury superyacht builders company was started in 1875 and till this day has stayed a family-run shipyard. This shipyard happens to be one of the two best luxury yacht builders in the world, with an impressive record of having produced over 13000 vessels – mainly superyachts.

In the late years, another of the first-class superyacht manufacturers was assembled to the Larsen yacht group, and that is the Blohm+Voss shipyard.

The Blohm+Voss Hamburg shipyard happens to be among the best in the world and provides ample space and expertise for the building, maintenance, and renovation of fine luxury superyachts.

When it comes to supreme maintenance of fine superyachts, the Blohm & Voss have set the standards in the area of several different services such as:

  • Maintenance, supplying and repairs for their and yachts of other luxury yacht manufacturers
  • Insight in special treatments
  • Management of the services on board the ship to meet client requirements and technical needs of boats

Among the most popular superyachts on the market is the Titania – made by Lursen group. 240 feet long wonder, last year was among the most chartered superyachts, spending 20 weeks ferrying paying guests around the world.

2. Nobiskrug – the 22nd-century superyacht manufacturers

The mission of this luxury superyacht builders firm is to traverse unchartered territories in superyacht design, thus completely redefining the process of superyacht building.

With a steady commitment to bringing their clients nothing but the best, they have developed many iconic yachts like the Mogambo, the Tatoosh (motor yachts), and the sailing yacht “A”, which is the biggest privately-owned sail yacht ever built.

Sunreef Yachts – Largest Superyacht Catamaran Concept from Poland

A secure spot in all of our hearts stands for Sunreef Yachts ever since the historic shipyard in Poland was built way back in 2010. These large catamarans manufacturers continue to push the boundaries of what catamaran design and construction can be.

Another cool fact is that Sunreef builds ultra-modern yachts that are worth many millions of dollars in the same shipyard in Gdansk. The company has built over 160 large sailing and power cats since production began and their 160-foot-long Sunreef Superyacht is one of the largest private catamarans ever built.

Boat in marina

Monte Carlo yacht manufacturers – a unique sense of maritime wellbeing

Strengthened by centuries-old values, Monte Carlo yacht manufacturers are confident that they can provide a symphony of best maritime experience combined with unique cruising moments, distinguished by extreme levels luxuriously designed vessels.

MCY’ technologies ensure manoeuvrability and ergonomics with any weather conditions all year round but they also deliver comprehensive brokerage, yacht management and technical services, as well as water toys sales.

If you can, you should take the opportunity to visit some of the upcoming boat shows and explore how comfortable and indulging a yacht can be – especially the Monte Carlo ones.

Take the time to sit at the helm, lean back, stretch your legs next to the steering wheel, reach out to the clutches and winches for the sheets, check out the location of your engine instrument panels…

Adjust the course to our beautiful marina where your yacht will be properly managed while you rest in some of the best accommodation units in this part of the world. And tomorrow – set sails to some other tides – that’s the beauty of the fact that you own a yacht!

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