Montenegro art – discover Montenegro art galleries

The Adriatic outline of our blue gem hides numerous museums, extraordinary architecture embodied in medieval palaces, citadels and fortifications, combining an incredible variety of of a truly fascinating and diverse culture. 

Within the walls of the old towns you can still feel the spirit of Illyrians, Greeks and Romans, whose traces now represent and important material evidence of the ancient period. Each coastal town in the Boka Bay has its’ own history that was written long ago, but continues to be relieved in countless festivals that are being held here on a regular bases. 

Nestled between its’ dramatic coastline and sky – piercing peaks, cultural treasures of Montenegro are its’ best hidden secret, with a value that deserves to be recognized and appreciated. The particular cultural treasure we want to talk about here is a Montenegro art, so if you want to find out more about its’ origins, expressions and places where you can see them for yourself, read this story. 

The art of Montenegro and its’ beginnings

The traditional culture of Montenegro in the past mostly used to revolve around clans. These were unique groups of related families that are responsible for founding cultural institutions such as art galleries, museums, libraries, theatres and cinemas, developing a cultural and art legacy for everyone to discover. 

Even though our country of rich history won’t exactly spring to mind during an art discussion, it offers countless extraordinary pieces of art housed in the multiple art galleries in capital city of Podgorica, old capital Cetinje, and in the other, regional cities – and here are some of them. 

Center of Contemporary Art of Montenegro in Podgorica

This gallery in Podgorica represents one of the most important cultural institutions of the country when it comes to Montenegro art. 

It was founded in 1995. within the monumental Petrovic Castle. The permanent collection includes over a thousand artworks from 60 different countries, categorized in 4 collections – African, Asian, Latin – American and European. 

This center also includes two smaller galleries – the Perjanicki Dom and Centar, that are mainly used for hosting specific exhibitions and cultural events. 

Montenegrin Gallery of Arts: Miodrag Dado Djuric in old capital of Cetinje

This art gallery was founded just recently, in 2012., and today it represents the biggest Montenegro art gallery, boasting with 1600 square-metre space distributed over four floors.

Miodrag Dado Djuric gallery mainly presents the work of contemporary Montenegro art, from the period of the 20th century and today. The gallery is housed in of the most modern buildings in the city and named after a famous Yugoslav painter – Miodrag Dado Djuric. 

Pizana Gallery of Montenegro art in two exhibiotion spaces 

Pizana Gallery was founded in 1990. and boasts with two exhibitions spaces in two different cities – one in Podgorica, and another one in Tivat. 

This gallery is dedicated to the younger population of Montenegrin artists who express their vision in different forms. For instance, here you will find artwork by painters Tadija Janicic, Milena Durutovic and Milka Vujovic; graphics by Biljana Kekovic and Igor Rakcevic; and sculptures by Ivanka Prelevic – Vrana and Zeljko Reljic. 

Aside from individual exhibitions of a certain art form, there are group exhibitions too, together with exhibits of famous artists such as Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. 

This gallery is notorious place for up and coming artists, a creative hub and a turning point for many of the young artists who are yet to be recognized in the art world. Pizana Gallery is very acclaimed and regular in presenting its’ artists both in local and international art sphere.

Modern Gallery of Montenegro art in Budva

This gallery can also be described as a museum of both modern and contemporary art. It was founded in 1972., and since that time, all the artists that had the honor to be exhibited donated at least one of their works to the gallery, as part of its’ permanent setting. 

In fact, the Modern Gallery has accumulated most of its’ artwork through various donations, and it rarely purchases any. Today it possesses about two hundred pieces, grouped in several collections: the Collection of Contemporary Expressionists, the National Art Collections, the International Fine Art Collection and the Naive Art Collection. 

These collections feature works of some of the most acclaimed Yugoslav artists such as Olja Ivanjicki, Ljuba Popovic and Nikola Graovac. 

Velimir Lekovic Gallery in Bar

This gallery is housed within Bar’s Cultural Centre and which, other than gallery, features a cinema, a library, museum and the Old Town ruins. 

This gallery offers both individual and collective exhibitions and installations of contemporary artists that are presented in two modern spaces, each measuring around 300 square meters

Herceg Novi’s Josip Bepo Benkovic Gallery of Montenegro art

The Josip Bepo Benkovic Gallery is renowned for presenting works of different artists and different art forms collectively in the Winter Salon, which is an initiative that started in 1967. 

Even though the gallery boasts with the 100 square-meter exhibition space, and a collection counting over 200 pieces, the individual exhibits are rarely held. 

The Winter Salon used to showcase only the artwork from the Yugoslav era, but together with prestige, the need for more international display grew. The gallery got its’ name in the memory and works of Josip Bepo Benkovic, a Yugoslav artist that was executed in 1943. 

42° Gallery in Cetinje Faculty of Fine Arts

This gallery in Cetinje is also renowned as atelier where students also learn how to paint, sculpt and do graphic arts. 

This modern gallery extends across 70 square-meters, and is located within the Art Exploration Center 42°- a venue that promotes work of contemporary artists. If you are into modern art, and fresh and unique artwork delights you, we suggest you make a roadtrip to Cetinje and discover stunning pieces in personal.

Most Gallery of contemporary Montenegro art in Podgorica

In Montenegrin language, “most” translates as “bridge”, which in this case is a metaphor between different art forms and artists. 

The gallery was first founded in 1994. and up until today it has showcased more than 300 individual and collective exhibitions, including some of the prominent Yugoslav artists such as Dado Djuric and Dimitrije Popovic. 

This gallery functions as a unique multimedial space – the various artwork, such as paintings and sculpture, develop a dialogue with other arts such as cinema, theatre and multimedia, which serves as a unique promotion of art through events and publications.

Atelier DADO Gallery - the sanctuary od modern Montenegro art in Cetinje

Another unique gallery placed in the old capital of Montenegro mostly presents work of regional artists who have mostly work in wide range of different artistic fields – from classic such as sculpture and paintings, to modern such as photography and videography. 

In fact, the council responsible for the gallery programme is comprised from a photographer, graphic designer and two art historians. DADO gallery also defines as a centre for promotion for contemporary art, by organizing various lectures, workshops and conferences regarding to the topic. 

Murano Art Glass in Porto Montenegro

This unique gallery in our world class marina, Porto Montenegro, features

different collections of art pieces and selection of different objects dedicated to the table and the house, made from the renowned, Venetian, murano glass.

Here in this gallery you will find everything from glassware, decorative panels and vases inspired by the sea and water.

Limited editions are a regular part of the gallery, and always offer a unique purview on the contemporary way of living, in a less than ordinary way. 

If you are an art lover, and want to learn more about Montenegro art scene in general, we wholeheartedly recommend you to visit this unique gallery, especially if you’re already accommodated in Porto Montenegro

As for the rest of them, a road trip during a holiday or a weekend in Montenegro are always a great opportunity to find out more about Montenegro art in some of these magnificent galleries we mentioned!

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